HBO Max and The CW are discussing co-financing the original summer programming that will air both on the network and on the streaming service.

The CW Y HBO Max You may be teaming up to create original programs on both platforms. After the great premiere of Walker and the next Superman and Lois Set to air on February 23, The CW is making moves to expand its audience. The network recently renewed several of its series, including The flash Y Legends of tomorrow, which have not yet aired their season premieres. HBO Max is also looking to expand its audience, with 2021 slated to feature a series of Warner Bros. movies. Godzilla vs. Kong, The suicide squadY Dune.

Deadline reports that HBO Max and The CW are discussing a co-financing agreement for the original series. The series would premiere on HBO Max and air on The CW the next day. The report mentions that these potential shows would air in the summer, as opposed to as part of the fall or spring scheduling of shows that television normally focuses on.

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This is a similar deal that was settled between the now-defunct DC Universe app and The CW for Star Girl. DC Universe premiered a new episode on Monday and will then air that same episode on The CW on Tuesday night. It worked to great success for The CW, as Star Girl drew relatively large numbers for a summer series on the web and was successful enough for The CW to air Star Girlnext season 2 exclusively.

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An agreement between The CW and HBO Max would be beneficial to both parties. The HBO Max shows that you air on The CW would draw more attention to your material – those who may not have the app or families who can’t afford streaming service but still rely on traditional cable and broadcast networks. The CW will obtain series, potentially with a higher production value, to make its summer programming a must-see television for viewers. The CW already has a streaming service that airs shows one day after they air, and unlike others that require a cable provider or streaming fee, it’s a free service. It’s unclear if these potential HBO Max hybrid series would also go to The CW app after the broadcast, but they still offer The CW the opportunity to attract new viewers while at the same time paying more attention to the products they can get by subscribing to HBO Max.

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Source: Deadline

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