In Future State: The Flash # 2, Barry Allen uses his brainpower to uncover his enemies’ weapons and use them more effectively.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Future State: The Flash # 2 by Brandon Vietti, Brandon Peterson, Will Conrad, Mike Atiyeh and Steve Wands, out now.

The Flash has one of the most eclectic collections of villains in mainstream superhero comics. The hero has faced numerous unique weapons and tools while fighting them, sometimes even incorporating his ideas into his own designs. But the future state The DC era sees Barry Allen begin to improve his technology, all towards an unlikely and creepy goal.

While fighting the corrupt Wally West of Future State in Future state: Flash # 2, Barry Allen uses all rogues weapons to almost knock down the sprinter without help.

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Barry Allen has been doing his best to deal with the corrupted famine at Wally West, despite the monumental losses he and the rest of the Flash family have suffered in the process. With no other options to stop the murderous version of his former protégé without any Speed ​​Force power of its own, Barry has turned the technology from his former Rouge gallery into a makeshift anti-Flash suit. But the suit proves to be highly effective, and Barry’s advances almost give him the edge over a fully powered, unleashed Speedster. A modified version of Thinker’s Thinking Cap is the first thing Famine targets, trying to stop Barry from getting close to the remains of Wally left inside him.

Soon, Barry is forced to unleash many of his other ideas against Wally. The Trickster’s flying boots give Barry some mobility, even without his powers. But Barry’s also added a set of Weather Wizard wands to the team, which has been adjusted to absorb the Speed ​​Force energy that empowers Wally. The suit reverses energy through a special generator, producing pure Negative Speed ​​Force Energy to wound the corrupted Flash. Barry found the best use for Captain Boomerang’s signature weapon, turning them into power inhibitors that can latch onto someone after they’ve made contact. Even when Barry’s initial plan to stop Wally (using Rainbow Raider’s Prism glasses to cut off Wally’s legs before cauterizing the wounds with the Heat Wave flamethrower) fails, Barry simply resorts to his Plan B.

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With Pied Piper’s Hypno-Sonics briefly keeping Wally at bay, Barry is able to create an army of himself using Mirror Master duplication technology. All of this is only done to hold Wally in place long enough for Barry to unleash the turtle’s immobile Force, locking Wally in a prison that negates his Speed ​​Force. Even this isn’t enough, with famine-controlled Wally still overcoming these challenges to get to Barry. Barry is finally forced to unleash his ultimate weapon on a speedster, a variant of Captain Cold’s weapon. The ice beam turns out to have modified fuel, infusing the ice with a genetically altered form of Wally’s DNA. By gradually passing through the ice, Famine melts the ice and inhales it after it has turned into steam. This incorporates the redesigned DNA into Wally’s body, with the Speed ​​Force amplifying the effect.

Within seconds, the corrupted Wally collapses, his skeletal muscles reduced to nothing. In essence, the effect removes the Flash’s ability to move at super speed and completely negates his powers, even proving effective against Wally’s increased heal. Using each and every weapon the rogues have spent years throwing at him, Barry builds the ultimate anti-flash trap. But, in particular, Barry doesn’t just use his guns in concert. He makes modifications, his own impressive intellect, and his experience with the Speed ​​Force give him the perfect idea of ​​how to use his abilities in the most effective way to his advantage. Barry is able to think multiple ways to prevent Wally from using the equipment at hand, even having plans that would allow Wally to survive the encounter, albeit without the use of his legs.

It’s a shame the corrupt Wally proves too powerful, with Famine’s seemingly mystical properties making it impossible for Barry to surpass them with his plans. But even if he did lose, Barry was most likely closer to taking down a sprinter without help. Throughout the number, the corrupt Wally tells Barry that he would have been a good rogue. And while his heroism might prevent this from being entirely accurate, it’s remarkable how effective a committed Barry Allen can really be in taking down someone as powerful as Flash.

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