Who is the real villain of WandaVision?

Is Scarlet Witch the true villain of WandaVision or could there be a big bad secret hidden in the background like Mephisto, Nightmare or even Pietro?

While WandaVision has been careful to establish so far that Scarlet Witch is in control of Westview, the question of who the show’s true villain is keeps pressing quite urgently. On top of whose theories WandaVisionThe big cameo could be beyond Evan Peters’ Quicksilver, and if it will be the big bad, there is a significant amount of evidence to suggest that there is another presence manipulating things beyond Wanda’s influence. The most compelling theory is that the hidden character could be Mephisto.

Peters’ appearance as the X-Men movie version of Quicksilver at the end of WandaVision Episode 5 was a hugely shocking moment, particularly due to the potential ramifications with the MCU multiverse. While it didn’t confirm the X-Men movies as canon in the MCU, there was a confirmation in the show’s audio description that this Pietro is the same one from the Fox universe. How he got to Westview is the big question, but it may as well. It will be very important to ask who he is and who he is working with as the program develops further.

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What seems clear is that Quicksilver is not under Wanda’s control. When he rings the doorbell at her and Vision’s house, she is shocked and confirms that it has nothing to do with her. She is confused by Pietro’s appearance, but hugs him, seemingly acknowledging him despite Vision not, suggesting that there is still a link between the two. Crucially, it also suggests that whatever enchantment that brought Pietro to Westview also involves tricking Wanda into accepting Peters’s version of the character as her brother, rather than Aaron Taylor-Johnson. This apparently makes Wanda a target of some magical manipulation and not just Westview’s altered reality controller, which in turn suggests the presence of another factor in this dynamic. Whether it is genuinely the Quicksilver, Mephisto, Nightmare multiverse, or another supremely powerful MCU magical villain, remains to be seen, for now.


WandaVision He has already established that Wanda is capable of breaking the spell of her reality when she needs it. She is able to get out of the Westview bubble and was able to kick Monica out when she challenged her for Quicksilver’s death in Ultron age. But there have also been indications that Wanda is not in full control. Vision’s revival came as a result of her magic, but she cannot fully control her free will or inquisitive nature; twins can operate outside of their influence; and Wanda confirms that she cannot undo death, despite Vision’s resurgence. All of that points to the involvement of another invisible party, and Pietro’s coincidental arrival at Westview just when Wanda’s control is at its most vulnerable is particularly revealing. It seems almost inevitable that it will be revealed that it is more than it initially appears.

The story of Wanda’s happy ending has been that everything comes at a cost: her ideal city looks good on her, but causes great pain to residents; The vision has returned, but it is a reanimated corpse; Everything indicates that she made a kind of deal with Monkey Paw to get what she wants, but with dire warnings. Even Quicksilver’s return is tempered by the fact that he’s not the one right version, not his version, and if he is indeed another agent of her manipulation, it seems likely that he will drive an additional rift between Wanda and Vision when the latter tries to uncover the truth. What would make more sense than Quicksilver legitimately returning as a malevolent influence would be that someone else, like Mephisto, is controlling the situation in hopes of harvesting Wanda’s soul. And if there is going to be another major cameo in WandaVision, an actor with enough reputation to play the MCU version of the devil would definitely fit the bill.

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