The Real Housewives of Orange County: Top 10 Stories, Ranked

For 15 seasons, fans of the Real Housewives of Orange County I’ve seen cast members divorce, find love, balance work and family, and in many cases get into big arguments with each other. While some cast members have left, each new season always promises a long list of dramatic scenes that fans are eager to see.

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Through the years, RHOC It featured some great travels and many friendships that fell apart. No matter what season fans are watching, from the most recent to the early years, there are some solid stories that are packed with drama but still feel emotional and honest.

10 Tamra Fitness Competition

Judge Tamra

Tamra Judge was annoyed at many scenes from RHOC, so it was good that in season 11, she had something positive in her personal life.

Tamra participated in a fitness competition, which meant a lot to her, as it was the culmination of decades of difficult times, as she went through two divorces and a lot of tension with her children. This story was even better because Tamra won, and the other women were there to support and cheer her on.

9 Emily’s wish for another child

Emily Simpson on Andy Cohen

Emily Simpson has had tension with some members of the cast, and her time in RHOC it has also involved being deep and personal.

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In one season, Emily shared her wish for another child, and this story got to the root of some problems in her marriage to Shane. He didn’t have to broadcast that on television, but chose to let viewers see what was really going on. Shane was done having kids, but Emily wanted another daughter, and this allowed fans to get to know her on a different and more relatable level.

8 Heather will be an actress again

Heather Dubrow The Real Housewives of Orange County

Heather Dubrow has had some tension with Kelly Dodd recently, often defending herself when she was a cast member of RHOC. But it was his family life that fans really took an interest in.

In season seven, Heather realized that she wanted to act again, as it was something she loved to do. He went back to work and realized that balancing work and family was definitely difficult. This was one of the best RHOC stories as it focused on more than just storylines.

7 Slade Smiley’s tension with Vicki

vicki vs slade - rhoc

There was always a lot of conflict between Slade Smiley and the other cast members in The Real Housewives of Orange County. In a memorable story, Slade compared Vicki to Miss Piggy in a stand-up show, which was so cruel and hard to watch.

Vicki talked to Gretchen about it and asked, “Did you know I was going to talk about people? Does hurting people seem like fun?” This was one of the best stories in the series because it brought out an important point: that everyone has feelings that can be hurt and insulting a woman’s appearance is always cruel. It sparked an important conversation.

6 Tamra’s divorce from Simon and Eddie’s crush

While Tamra has been a part of some wild fights, she had another story that was much happier: divorcing Simon and falling in love with Eddie.

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It was definitely nice to see Tamra shine after getting out of a bad situation. She and Eddie get along very well and it was clear from the start that they were the real deal. As Tamra and Eddie moved forward in their commitment to each other by getting married, fans saw a softer side to Tamra, and she began to want to get away from the drama and tension that her friendships formed.

5 Laurie’s comments on Vicki’s sex life

Vicki Gunvalson is known for her fights in RHOC and a memorable one took place in the eighth season.

The cast members went to Whistler and former cast member Lauri Peterson said she heard that Vicki had been involved in some threesomes. Vicki got very upset and yelled, “I’ve never been with multiple partners in my life!” This was a classic moment on the show and it explains why people watch reality TV – watch a wild moment full of emotion.

4 Kelly and Tamra’s fight in Ireland

Royal Orange County housewives Tamra Kelly get into a fight in Dublin, Ireland

Tamra has had a difficult moment in your personal life since after divorcing her second husband, Simon, her daughter did not speak to her for years.

In season 11 of RHOC, the women went to Dublin, Ireland, and Kelly and Tamra had a huge fight. Kelly got very personal and said that Tamra was a “liar” and “No wonder why her daughter doesn’t speak to her.” This was really tough and while no one wants to see people fight, this was one of the most dramatic stories in the series as it brought out the reason why Tamra is so relatable to so many fans. He may have starred on a reality show for years, but he’s been through a lot.

3 Watching Gina rebuild her life after divorce in season 15

Gina Kirchenheiter The Real Housewives of Orange County

Gina Kirschenheiter had a story in the most recent season of RHOC it was full of ups and downs. On a positive note, she found love again with boyfriend Travis Mullen. They live in a sweet house together with their six children, and the viewers are very happy for her.

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On a sad note, Gina went to court to deal with her ex-husband Matt, who allegedly abused her. Gina is a strong and solid cast member in RHOC because it shows that divorce and pain can be overcome. Fans like to take a look at her everyday life while she keeps it real.

2 Tamra and Jeana’s bad blood

The Real Housewives of Orange County-Tamra vs.  Jeana

In the sixth season finale of RHOCTamra thought that Jeana had been talking to the media about her.

While in IRL, people don’t always want a confrontation, the cast members of Real housewives The franchise does not usually shy away from it. Tamra walked over to Jeana and threw wine at her face. It’s not something fans can forget, all these years later. Tamra was going through her divorce from Simon and she really didn’t want people talking about her, especially not the people she thought were friends.

one The Fake Cancer Story

Fans wanted the best for Vicki and hoped she could find love as she had been through a difficult divorce from Don, but no one was sure that Brooks was the right person for her. There were a lot of things about their romance that seemed suspicious or just weren’t right, and when it turned out that Brooks wasn’t really sick, fans were shocked.

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