The X-Men go corporate in the new X-Corps series

Marvel has officially announced the release of a new X book, X-Corp, featuring Archangel and Monet St. Croix shaping the future of mutant humanity.

the X Men The relaunch is about to take a corporate turn into a new X-Corp Serie. Jonathan Hickman X Men The relaunch has seen the entire mutant race reunite on the living island of Krakoa. There, they are trying to build a mutant utopia where they can finally be safe from the world of prejudice that they have saved so many times.

But how does this mutant society coordinate with the rest of the world? So far, the X-books have only offered tantalizing clues. Apparently Professor X’s fortune he’s made all of this possible, and mutants like Archangel and Monet St. Croix are running his business empire. Since the Hickman era has breathed new life into so many classic X-Men concepts, most readers had assumed this was set for a relaunch. X-Corp Serie.

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It seems those expectations were correct. Marvel Comics just announced a new X-Corp writer Tini Howard series (Excalibur) and the artist Alberto Foeche (Dan dare). Released in May, it will debut a new X-Men team that will attempt to manage the business interests of the mutant race. The modern X-Corp is led by two of the most intriguing characters of the Hickman era, Archangel and Monet St. Croix, who have been given an exciting new status quo in which they can transition between different sets of powers. and even physical appearances at will. Those developments were teased in 2019 House of X miniseries, and now it looks like these two mutants will finally come into the limelight. Marvel’s official teaser reads:

“The deals have been made. Mutantkind is safe on Krakoa. As the Reign of X continues, what are the needs of the mutants who have it all? Leading the charge is X-CORPORATION, led by CXOs Monet St. Croix. and Warren Worthington. A duo just as ruthless and ruthless in the boardroom as they are on the battlefield. But X-Corp needs more than just their front men. As Monet sets out to equip his team with some of the brightest and most devious minds From mutant humanity, Warren finds himself in a tense confrontation with one of Krakoa’s first allies who wants to know the truth: On Angel’s wings, will X-Corp crash or fly? “


X-Corp has been in the works for quite some time; as noted, the seeds were sown in 2019. According to Marvel, Tini Howard first released this story some time ago, but was forced to put it away to focus. about him X of spades event. “Empyre: X-Men gave me a chance to try out some of the early concepts,“explained in an official press release,”Angel and Monet as dual CXOs, Jamie Madrox at his side, and cleaning up some of Charles Xavier’s portfolio. Since then, I have completely reworked the book, and you will know exactly why you have waited until now to see what they are doing. I myself have a corporate past and it all goes in this book. X-Corp: We are simply superior.

It will be exciting to see what the future holds for the mutant race. X-Corp promises to combine the excitement of superheroes with the amazing new context of the X-Men. Hopefully, Howard will also explore the still unexplained expansion of the Archangel and Monet power sets, revealing how this mysterious new status quo originated. X-Corp it will certainly be a bold new step for him X Men franchise.

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