Web of Fire and Widogast’s Top 9 Spells, Ranked

Everyone’s favorite distressed wizard Caleb Widogast has come a long way in all 123 episodes of Critical roleSecond campaign. Caleb started the campaign dirty and traumatized by the sins of his past. Now, he’s a level 13 transmutation wizard who’s making waves across the Wildemount continent.

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Caleb is known for his hunger for knowledge, so it was only a matter of time before he went from simply memorizing spells to creating some of his own. Whether drawing from the superbly creative mind of actor Liam O’Brien or preset within the tradition of Dungeons & Dragons, Caleb Widogast’s library of spells has created some epic moments for viewers and The Mighty Nein alike.

10 Caleb’s Production Flame

Critical Role's Caleb Widogast casts fire magic.  Art by @littleulvar

Produce Flame is typically a spell that can only be used by druids, however the cantrip fits so well with Caleb’s firebug aesthetic that it feels natural for him to acquire the ability sometime along the way. However, you acquired it, it is clearly designated in the DnD Beyond files as “Caleb’s Produce Flame” and is separate from the traditional druid-only spell. Caleb now has the ability to illuminate a ten foot radius and launch fireballs that deal 1d8 damage to opponents within 30 feet of him, all while saving precious spell space to play later.

Art by @littleulvar

9 Gift of promptness

Critical Role's Caleb Widogast casts Dunamancy magic.  Art by @oinkyfalcon

Gift of Alacrity introduces Critters to the house magic of Dunamancy from DM Matthew Mercer. The ancient esoteric study of the dunamis, Dunamancy is the primordial energy that shapes potentiality and actuality that essentially allows players to bend the will of the multiverse to their will.

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Having been formally introduced to this concept by the drow wizard Essek Thelyss, Gift of Prity is one of the first spells of the type that Caleb learns. It is a top-tier divination spell that grants improved reaction time to whoever it is cast, giving players a 1d8 bonus to initiative rolls. This is often useful, as the Nein are frequently found preparing for battle.

Art by @oinkyfalcon

8 Teleportation Circle

Critical Role's Caleb Widogast casts Circle of Teleportation.  Art by @sayrielle

In D&D, traveling efficiently is one of the most tedious parts of the game. For settings like Wildemount, where The Mighty Nein lives and traverses, traveling from one point to the next can take weeks. Needless to say, it is always a relief when a party member acquires a faster means of transportation.

Fortunately, Caleb learns how to teleport circles at level 5, which makes the party much more mobile than it had been previously. A ten foot chalk circle and one minute of launch give them access to seven towns in Wildemount. Provided they give Essek and The Cobalt Soul a courtesy call before touring their homes and secret warehouses.

Art by Sayrielle

7 Cat anger

Photographic representation of a Cat's Ire fan from Critical Role.  and Frumpkin Art by @russ_charles

Caleb is known for his eccentricities and his party mates and fans adore him for it. Among his many quirks is his shameless adoration of cats. His fairy cat, Frumpkin, is not only his constant companion, but he also has the ability to incorporate cats whenever he can into his spells. Cat’s Ire is a perfect example of how Caleb’s affection for felines adds flavor to his particular style of magic.

Cat’s Ire is a redesigned version of Bigby’s Hand, a large magical hand that can perform actions and attacks when summoned. To Caleb, he appears as a giant tabby cat claw that scratches his enemies as easily as it protects his comrades. Not only is Cat’s Ire a great visual, but Caleb’s use also inspires Essek to teach him his first Dunamancy spells.

Art by @russ_charles

6 Widogast’s Amber Vault

Caleb Widogast's amber vault from Fanart of Critical Role is destroyed when the cracked crystal is stolen.  Art by @OddAlchemist

A Caleb Widogast original, Widogast’s Amber Vault is one of the most practical spells at his disposal. As a wizard of transmutation, Caleb specializes in creating extraordinary things out of what would otherwise be mundane. Using amber and a ritual, Caleb creates an amber stone that can store inanimate matter for long periods of time. The elements within amber are in stasis and never age or rot. This is particularly helpful for The Mighty Nein, who is currently hauling the not-so-recently vacated corpse of a certain former employer.

