Trickster: Maggie’s Gambit Wrecks Her Family

While Maggie did what she had to do for her family, the emotional toll of this on the spirit of a Cheater is great.

WARNING: The following contains important spoilers for Trickster Season 1, Episode 5, now available on The CW.

Cheat The penultimate episode moves towards its end with a race against time. Maggie, armed with a crossbow and knowing that Wade plans to kill her son, Jared, to ensure his immortality, manages to track the couple to the edge of the water. Her hunter instincts pick up on the scene, and she does the unthinkable, shooting Wade in the chest, as well as Jared. This is a desperate tactic to stop Wade, and it succeeds, but the cost is enormous.

Maggie has the faith and the knowledge to know that she has not killed her son, but the arrow lodged in her body is a metaphor that has become literal, as her spirit is rooted in this world. With both tricksters damaged, Wade can’t twist the old rituals in his favor, so he gets back to safety. However, Jared, emotionally exhausted and lonelier than ever, breaks down when Maggie runs up to him.

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Maggie knows her flaws and that she doesn’t always have the emotional heart her loved ones need, but at least she places Jared in the back of Wade’s stolen truck and drives as fast as possible to Phil’s house. Phil, a personable, gentle and emotionally soft character, has been purposefully underused. The relationship between him and Maggie may have collapsed a long time ago, but Maggie knows that Jared is always a part of this man’s heart, so his spirit will feel safe with him. This is the moment when Phil is needed the most and despite his horror of what Maggie has done, Jared is instantly his priority.

However, before Maggie and Phil return Jared to the world of the living, the audience relishes what Jared’s wandering spirit witnesses. The world of the ancients is engulfed in fire, and the old bones of the earth lie bare on grassless ground. The naked spirits drift aimlessly, uninterested in harming Jared, but focused on matters unknown to the mortal eyes. It is further proof of the imbalance Georgina has lamented, as this place between worlds shows the confused torment of the Earth.

Jared's spirit roams the world of the ancients in Trickster.

It is terrifying through Jared’s eyes, although it should be clear that this is not a vision of hell audiences may be used to, but it still has a devastating effect on their sanity. When his spirit returns to his body, his reaction is to scream in terror. Phil is there for him, reaching out to the terrified boy in a way that Maggie knows she can’t do because she’s too angry and hasn’t found her own path to peace like Sophia has.

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The hour has passed when his innate warrior spirit was needed. Jared is in the arms of the father figure he needed all along, one who may not understand everything but who loves Jared unconditionally. This peace frees Maggie for the moment, and she runs away, saying she needs to call Sophia, but Maggie locks herself in and begins to have an emotional breakdown.

Next week will be the end of the series. As it opens up, nearly all of the characters are in the worst shape possible to begin the hard work of rebuilding their balance in the face of the chaos Wade’s selfishness has caused. His horror and exhaustion is not the cheater’s worst crime in his centuries of stolen life, but it is as unforgivable as the murder he was about to commit.

Based on Eden Robinson’s Trickster trilogy and directed by Michelle Latimer, Trickster stars Joel Oulette as Jared, Kalani Queypo as Wade, Crystle Lightning as Maggie, Georgina Lightning as Sophia, Anna Lambe as Sarah, Nathan Alexis as Crashpad, Craig Lauzon like Phil, Gail. Maurice as Georgina, Joel Thomas Hynes as Richie, and Jamie Spilchuk as Mr. Good. Trickster airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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