Valheim stealth mechanics updated in a new patch

Developer Iron Gate AB released a new patch for Valheim, improving the stealth mechanics of the Survival title and weakening kills.

Developer Iron Gate AB has just released the latest update for Valheim, which improves stealth mechanics and reduces damage from those pesky mosquitoes. Cooperative survival game Viking hit Steam Early Access earlier this month and already counts as an incredible success story. In just over a week, a million copies of the Early Access title have been sold, an impressive feat to say the least.

Valheim offers a survival experience similar to Oxidebut, as the title suggests, it features a touch of Viking flair. Players take on the role of fallen warriors and can choose to team up with up to nine other people. As a PvE game, survival is key in the procedurally generated world, which is filled with monstrous enemies and the most dangerous elements. The balance of the game is everything, and it seems that Iron Gate AB continues to work to ensure that the overall experience feels as seamless as possible.

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in a Steam After celebrating a million copies sold, Iron Gate AB shared patch notes for the latest update. The new patch most notably modifies the gameplay mechanics focused on stealth, as well as nerfs the Deathkites by reducing their damage output. (Deathsquitos proved to be particularly concerning, considering they were known to kill players in one hit.) Regarding stealth, players should now notice the addition of an awareness indicator on enemy HUDs; patch details also take note of general “sneaky settings“Y”AI fixed. “

Haldor in Valheim

As Valheim will remain in early access for an unspecified period of time, the latest update is not intended to address all issues. However, this, along with the patches above, certainly seems like a solid start. And given the sheer amount of player feedback the studio is undoubtedly receiving, the experience as a whole is sure to continue to improve as time goes on.

Valheim It seems to have come at the perfect time, given the growing popularity of stories centered on Vikings and Norse mythology. This kind of storytelling is particularly taking on Steam games right now, thanks to the God of War series and last year Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Fortunately, each of these titles approaches Norse mythology from a different angle. While it is true that there is an inevitable overlap, players would have a hard time finding too many common ground where it matters most.

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Valheim is available to buy now through Steam Early Access.

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