The future Batman has a problem that Bruce Wayne never did

In the latest issue of DC’s Future State: The Next Batman, Tim Fox has to work harder than Bruce Wayne as the Dark Knight to seek justice.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: The Next Batman # 3 by John Ridley and Laura Braga

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Future state: the next Batman, Tim Fox is struggling to fulfill his mission in Gotham City. Doing justice certainly seems to be much more difficult in the city’s dark future, especially considering the magistrate’s efforts to shoot anyone wearing a mask, including the new one, on the spot. bat Man the same. Not only does The Next Batman have a huge goal on his back, but he also has to protect and save criminals that keeps them from being killed by the Peacemaker’s lethal justice, trying to keep them alive long enough for it to be done. true justice. served. As such, it seems pretty clear that Next Batman’s job is far more difficult than that of the original Dark Knights.

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In Future State: The Next Batman # 3 From writer John Ridley and artist Laura Braga, Tim Fox is trying to protect two masked killers from the Magistrate. While this husband and wife killed their daughter, the new Batman still believes that justice must be served and that they at least deserve a trial so that their side of events can be heard, rather than being murdered on the street. However, there is no need for due process when Gotham has given the magistrate the green light to fire whatever masks they find without asking questions.

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Right at the beginning of this issue, the next Batman is seen risking his life for this couple, determined to deliver legitimate justice. Coming head-on with the Peacekeepers, Batman takes multiple hits and is even shot in the side, all to make sure these criminals don’t face premature execution. All things considered, it really does show an intense commitment on Fox’s part as the new Dark Knight, to say the least.


In Bruce Wayne’s Batman present, he seems to have it a lot easier. Not only is it often supported by the GCPD, but the judicial system continues to function. If a criminal does something wrong, Batman stops him, takes him away for arrest and is judged plain and simple. Additionally, he has a plethora of allies like his Bat Family and the Justice League to aid him in his mission as well. This is not the case with Tim Fox’s Batman by any stretch of the imagination.

This new Batman is alone without any support, and is as objective as the criminals he tries to keep alive. However, it gets even worse at the end of the problem. As soon as the couple realize that this new Batman will still bring them in for arrest, the husband attacks the Dark Knight, hoping to be lenient if they offer him to the Magistrate. All in all, while Bruce Wayne may have his struggles, Tim Fox bat Man is tough, executing a much more dangerous mission compared to his Future state The series continues from DC Comics.

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