Watchmen: Rorschach Shows How DANGEROUS The Comedian Was – And Still Is

Tom King and Jorge Fornés’ Rorschach # 5 sheds more light on presidential candidate Turley, revealing a surprise connection to the Comedian.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Rorschach # 5 by Tom King, Jorge Fornés, Dave Stewart and Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

At the beginning of the new Rorschach series, a mysterious man dressed in the costume of vigilante and his partner, The Kid, tried to assassinate presidential candidate Turley. Not much was known about this politician. All we knew was that he planned to oppose President Redford, who is serving long after his initial two terms. Some see Turley as their only hope to finally dethrone Redford and bring about hopeful and lasting change in America. For that reason, Turley has been painted as something of a white knight, but the character remains largely a mystery.

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Now, Rorschach Number 5 finally sheds some light on the politician by bringing the as-yet unnamed investigator face to face with him. Only Turley may not be exactly what everyone expected, and that’s made even worse by his connection to Eddie Blake, the comedian.

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Rorschach Turley

Rorschach The n. 5 begins by focusing on Governor Turley’s public image. He is presented as the complete opposite of Redford: he is a man of the people, a veteran who believes in the old-fashioned values ​​of America. He is described as “the last honest man” in the country, a savior who can put America and its people back on the right track after the power-hungry Redford administration.

But when we see Turley behind closed doors, we quickly realize that he is anything but honest. He is rude and impatient, he is convinced that Redford wants to kill him, he is tactless and aggressive towards his subordinates. If anything, the topic makes it clear that when not in public, Governor Turley is generally a disgusting person.

Things only get worse from there, when the investigator is invited to meet with the politician in his office. When he enters the room, he is greeted by an aggressively large frame of a smiling face hanging above Turley’s desk, something that conveys a very direct and terrifying message: the politician idolizes Eddie Blake, the comedian.

Despite dying in Watchmen # 1, the comedian cast a long shadow throughout the Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins comic series. The character was a government agent and a superhero, but he was also vile, twisted, and violent. Blake constructed the Comedian’s entire personality as an exaggerated reflection of the darkness of society, and reveled in it. The comedian is the latest superhero anyone should use as a role model, which is why it’s so disturbing to see the smiley face on a man of political power, someone who could become the next president of the United States.

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Rorschach comedian

Turley explains that, when he was in the military, he came across the Comedian during the Vietnam War on two occasions: once during a mission and the other on Victory Day. Judging from the way he acts and treats others, it’s clear that the comedian’s philosophy has inspired Turley. Not only does she idolize him, she seems to share his belief. And that makes him not the brilliant gentleman we thought he was, but a dark figure who may be worse than President Redford.

While there is still much to learn about Turley and the death of the new Rorschach, the mystery grows increasingly complicated. At first, Rorschach and The Kid just seemed crazy fans for trying to kill Turley. But now, the series just made fun of them that maybe they knew something that everyone else didn’t. Could the two of them have been trying to avoid something much worse than President Redford?

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