With Pedro Pascal confirmed as Joel in the upcoming HBO series The Last Of Us, the actor’s current trend of playing father figures continues.

Pedro Pascal is officially cast as Joel on HBO The last of us TV series, and the actor’s streak of playing various shades of daddy continues. Released for PlayStation 3 in 2013, The last of us has been widely hailed as one of the best examples of video game storytelling to ever make it to the home console. Set for several decades in a zombie apocalypse-style setting, Joel is a survivor tasked with transporting a young woman named Ellie, who will be played by Pascal’s partner. game of Thrones student, Bella Ramsey. Ellie is said to be of great importance to humanity’s battle against infection, but through all the surprise twists, riveting gameplay, and intense action, the crux The last of us It’s the father-daughter bond that is developing between Joel and Ellie as they fight through the deadly wilderness.

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Given the natural cinematic qualities they made The last of us famous, it was inevitable that sooner or later a television series or a film adaptation would arrive. Although Sony planned a movie directed by Sam Raimi at one point, the project fell through and, in early 2020, it was revealed that HBO would bring The last of us instead, to the small screen. The casting of Pascal and Ramsey has drawn widespread praise online, but the fun trend that is emerging in Pascal’s career cannot be ignored.

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After making his breakthrough as Oberyn Martell in game of Thrones, Pedro Pascal’s next major role was as the bounty hunter Din Djarin in The mandalorian. As everyone knows by now, the central story of the acclaimed Disney + Star Wars The television show shows Djarin encountering a young Jedi refugee named Grogu or, as some know him, Baby Yoda. This pair rip apart the galaxy together, with Djarin doing his best to protect his little green friend and becoming increasingly fatherly. Towards the end of 2020, Pascal starred in two major movie premieres: Wonder Woman 1984 and Netflix’s We can be heroes. In the DC effort, Pascal was Maxwell Lord, an absent father who wanted to control the world, but eventually realized that his son was more important. In We can be heroes, the actor played a retired hero whose daughter leads a new generation of super-powered young saviors.

That trio of roles has Pedro Pascal playing three different types of father figure. In The mandalorian, he is the badass anti-hero father, who simultaneously blows up enemy ships and wipes the vomit out of Baby Yoda’s mouth. Wonder Woman 1984 lead Pascal into villain territory. Maxwell Lord is simply terrible until his redemption and promises to be a better father in the final act. Meanwhile, We can be heroes firmly places Pascal’s Marcus Moreno in heroic territory. The last of us adds a fourth entry to Pedro Pascal’s growing list of roles that revolve around the theme of fatherhood. The loss of Joel’s biological daughter at the beginning of the outbreak leads him to become a surrogate father to Ellie, and the HBO TV series will live or die with the force of its on-screen dynamics as well as the way the character Pascal’s gradually softens toward his young companion.

While it’s certainly fun to watch Pedro Pascal become the archetypal Hollywood single dad of the 2020s, the trend is by no means a critique of the actor’s rank or skill. In fact, it is a testament to Pascal’s versatility that through each of his fatherly performances, he has portrayed fatherhood in wildly different ways, from the desperate and failed Maxwell Lord, to the tenuous but significant connection between Din Djarin and Grogu. , through the super heroic. Marcus Moreno’s dad. Playing Joel adds a whole new color to that parental palette, with The last of us‘protagonist a reluctant caregiver who transforms into a true father figure. If HBO’s Joel and Ellie show half the chemistry Pedro Pascal has with a bright green puppet, The last of us It could be one of the best video game adaptations yet.

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