The cast of Marvel’s Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur Show stars as Diamond White

Marvel presents the cast of the animated television show Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, directed by Diamond White, coming to Disney Channel in 2022.

Marvel and Disney Channel reveal main cast of upcoming Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur animated television show, which now has Diamond White voicing the title role of Lunella Lafayette. The growing popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has prompted almost all Disney affiliates to increase their Marvel output. The last few years were filled with live-action shows on ABC, Netflix, Freeform, and Hulu, but now all that’s left is Disney + live-action shows. However, there is more Marvel content on the way through animation that is not tied to the MCU continuity.

Disney Channel and Disney XD have become the primary home for Marvel animated shows. They launched their own animated universe in 2012 with The last Spiderman, which grew to include United Avengers, Hulk and the agents of SMASHY Guardians of the Galaxy. These channels have also streamed other Marvel content, and it was announced in 2018 that Laurence Fishburne was developing an animated series starring Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. There haven’t been many updates on Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur since then, but now the cast has been announced.

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It was recently revealed by Disney that actress and singer Diamond White will play the lead role in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. Her role as Lunella Lafayette will see White voice the 13-year-old super genius. She accidentally summons Devil Dinosaur to present-day New York through a vortex of time. White is best known for her role in The daring and the pretty, but he also appeared in episodes of Empire Y Dear white people. His voice-over work dates back to the popular Disney animated show. Phineas and Ferb, and also includes playing Fuli in The Lion Guard.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Marvel Show Art

In addition to revealing White’s involvement, Marvel and Disney Channel revealed several other Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur cast members. Alfre Woodard plays Lunella’s grandmother Mimi, marking another Marvel role for her afterward. Luke cage Y Captain America: Civil War. Sasheer Zamata (COM)Saturday night live) and Jermaine Fowler (Coming 2 America) are playing Lunella’s parents, with Gary Anthony Williams (Doc McStuffins) voicing his grandfather Pops. Libe Barer (Sneaky pete) plays Lunella’s best friend, Casey, and Fred Tatasciore (United Avengers) will provide the sounds for Devil Dinosaur. Laurence Fishburne is also voice-ready The Beyonder in addition to his role as producer.

With the cast assembled so far and a great character like Moon Girl at the center, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur It should be a project to watch out for. However, it won’t begin airing on the Disney Channel until 2022, so those who look forward to the series have a long wait ahead of them. But if the show were to increase Moon Girl’s fanbase, perhaps it could speed up the introduction of a new teenage hero to the MCU.

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