Art by @OddAlchemist

5 Disintegrate

Critical Role's Caleb Widogast casts Disintegration.  Art by @heartofpack

This spell is a sore spot for Critical role fans, as epic as it is. After finally leading to the permanent death of a character during campaign one, the Critical role The cast is understandably cautious when this particular spell is in play. Color everyone shocked when Caleb unexpectedly throws it during Nein’s fight with the volcanic tentacled creature, Vokodo. When Disintegrate is cast, the victim must perform a skill-saving role.

If they fail the roll, they take 10d6 + 40 force damage, if that damage reduces their hit points below zero, they are reduced to a pile of dust. Since Caleb cast the spell, the party should be fine, except for the fact that Vokodo frequently displays Spell Reflection as one of his legendary abilities, meaning that if Caleb had managed to hit the creature, he could throw the spell at it. disastrous. or a party companion. Since this battle takes place underwater, there would be absolutely no solution for that mistake.

Art by @heartofpack

4 Polymorphic organism

Caleb Widogast from Fanart of Critical Role transformed into a flare patterned t-rex, playing with Frumpkin.  Art by @ Reverse2057

A fan favorite for any campaign, Polymorph is best used with a little imagination. With that in mind, no one does Polymorph better than Caleb Widogast, hands down. This ability allows casters to turn themselves or others into different animals and creatures for one hour. During that time, the subject is limited to the native abilities and attributes of its assumed form, but it also gains that creature’s life points.

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Caleb primarily uses Polymorph to add an additional pool of hit points to his account, saving his own in combat. His favorite creature to become is a giant eagle for his talons and his ability to fly. He never misses the opportunity to have fun, he has also been a moth, gorilla, mammoth, calico whale and striped tyrannosaurus rex like Frumpkin.

Art by @ Reverse2057

3 Rising tower on the nein side of Widogast

Critical Role's Caleb Widogast fanart in his nine-sided tower.  Art by @BlackSalander

In D&D, explorers are used to sleeping in shady inns or out in the open, vulnerable to whatever lurks at night. It is always a relief when a group member can provide a safe haven. Luckily for The Nein, Caleb had a secret project in the works. The rising tower on the nein side of Widogast functions as the magnificent Mordenkainen mansion, creating an extra-dimensional mansion that lasts 24 hours and is equipped with every convenience the caster can imagine.

For Caleb, the beautiful nine-story nonagonal tower is filled with stained glass images depicting the party’s copious adventures and features painstakingly detailed suites to match the personality of each party member. In classic Widogast style, the tower is filled with hundreds of feline servants catering to all the needs of the party!

Art by @BlackSalander

2 Widogast Transfiguration

Critical Role's Nott The Brave fanart before and after his transfiguration into Veth Brenatto.  Art by @Crowithearts

What good is magic if it can’t be used to help a friend? Fortunately for Nott the Brave, he finds Caleb and quickly sees the potential of the budding wizard. In episode 49, Nott reveals that she is a halfling trapped in a goblin body, pleading with Caleb to find a way to return her to her former self. Determined not to fail another loved one, Caleb creates his most impressive spell yet.

Transfiguration allows a magician to permanently transform a humanoid creature into the form and gender of any other humanoid creature, allowing Nott to regain his former identity as Veth Brenatto, giving his closest friend the opportunity to finally reunite with his family.

Art by @Crowithearts

one Widogast’s Fire Web

Critical Role's Caleb Widogast casts Web of Fire.  Art by @BlackSalander

Dungeons & Dragons is a game of imagination. The more theatrical the action, the more exciting it is to play and watch the game. That’s why fans went wild when Caleb unexpectedly unveils a new intense attack spell in Episode 80. By placing both hands on the ground, five chains of fire pierce through the ground dealing up to 12d6 damage to opponents.

Web of Fire paints a picture as impressive as the attack itself, making it clear that Caleb Widogast is no longer the painfully secretive wizard seen in Level 2. His bold, powerful and creative use of magic sets the stage for what the Magic can and should be for aspiring D&D players as well as dedicated Critters.

Art by @BlackSalander

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