Two and a Half Men: The 10 Most Questionable Parenting Decisions

List bad parenting options in Two and a half Men it’s not child’s play given how many there are. One reason for this would be the fact that Jake Harper had essentially three parents, his father Alan, his mother Judith, and his Uncle Charlie, who, despite their flaws, was a very crucial part of Jake’s childhood.

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Then there is Harper’s matriarch, Evelyn, whom her children have referred to as the “devil”; His relationship with his children is not only unhealthy, but a lesson in dysfunctional parent-child dynamics. Clearly, the show has featured many poor parenting decisions, and these are just some of the most disastrous.

10 Let Jake spend the weekends at Charlie’s

This was actually something that was addressed in season one when Judith raised objections against letting the impressionable Jake stay at Charlie’s beach house while Alan and Judith finalized their divorce. Charlie not only made any effort to change his acting or be careful while Jake was there, but he also made no effort to be a good role model. But, it’s unclear why Judith eventually gave in, especially since it became clear that Charlie was a really bad role model for Jake, and even Alan made no functional attempt to communicate how Charlie was ruining Jake’s childhood.

9 When Evelyn did not respond to an honest communication

Evelyn, Alan's mother

Evelyn Harper’s relationship with her children Alan and Charlie is strained and dysfunctional, to say the least. The two men blamed their mother for many things and believed that she was an icy narcissist and needed to change her perspective. However, his anguish against her was justified for the most part, considering Evelyn was quite troublesome as a mother.

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However, when her children try to communicate their problems to her bluntly, she just freezes them. Stop talking to them, don’t invite them to their birthday, and make it very clear that you don’t agree with an honest conversation about important matters.

8 Judith and Alan ignore Jake’s problems with his marriage to Herb

Jake disagreed with his mother marrying his doctor and was enraged when she told him the news. This was understandable, since he was just a kid back then and was dealing with his parents’ divorce, and Judith decided to postpone their wedding until Jake agreed. But Alan was desperate for Judith to remarry so he wouldn’t have to pay more alimony, so he actually offers Jake money to get over his problems and get closer to Herb.

This was really bad parenting, as Alan doesn’t take Jake’s problems seriously, and Judith doesn’t even question Jake’s sudden change of mind and doesn’t speak to him about it.

7 Judith never answered Jake’s questions about sex

When Jake hears Judith and Herb having sex, he asks his father Alan some questions about sexual dynamics between couples. Her curiosity is natural, and while Alan tries to answer some of her questions and talks to Judith about what happened, Judith just doesn’t do anything about it. She warns Herb to be quieter, which didn’t do much to make things less awkward.

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Also, since Jake lived at Charlie’s house on the weekends and saw him have sex with lots of women, ideally Judith would have been quite honest with her pre-teen son about sex and physical intimacy.

6 Lying about dating Jake’s friend’s mom

When Alan starts to see Lyndsey, Jake’s friend Eldridge’s mom, initially hides it from her son. Jake has previously had issues about his father and uncle dating the women in his life, such as his godmother, his guitar teacher and karate instructor, because he was the one who had to suffer the consequences.

When Alan starts seeing Lyndsey, he actively keeps it a secret from Jake; this is the exact vague behavior that Alan has accused Charlie of for years, and he should have talked to Jake.

5 Using Jake to pick up women

Charlie has also been a father to Jake, but he’s definitely not a good one. He loved Jake, but not enough to change his toxic patterns that could influence him. When Jake was younger, he often referred to him as a “baby magnet” because he actually used Jake to pick up women.

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This was a really poor tactic, not just because it was inappropriate, but because it sent mixed messages to Jake about cheating on women and about the dynamics between the two genders, and Charlie wouldn’t spend time explaining to Jake why this was wrong.

4 The constant stresses of Charlie and Alan that affected Jake

There was a lot of negativity in the Harper house because Charlie and Alan took every opportunity they had to put each other down. Not only did he create an unhealthy home, he also gave Jake a look at how dysfunctional his family is. In fact, once he refused to live with Alan and Charlie because he hated their constant fights and despite realizing why Jake was uncomfortable, the two brothers never made amends. The tensions not only make Jake feel like his home is unstable, but they also make him think less of his father.

3 Enroll Jake in the ballet to get a date

Charlie Harper - Two and a Half Men

Charlie enrolls Jake in ballet only to have ballet teacher Mia hang out with him. What’s worse, Alan actually lets him do it. Charlie has a very long history of using his family members just for sex, and Alan, who is aware of his patterns, should have made it clear that Jake is off limits, regardless of Charlie’s debts to him. . Jake eventually falls in love with Mia and his heart breaks when he discovers that Charlie and Mia are an item.

2 Disrespect to Evelyn in front of Jake

Alan and Charlie have a difficult mother and they have many problems against her. But by demoting her in front of Jake, they had set a very unhealthy precedent. In one of the previous seasons, Judith demands that Alan explain why Jake was acting so disrespectful.

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Eventually he discovers that he has been picking up the behavior, which he sees his father and uncle show towards his own mother. This was really inappropriate considering that Jake clearly internalized this hateful attitude.

one Charlie constantly embarrassed Alan for being broke

From a very young age, Jake had to make peace with other members of his family, berating his father. While Judith was determined not to speak ill of Alan in front of Jake, Charlie was not so cautious. He often insulted Alan for being broke and single or socially awkward, and he did it in front of Jake, who clearly absorbed this unbalanced dynamic and began to think of his father as a ‘loser’, leading to some weirdness in their relation. Jake loved his father, but it is always difficult for a child to cope with his father being reprimanded over and over again for things beyond his control.

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