What happened to the Riverdale characters during the timeskip?

Riverdale is taking a big leap with its time jump from season 5, turning former teens into twentysomethings. Here’s everything that happened to them.

This is what happened to all the major Riverdale characters during the seven-year time jump in season 5. Filming stopped at Riverdale in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, and season 4 ended with the firing of Mr. Honey, with Betty and Jughead on the Voyeur track, bringing the prom and gang graduation into season 5. Episode 3 , “Chapter Seventy-Nine: Graduation” marked the end of the main characters’ high school careers, along with all their romances.

For months there had been speculation about a season 5 time jump, which series creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa later confirmed would happen. The transition is well set up when the top four made a vow to reunite a year later, but only Jughead returned to Pop’s as promised. Upon leaving, a voiceover revealed that he would not see his friends for another six years when a mystery and a crisis would bring them together.

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Some details about the character’s fate were revealed. before episode 4, “Chapter Eighty: Purgatory”. Betty worked for the FBI, Veronica was married, Jughead published her first book, and Archie had been in the war. When the episode begins, Archie returns to his hometown after being reassigned. He reunites with Toni Topaz, who he thinks has arrived for Pop Tate’s retirement party (with his granddaughter Tabitha, played by Erinn Westbrook, taking over), and Archie calls his friends to invite them to celebrate. When Jughead, Veronica, and Betty arrive for what can best be described as an awkward reunion, Archie enlists their help in saving the city.

What did Archie do during the timeskip

Riverdale Header Archie Army Uniform

Archie left Riverdale to join the military, apparently spending those seven years on the battlefield. Lying in a hospital bed in Yonkers, NY, Archie has a dream that is a combination of the first few minutes of Saving Private Ryan And a premonition: His former Bulldog mates dressed as soldiers are shot on the football field. Upon awakening, Archie is told that he will be sent to Riverdale to oversee the high school RROTC program. The show quickly establishes that Archie is a hero who saved his friend Corporal Jackson by throwing him on his shoulders and carrying him to safety (an unmistakable nod to Forrest Gump). The episode doesn’t offer much about the events that shaped Archie during the time jump, spending more time focusing on his reaction to what happened in his hometown during his absence.

What did Betty do during the time jump

Riverdale Betty Lili Reinhart

Betty is an FBI trainee who is stuck working unsolved cases after she went berserk to capture a serial killer known as the “Trash Bag Killer” (TBK), which is an amalgamation of the Silence of inocents’ Buffalo Bill and Dennis Rader, the infamous BTK. Betty did not call for backup and ended up trapped in a well in BTK’s lair for two weeks. She is haunted by the fact that her actions resulted in the serial killer’s escape and that she is probably still committing murders. She has also had an affair with her boss, Glenn, but does not share her enthusiasm for their romance.

What Jughead did during the time jump

Jughead published his first book, The outcasts, during the time jump. At one point, Jughead was a shining star on the New York literary scene, but he’s fallen out of favor. After his initial success, he has been locked in a drab apartment, trying to write his second novel while ignoring his girlfriend, Jessica. His agent notes that Jughead has been drinking too much, and the notoriety he once enjoyed has been wasted (along with the advance he was paid for the unfinished book). Jughead has been evading “debt collectors”, but not the garden variety that calls and sends letters. These guys appear banging on the door of your apartment.

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What Veronica did during the time jump

Veronica on Riverdale

Veronica’s entrepreneurial spirit served her well after high school. She enjoyed a lucrative career in stock trading, earning the nickname the “She-Wolf of Wall Street” until her husband Chadwick “Chad” Gekko (Chris Mason) pressured her to resign. The couple, who celebrate their first anniversary in the episode, survived a helicopter crash (on the way to Martha’s Vineyard), and Chad has been using the crash as a way to manipulate and control his wife. Chad believed that Veronica had taken a job at Lacy’s department store (a reference to the Katy Keene spinoff) when she was actually working in a clandestine jewelry store selling stolen items to a colorful clientele. Veronica has realized that she is repeating the sins of her mother by marrying someone very similar to her father.

What else happened during the timeskip?

What happened to the Riverdale characters during the Betty Jughead Veronica Archie time skip ep 4

When Archie returns to Riverdale, he discovers that a lot has changed. He reconnects with Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan), who is pregnant and works as a Riverdale High vocational counselor. She revived the Serpents, and they pooled their money to buy La Bonne Nuit, renaming it Whyte Wyrm. Kevin Keller (Casey Cott) and Fangs Fogarty (Drew Ray Tanner) graduated from college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the couple live together in Riverdale with Toni. Kevin is the drama teacher in high school and Fangs is a truck driver. Archie is surprised to learn that Reggie Mantle (Charles Melton) has been employed by a Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos).

Toni tells Archie that she went to visit Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) after graduating from Highsmith College, hoping to rekindle their romance, but little remains of the redheaded bombshell and HBIC who ruled Riverdale High with a velvet fist. Cheryl has been rebuilding her family’s home and business, but the thought that the Flowers are cursed consumes her. Penelope is nowhere to be seen, and Cheryl has gotten used to wearing her mom’s trademark red glove (all signs point to a gruesome ending for Penelope). Hiram has been trying to buy Blossom’s maples, but Chery has repeatedly turned him down, and Nana has found a lucrative way to spend time having her granddaughter forge valuable paintings.

Archie’s fears that something is wrong with Riverdale are confirmed by Toni, who takes him on a tour of the city. Riverdale resembles a dystopian hell devoid of law and order. There is no fire department or police, except Sheriff Keller. Those who have money to leave the city have fled, and only those who cannot or do not want to go remain. High school is about to close and all students will be attending Stonewall Prep (hello, Mr. Honey). Hiram Lodge has been dismantling Riverdale piece by piece to ensure the success of its development at SoDale. Season 5 appears to be Riverdaleit is the darkest yet.

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