Carrie Heffernan from The king of queens he was a complicated character. She could be very sweet and caring, especially with her father and Doug. She cared for and loved them both deeply, but she also failed them if they didn’t do what she wanted.

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Carrie generally relied on manipulating and tricking them into doing what she wanted, and it didn’t always work out. She could be kind and considerate, but also mean and dishonest, and that wasn’t the only contrast in Carrie’s character.

10 Why wasn’t Carrie friends with Debra Barone?

Doug and Ray used to hang out at both The king of queens Y Everybody loves Raymond. They were obviously good friends, so why didn’t the same thing happen with Debra and Carrie? Of course, they had a first meeting when Ray and Debra came to dinner at “Dire Strayts”.

Carrie was mad at Doug, and then gets Ray in trouble with Debra when she tells Debra about her fight with Doug and reveals something Ray said about Debra. They seemed to relate given the things their husbands said about them, but that was it. It would have been a fun dynamic to watch them hang out, but it never got to be.

9 What happened to Carrie’s sister?

King of Queens Sara Spooner

In the first season, Carrie’s younger sister Sara makes a few appearances. She has proven to be irresponsible, essentially the complete opposite of her sister. However, Carrie’s sister soon disappeared from the radar entirely.

What happened to Sara Spooner? Why didn’t Carrie mention her more? Sara’s disappearance was never really explained, so it would have made sense for Carrie to mention her sister more, or at least provide an explanation, like Sara moved out.

8 Double standards

King of Queens Doug and Carrie

Carrie is constantly giving Doug a hard time because of his weight throughout the series, encouraging him to lose weight and eat better. In “Gym Neighbors”, Carrie is furious with him when he tricks her into exercising because he wants her to lose weight, and he ends up falling apart in his own training sessions.

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Doug himself asks why she can criticize him for his weight every day and he can’t tell her anything about his weight, and his answer is simply “because that’s the way it is.” Carrie should be more sympathetic to Doug’s dislike of his constant comments about her weight, considering that she doesn’t like it when he does the same to her, but it is what it is, and Carrie wouldn’t do it any other way.

7 Why can’t you remember your original name?

Carrie and Arthur King of Queens

In “Raygin ‘Bulls”, Doug and Ray Barone hang out together as Carrie accompanies her father to her mother’s grave. There, he discovers that her original name was Simone. However, in the flashback provided showing the night Arthur lost his name at a game of poker, Carrie was clearly old enough to be able to remember what her original name was.

He’s old enough to be in elementary school, and he was even present at the poker game in the flashback, so why couldn’t he remember his original name? Did she not remember that night, or did she get so used to her new name, Carrie, that she forgot about Simone? In any case, it doesn’t make sense that she doesn’t have at least one memory where people call her Simone.

6 His bossy

Carrie king of queens

Carrie is bossy, she’s just who she is. However, in the episode “Dougie Houser”, the audience sees a flashback to when Carrie and Doug were about to buy their house and Carrie overrides Doug’s desire to live in a different house. She tells him how things are going to be, and that she’s right, but changes her tone after talking to Doug more and tells him that she’s used to being bossy because of her father, but that she doesn’t want to be like that. with the.

However, contrary to that wish, Carrie is bossy throughout the entire series, so her desire to leave her bossy behind in her relationship with Doug didn’t last long.

5 Rugged Carrie exterior

Carrie king of queens

Carrie is rough on limits, and is often seen as scary and intimidating. She has an attitude that states that she doesn’t care what people think of her, but the truth is that she really does care. Carrie takes on a tough personality, but she really wants to please those around her.

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She tries her best to be liked by her co-workers in the episode “Like Hell”, but she takes it too far. Unfortunately, it’s not very accessible, and that makes it harder for people to see who he is beyond his tough exterior.

4 She could be very sweet and very sour

Carrie and Doug Rey from Queens

Carrie can be very sweet; she cares for her husband, Doug, as well as her father. She can be considerate and kind, but at the same time, Carrie can be quite manipulative, especially if she wants something. When Carrie got a new assistant on “Entertainment Weakly,” she had no problem taking advantage of her and taking credit for her work.

Also, when her assistant leaves, Carrie does her best to manipulate her into staying. Carrie has no problem manipulating strangers, or even Doug and his father, when it comes to getting what she wants. It’s rare to meet a character who can do both, but Carrie is definitely capable.

3 Carrie’s road or the highway

Doug and Carrie King of Queens

Carrie hates every time Doug tries to take advantage of her or manipulate her. Take, for example, the episode “Lost Vegas” when Doug takes her to a spa to try to get her to agree to let him go to Vegas with his friends.

Carrie will not tolerate being manipulated by Doug, but the funny thing is that she has no problem doing the exact same thing to her husband. Carrie is good at pushing her buttons, and she certainly never regrets doing it. It’s pretty unfair for Carrie to do that, but she doesn’t think twice.

2 She don’t learn her lesson

Carrie king of queens

Carrie is stubborn, manipulative and very headstrong. However, her stubbornness and the way she manipulates those around her don’t always pay off. Plus, she can be very competitive, as she was when she and Doug went head-to-head over where to vacation in “Whine Country.” It doesn’t work for either of you though, as neither of you went on vacation where you wanted to.

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Carrie has not learned that her manipulative nature and stubbornness are not always the right, much less the best approach, to get what she wants, especially in her marriage. The public would think that she would change her approach after many years of marriage, but Carrie still uses the same tactics.

one The truth about Carrie’s love for Doug

King of Queens Carrie and Doug

Carrie often yells at Doug, wanting him to change. She is frustrated or upset with him, and will scold him until he does what she wants. However, at the end of the day, Carrie really loves Doug for who he is, and she really doesn’t want him to change.

In the episode “Offensive Fowl”, Doug drives her crazy with his new vegetarian lifestyle and all that it entails. She supports his healthier eating habits at first, but when he overdoes it, Carrie just wants him to be himself again, which is why she was so happy to come home to him with fast food at the end of the episode.

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