The 10 most expensive anime nendoroids (and their prices)

A good way to tell if an anime franchise was successful is if its characters get their own Nendoroid figures. Created by the Japanese toy makers Good Smile Company (GSC) in 2006, these cute figures are well known for their high quality, articulation, and variety of interchangeable parts and faces.

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Nendoroids are incredibly popular, especially when it comes to famous people. Because of this, some are more expensive than expected, while others are almost impossible to find. Based on current Amazon listings and some additional research, these collectibles can be quite an expensive investment, but they will definitely excite any serious Nendoroid collector once acquired.

10 Jotaro Kujo – $ 241.08

Nendoroid Jotaro Kujo

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure exploded in popularity thanks to its incredibly hyped third season Stardust crusaders, starring Jotaro Kujo. While Jotaro has an expensive Nendoroid it’s not too surprising, it’s not the most expensive Jojo Nendoroid is something like that (more on that later).

Jotaro’s Nendoroid does not come with Star Platinum, but has accessories that recreate the powers of the Stand. Additionally, Jotaro’s iconic hat comes in two shapes: a standard one and a low-brimmed one. Buying Jotaro on the GSC website grants buyers a free special Jojo support on which Jotaro can be placed.

9 Makoto Niijima (Phantom Thief version) – $ 272.31

Nendoroid Makoto Nijima

In 2016, Person 5 took the world by storm and immediately became a world favorite. Fans quickly chose a Phantom Thief as their favorite, and Makoto became one of the most popular. In everyday life, Makoto is the helpless president of the student council, but in the Metaverse, she becomes Queen, who can do justice in ways she couldn’t as a student.

Makoto’s Nendoroid comes with three faces with different expressions, but since his Phantom Thief mask can be removed, the number of face combinations is basically doubled. He also has his gun and brass knuckles, allowing users to recreate his Persona summoning attacks and poses.

8 Koishi Komeiji – $ 300

Nendoroid Koishi Komeiji

Touhou Project (or alone Touhou) is a self-made scrolling bullet hell shooter starring a group of girls, and the only one from that huge list to make it to this list is Koishi Komeiji. Appearing for the first time in Touhou Chireiden ~ Underground Animism, Koishi was born with the ability to read minds using his Third Eye.

Koishi comes with the usual interchangeable faces plus his third eye, which can be posed in different ways. Those who pre-order a Koishi Nendoroid from GSC’s online store will receive a free original poster of her, illustrated by Touhou fan and collaborator ideolo.

7 Noriaki Kakyoin – $ 316.25

Nendoroid Kakyoin

The only Stardust crusader The character that beat Jotaro in terms of price and popularity is, unsurprisingly, Noriaki Kakyoin. At Jojo In the fandom, Kakyoin achieved cult popularity thanks to his incredible tongue skills and tragic redemption arc, which only cemented fans’ love for him.

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Kakyoin’s Nendoroid comes with special effects accessories that allow users to recreate fight scenes, but his Stand Hierophant Green does not. Hierophant Green doesn’t have a Nendoroid figure, so Jojo wans will have to resort to purchasing a separate action figure if they want to complete Kakyoin’s form. Also, those who buy Kakyoin on the GSC website will get a free handshake hand part.

6 Elise – $ 369.32

Nendoroid Elise

Coming from Fire Emblem Destinations is Elise, the youngest daughter of the Nohrian royal family and the only Fire emblem character to get a high price from Nendoroid. Troubadour by profession, Elise is the only member of the party that players would want for a good healing and support boost.

In addition to her signature staff and some accompanying magical effects, Elise comes with her trusty steed that users can ride her on. The horse is also brown, which is Elise’s exclusive breed in the game.

5 Levi Ackerman – $ 423.55

Nendoroid Levi Ackerman

Despite starting out as a supporting character and one of Eren’s officers, Levi Ackerman quickly became the Dark Horse of Attack on Titan when it comes to popularity and fandom polls. Levi isn’t the only Survey Corps member to have his own Nendoroid, but he is currently the most expensive and the hardest to find.

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In addition to the standard changing faces, Levi comes with removable vertical maneuvering equipment and surveying body cape, plus smoke effects for the double-blade equipment. As suggested by the GSC itself, the Levi Nendoroid can be posed in such a way that it kicks a handcuffed Eren during the latter’s trial for being a Titan Shifter.

4 Zero Two – $ 557.77

Zero Two not only has the honor of being the only one Darling in the FranXX character on this list is also the most expensive. For the sake of comparison, his only completion is Ichigo, who makes a measly $ 75. As of now, the only way to get a Zero Two Nendoroid is by importing it from Japan.

For those wondering if Zero Two is really worth the high price (plus shipping), fear not. Her promo text enthusiastically promises that she not only comes with a removable uniform, but with bacon accessories that allow users to recreate that “iconic” scene (GSC emphasis) of her eating it after drowning the meat in syrup.

3 Jumbo Hatsune Miku (Metal Version) – $ 670.37 and above

Nendoroid Jumbo Hatsune Miku

To celebrate his 15th anniversary and 10 of the Nendoroid brandth while collaborating with Crypton Future Media and Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, GSC launched a special line of Hatsune Miku’s gigantic nendoroids. The only way to get one was by winning a drawing for one of 50 exclusive figures. To get a raffle ticket, you would have to spend ¥ 70,000 minimum on a Miku Master Card.

As the name implies, this Miku is huge by Nendoroid standards. Regular Nendoroids never exceed 4 inches in height, but this Miku Towers almost 10 inches. Not only is this Miku incredibly rare and expensive for a second-hand purchase, but she’s also taller than most action figures.

2 Armored Huke MK2 – $ 1,130.04

Nendoroid Armored Huke MK2

TO Raising funds for relief efforts following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Mobauc and Niwango set up an auction. GSC contributed by putting a few Nendoroids on the block, the notable set being a lighthearted version of Puchitto Rock Shooter (top; right) and Armored Huke MK2 (top; left) from renowned artist Huke from black Rock Shooter Y Steins; door fame.

Unlike cheerleader Puchitto who had a limited run where all proceeds went to the donation drive, the Armored Huke MK2 is the only one of its kind. The exclusive figure racked up a price tag of ¥ 118,000, making it the most expensive Nendoroid GSC ever sold. The Armored Huke MK2 is also based on Huke’s costume when he appeared at a WonFes event.

one Hatsune Mitku (GSC version) – Unknown price

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku GSC Version

The rarest Nendoroid of all is without a doubt the legendary GSC version of Hatsune Miku, which is decked out in the company’s signature orange color scheme. While there are countless Miku Nendoroids and figurines on the market, what makes this one special is that only one reportedly exists.

The GSC Miku was created for the top prize of the WonHobby 2009 photo contest, where contestants compete to see who gave their Nendoroid the best photoshoot. To date, neither GSC nor Miku’s elusive owner have put the figure up for sale, making its price indeterminate. However, if someone were to estimate your price range, it would probably cost a small fortune and a mortgage at the very least.

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