The Dark Knight Trilogy: The First and Last Lines of Every Main Character in the Batman Franchise

Christopher Nolan dark Knight The trilogy remains a very influential addition to the world of superhero movies. These days, it’s rare for a director to direct an entire superhero trilogy on his own, but Nolan managed to tell a great and complex story in all three of these films.

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Nolan also took the characters from the comics and recreated them in his own unique vision. These characters grew and changed in fascinating ways throughout the saga. From heroes and allies to villains, it’s exciting to follow these characters’ journeys based on their first and last lines of dialogue.

10 From ra al Ghul

“Are you so desperate to fight criminals that you lock yourself up to face them one by one?” – “Gotham is beyond its salvation and must be allowed to die.”

While disguised as Ducard, Ra’s Al Ghul visits Bruce Wayne in prison and acknowledges his drive to take on criminals. After his death at the end of The beginning of batman, Bruce has a vision of Ra’s return in The dark knight rises while promising to fulfill his plan to destroy Gotham.

Ra’s first line reveals that Bruce seems to have sunk so low, but he’s really just looking for ways to fight criminals. His last line talks about Bruce being obsessed with not being able to save Gotham and how it could have led to his downfall.

9 jester

Heath ledger as the Joker in the interrogation scene from The Dark Knight

“No, no, no, I kill the bus driver.” – “All it takes is a little push.”

The exciting scene from the opening robbery of The dark knight It concludes with the masked Joker revealing himself to be the orchestrator behind it all as he turns on his criminal associates. After being captured by Batman, he reveals that his true plan was to corrupt Harvey Dent and insists that sanity can be undone with a little push.

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The first line is a great reveal that also shows just how twisted yet clever Joker is as an agent of chaos. This can also be seen in his final line, as he had a bigger, darker plan the entire time he finally achieved.

8 Perdition

Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

“Or maybe you’re wondering why someone would shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane.” – “You just have to imagine the fire.”

The opening scene of The dark knight rises he finds a CIA agent questioning hooded thugs on a plane about Bane only for Bane to reveal himself as one of them. After he is ordered to keep Batman alive to witness the end of Gotham, Bane decides to kill him early and tells him that he will have to imagine the explosion before Catwoman kills Bane himself.

His first line is a memorable introduction, as he sees through the mock execution by the CIA. His bottom line is a nice subversion of the trope of villains who keep the hero alive for too long.

7 Harvey dent

Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent Two Face in The Dark Knight

“Sorry I’m late, folks.” – “Lie as if you lied.”

Harvey Dent is seen for the first time in The dark knight as he shows up in court ready and willing to take on the mob. After losing Rachel and becoming Two-Face, Dent threatens to kill Gordon’s son and tells Gordon to promise his son that everything will be fine before Batman pushes him to death.

The two lines show Dent’s fall from grace. He started out as a hero who gave Gotham hope and ended up as a madman willing to kill an innocent child.

6 Selina Kyle

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Wayne.” – “I guess we’re both fools.”

In The dark knight rises, Bruce Wayne finds Selina Kyle pretending to be a maid while trying to steal from her vault. As Batman prepares to take out the Gotham bomb, he reminds Selina that she chose to go back and save Gotham like he did.

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Both lines show Selina as the antihero. She is a thief who is capable of doing a good deed, but cannot hide that she is noble deep down either, even if she doesn’t want to admit it.

5 Lucius fox

The Dark Knight Lucius Fox

“Environmental procedures, defense projects, consumer products”. – “Check the identification on the patch.”

When Bruce returns to Wayne Industries, he is introduced to Lucius Fox, who explains what his Research and Development department does. Following Batman’s apparent death, he discovers that Bruce Wayne repaired the experimental ship’s autopilot a few months earlier.

The first line simply lays out the means by which Bruce will obtain all of his state-of-the-art devices and equipment. His last line first hints that Batman might have survived in the end after all.

4 Rachel Dawes

Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight

“Has he not realized that you are tall enough to go now?” – “Okay. Listen. Some -“

When Bruce returns to his parents’ house, he finds his childhood friend Rachel in the kitchen and reminds her that Alfred keeps the sugar on top. In The dark knightAfter hearing Harvey get saved, she tries to give him some reassuring worlds only to be blown up by the Joker bomb.

The first line helps establish Rachel as one of Bruce’s oldest friends with whom he has shared so much. Her last line shows her bravely facing her death and only caring for Harvey, while also adding the brutal shock of being killed mid-sentence.

3 Jim Gordon

Gary Oldman as James Gordon in The Dark Knight

“Is this from your father?” – “It was the Batman.”

After the death of Bruce’s parents, young officer Jim Gordon comforts the boy and puts his father’s coat on him. After Batman seemingly sacrifices himself, John Blake laments that no one will know the man who saved the city, but Gordon assures him that they will remember Batman.

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In his first appearance, Gordon immediately establishes himself as a good, caring man in a city where that’s rare. His last line is a confirmation that Batman has become the symbol of Gotham that Bruce always hoped he would be.

2 Alfred

“Will we need an ambulance, Master Wayne?” – “You trusted me and I failed you.”

The Waynes’ faithful butler, Alfred, is first seen in a flashback as he helps care for young Bruce after falling into the Batcave. Following Batman’s apparent death, Alfred tearfully speaks to Bruce’s grave and laments that he was unable to save him.

The first appearance simply establishes Alfred as that presence in Bruce’s life that was always looking out for him. While his last line is a sad sense of failure on his part, he is given the peace he sought after seeing Bruce alive and well in a Florence cafe.

one Bruce Wayne / Batman

“Nightmare.” – “Even a man doing something as simple and comforting as putting a coat around the shoulders of a child to let him know that the world had not ended.”

Bruce is first seen waking up in prison from a nightmare of his first encounter with bats. His last line talks to Gordon as he prepares to blow the bomb out of town and reminds Gordon of the first act of kindness he showed Bruce as a child.

The first line talks about the subject of The beginning of batman being Bruce’s fear and need to face his fear. His final line is not just a way to tell Gordon who he was, but also to show that he wasn’t the only hero in Gotham.

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