WandaVision theory: Magneto is secretly using Scarlet Witch to create mutants

In mysteries WandaVision has yet to reveal, the biggest of all could be that it is Magneto who has been manipulating Scarlet Witch the entire time, using her to create mutants. The first Marvel Studios series to hit Disney +, the post-Avengers Endgame The set’s story finds Wanda Maximoff and Vision living an idyllic life in the suburban town of Westview. However, there is a problem: as the public knows, Vision died at the end of Avengers: Infinity War and how he’s alive again is one of the many great question marks still hanging in the air.

All the evidence has pointed to WandaVision setting up a series of stories and introducing a number of new concepts, along with characters, to the MCU. It apparently officially confirmed the existence of the multiverse, with the Fox X-Men franchise version of Quicksilver played by Evan Peters appearing at the end of episode 5. The existence of SWORD, SHIELD’s space counterpart, has been confirmed and the agency plays a game. important role in the program. New characters have been introduced, particularly Wanda’s neighbor Agnes and Monica Rambeau.

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However, even with all that, there are still a number of character identities to be confirmed. The main character tease that has been hinted at since the first episode is who exactly Agnes’s husband, Ralph, is. Ralph is mentioned at least once every WandaVision Agnes episode, but has yet to be seen on the show. It may just be a running joke, but Marvel’s history has shown that it doesn’t deliberately avoid drawing attention to something or someone for no reason. Ralph’s identity is more likely to be revealed and he will be a significant character that fans will recognize, either from the comics or from previous movies. With the introduction of Quicksilver, it wouldn’t be out of the question if that character was Magneto. Here’s why it makes sense.

Wanda is not the one who started Westview, someone else did

WandaVision Scarlet Witch and Vision fight

Although not confirmed, through episode 5 it became increasingly clear that Scarlet Witch is the one who controls Westview. While it seemed like she had been aware that her reality was not real on some subconscious level that she struggled to suppress, the fifth episode of the Marvel show found Wanda stepping out of the protective barrier of her bubble to confront SWORD and especially her director. acting Tyler. Hayward. From that moment on, it was impossible to deny that Wanda knew exactly what was going on and that it was she who controlled it.

However, in another new wrinkle, when Vision finally confronted Wanda after being confirmed by a citizen that they were in an alternate reality bubble, she admitted something that most of the audience hadn’t considered: she was controlling the bubble, but not did. he remembers how it had started and believed that she was not controlling every last detail. “I don’t know how this all started in the first place“he said. The implications were clear: someone else had put Scarlet Witch in the Westview bubble and possibly was even still helping to control her or the bubble itself. However, it is still not entirely clear who that person is. But it’s just beginning. It seems that the mysterious character of “Ralph” could be behind it all, and if he is, then it means that he has to know Wanda’s powers or be familiar enough with her to manipulate her. She is formidably powerful and does not seem to realize the full extent of her powers, making her a prime candidate to be misused by someone with dangerous intentions.

Wanda’s magical energy barrier can apparently empower others

Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) of WandaVision is known as Spectrum in the comics.

The events of WandaVision They’re building something much bigger, something that will fundamentally alter the fabric of the MCU even more. One idea that has been heavily speculated and theorized online is that it will introduce mutants to the MCU, or at least pave the way for them to appear. It is not entirely ruled out. In episode 5, a subtle moment indicated that going back and forth through Wanda’s barrier, in addition to being hit by a barrage of her magical energy, had awakened something in Monica Rambeau. The SWORD agent underwent X-rays after being forcibly expelled from Westview by Wanda but interestingly enough, the X-rays were completely blank. Comic book enthusiasts noted this as an indication that Monica’s energy-based powers in the comics had been unlocked or given new powers.

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The question arises: if Wanda can do this to Monica, how many more people could she do it to? Wanda’s powers have clearly leveled off in a huge way since the events of Endgame, certainly since Infinity war. At this time, it is unclear how powerful she is and how far her powers could extend. If a larger swath of the population were bathed in Wanda’s magical energies and the cosmic microwave background radiation her bubble emits, it stands to reason that more people could experience the same thing as Monica, either by receiving powers or, more likely , with something latent in them wakes up, maybe even the mutant X gene.

Magneto could be using Scarlet Witch for this reason

At least one person in WandaVisionThe universe knows what is really happening and how it started, and that’s the person who started this in the first place. They had a reason for it, as well as having a reason to manipulate Wanda specifically. Something about her powers, in particular, was the reason she was attacked, and it could very well be that that ability to unlock something inactive in people or give them powers is the reason. If that’s the case, it would make perfect sense if Magneto was behind it all.

In the comics, Magneto cares about nothing more than protecting mutants and creating more of them to dominate humanity. It’s his obsession, his life’s work. At one point in the comics, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were considered the children of Magneto (who has since been reconfigured) and the mutants themselves, and he had no qualms about using them or throwing them under the bus if it suited his broader purposes. At the end of the “House of M” story in the comics, he even beat his own son to death because he thought Pietro had made mutants look bad in the world. It wouldn’t be out of place for the MCU version of Magneto to be equally ruthless if it meant he could have more mutants in the world.

With MCU Phase 4 now diving into the multiverse, it could also happen in a number of ways. Perhaps Magneto is from a parallel universe, one in which mutants exist, and is trying to recreate the mutant race in the main MCU universe. Perhaps it’s from an alternate timeline, one in which mutants existed in the universe, but for some reason they disappeared from both the world and memory. At some point, Marvel will have to explain why mutants did not exist and suddenly they do. Magneto is the cause and working through Scarlet Witch aligning with both her comic book history and what’s unfolding on screen.

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It would explain two important mysteries of WandaVision

Magneto Quicksilver xmen Days of Future Past

The biggest question mark in the entire show so far is how Quicksilver’s version of the Fox X-Men universe appeared in the MCU. WandaVision instead of Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s version of Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s also notable that her appearance occurred immediately after Wanda confessed to Vision that she had no idea how it all started, derailing their conversation. Wanda swore that she hadn’t done it, that she hadn’t been the one who had conjured it, which meant that someone else had. If the person controlling things is indeed Magneto, he would have some sort of relationship with Quicksilver, perhaps even one strong enough to send Pietro as a distraction to prevent Wanda and Vision from unraveling the truth. If they are both from a parallel universe, it would explain why the Fox version of Quicksilver appeared and not the MCU.

Magneto’s involvement would also help explain another great mystery: how Vision is complete again. Episode 5 showed Wanda breaking into the SWORD facility and stealing Vision’s corpse. However, his corpse had been disarmed in surveillance footage, disarmed and experimented on. His body was in pieces scattered on multiple tables. Someone else, probably the villain behind it all, helped Scarlet Witch. No matter how good Wanda is at rewriting reality, there is simply no way she could have reassembled him to the point of bringing him back to life. However, as the Master of Magnetism and a person with the ability to manipulate metal down to the smallest fragments, Magneto has the exact powers necessary to reassemble the incredibly complex synth exactly as Tony Stark and Bruce Banner had created it. In fact, there is practically no one else in the Marvel universe who could have reassembled Vision’s body with such skill.

Whether it’s really Magneto pulling the strings or not WandaVision Remains to be seen. Still, his participation in the show would answer a number of questions and provide a setup for introducing mutants into the MCU, a major narrative hurdle that Marvel must overcome in the near future. At some point, the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants will appear in the MCU proper. WandaVision it is the perfect place to start.

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