The Big Lebowski: Why Walter Is The Funniest Character In The Movie (And 5 Alternatives)

Although it was not appreciated in their time, the Coen brothers The big lebowski since then it has become one of the most beloved comedies ever made. Hot on the heels of the Coens crime masterpiece FargoThis crazy stoner noir was initially criticized for being a 180 degree tonal twist rather than more of the same.

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But this has always been the Coens’ modus operandi. They followed Simple blood with Raise Arizona, and then continued No country for old men with Burn after reading. There are a lot of funny characters in The big lebowski, but Walter Sobchak is possibly the funniest.

10 Walter is the funniest: he has the funniest phrases

John Goodman in The Big Lebowski

There are many tradable lines in The big lebowski – “No one fucks with Jesus”, “The word itself makes some men uncomfortable”, etc., so it is difficult to decide which character brings the best quotes to the table.

While The Dude has a host of memorable catchphrases (“The Dude remains,” “That rug really tied the room together,” “Obviously, you’re not a golfer”), Walter arguably beat him (“F * ck it “Dude, let’s go bowling”, “Smokey, you’re entering a world of pain”, “Shut up, Donny!”).

9 Alternative: Brandt

Brandt in The Big Lebowski

Philip Seymour Hoffman is one of the best actors who ever lived. In movies like Soft top Y Teacher, gave incredibly powerful dramatic performances. But it also put an excellent supportive comic spin on The big lebowski.

He played Brandt, the right-hand man of the “big” titleholder Lebowski. Hoffman interpreted every moment, even something as simple as opening a door, with a degree of hilarious theatricality.

8 Walter is the funniest – he creates the biggest conflict for the guy, despite being his best friend

Walter and the guy in The Big Lebowski

The basis of the narrative is conflict, and the Coens filled The big lebowski with conflicts both small (Walter telling Donny that he’s out of his element) and big (guy gets knocked out by home invaders). Everyone in the movie creates conflict for Dude, but Walter manages to create more, despite being Dude’s well-meaning best friend.

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He makes a scene wherever they go, ruins the deal with the kidnappers when he throws a doorbell, his commitment to his ex-wife’s Jewish faith constantly interferes with Dude’s plans, and his quick decision to crush what he thinks is Larry’s. . sports car causes Dude’s own car to be wrecked in retaliation.

7 Alternative: the stranger

When they were looking for the perfect storyteller to The big lebowski, the Coens auditioned for a deep-voiced Sam Elliott guy, and to their surprise, Elliott himself offered to play the part.

The Stranger finishes off the film with witty monologues that flow like music thanks to Elliott’s rich voice, while his brief encounter with The Dude is a delightful exchange.

6 Walter is the funniest – he has the richest backstory

Walter and the guy in The Big Lebowski

While The Dude has a developed backstory as a member of the Seattle Seven and the sordid story of Jesus certainly makes them colorful characters, Walter has the richest origin story in The big lebowskiand reports some of the best moments from the film.

Walter constantly talks about his time in Vietnam and his continued loyalty to his ex-wife is a great joke throughout the film.

5 Alternative: Maude Lebowski

Julianne Moore plays Jeffrey Lebowski’s free-spirited daughter with a brilliant deadpan quality. She is portrayed as a conceptual artist who paints nude and then gets Dude to impregnate her with a baby she doesn’t want him to have contact with.

This lingering plot thread caused the Coens to consider a sequel called Little Lebowski at one point, but it never came to fruition.

4 Walter is the funniest – his fits of rage are endlessly hilarious

Walter is a hothead who often erupts in a fit of rage, which is the polar opposite of the guy’s laid-back, zen vibes. His fits of anger create some of the funniest scenes in the movie.

When Smokey’s foot passes the line and he refuses to mark his zero turn, Walter points a gun at him and yells, “Am I the only one who cares about the rules?” When Larry refuses to admit to stealing the briefcase full of cash, Walter takes a crowbar to the sports car that he thinks belongs to him. When a funeral director tries to rip them off about Donny’s cremation, he yells, “Just because we’re heartbroken doesn’t make us fools!”

3 Alternative: Jesús Quintana

The Big Lebowski The Jesus Still

One of the greatest strengths of the Coen brothers movies is that they can turn a relatively minor character who only appears in a couple of scenes into an icon.

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In the case of The big lebowskiJesús Quintana, the fishnet pedophile who competes against Dude’s team in the upcoming bowling tournament, the Coens gave their regular collaborator John Turturro the freedom to develop the character with his own ideas.

2 Walter is the funniest: John Goodman unconditionally committed to the role

John Goodman as Walter in the Big Lebowski

Every actor in The big lebowski He delivers an excellent performance, from Jeff Bridges to Julianne Moore to John Turturro, but arguably the cast member most sincerely committed to his role is John Goodman.

When Goodman yells about things Walter is passionate about, like battle strategies and bowling rules, he has a lot of palpable passion.

one Alternative: The Dude

Jeff Bridges as the guy in The Big Lebowski

Determine the funniest character in The big lebowski it finally comes down to the two protagonists, Walter and the guy. While Goodman’s supporting turn as Walter laughs the most in the movie, Jeff Bridge’s inspiring portrayal of religion as The Duderino (if you’re not into brevity) is a close second.

The Dude stumbles upon the film’s Chandleresque mystery plot due to a case of mistaken identity. The stakes are high for everyone else, but the guy doesn’t have a horse in this race, he just wants to go back to drinking white Russians and bowling.

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