Some pretty big casting news broke last night regarding the highly anticipated video game adaptation to the HBO TV series The last of us. First, we learned that game of Thrones alum Bella Ramsey had been cast in the role of Ellie, and soon after we learned that The Mandalorian himself, Pedro Pascal, has signed up to play the main character Joel. The story follows a smuggler (Joel) tasked with escorting a teenage girl (Ellie) through a post-apocalyptic landscape, and the games drew critical acclaim for their emotion-driven narrative and devastating plot twists. Add in the fact that Craig mazin, the writer / creator of HBO’s brilliant and acclaimed limited series Chernobyl, it’s showrunning The last of us TV series, and you have all the ingredients for a great television event yourself.


But the news of Pascal’s casting was immediately followed by a big question: what does this mean for The mandalorian? The actor is, of course, the main character of the popular Disney + movie. Star Wars TV series, and production on a third season is scheduled to begin this year. But Deadline’s report on Pascal’s casting had intriguing information about his current relationship with The mandalorian, which could mean a limited presence for Pascal on the show in the future.

In fact, the report claims that Pascal “recently became available for a new series” and was attracting offers from various high-profile networks and broadcasters. He chose The last of us and HBO, with Deadline adding that this new series has it “in first position” even though it will continue to be part of The mandalorian.

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In television language, “first position” means that the program takes precedence over any other program that an actor may be a part of. So if there is a scheduling conflict, the show that is in “first position” wins. In the past, this has led some actors to abandon other television shows or greatly reduce their screen time, since the series that is in “first position” has that actor for as long as they consider necessary, and it depends of that series and its creatives to decide when or if to make changes.

A good example is Parks and Recreation Y Chris pratt. As the show approached the end of its fifth season, Pratt earned the starring role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. But the production of the Marvel movie was going to conflict with the filming schedule for a possible season 6 (at this point, the show had yet to be officially renewed). Then showrunner Mike schur technically he could have decided not to let Pratt take on the movie role and keep him on his first position contract at Parks and Recreation, but instead chose to let Pratt seize this great opportunity and work on the actor’s schedule for season 6. The result is that the season 6 premiere of the series was filmed in London, where Guardians of the Galaxy was filming, and Pratt sat the following Parks and Recreation episodes while continuing to shoot the Marvel movie.

So what does this mean for The mandalorian? Well showrunner Jon favreau previously revealed that The mandalorian Season 3 wouldn’t begin filming until early 2021, after the spinoff series ended. Boba Fett’s book. It is not clear exactly when The last of us Production is expected to begin, but it is likely to be this year and Pascal may have a more limited physical role in the production of The mandalorian going forward.


We already know from the reports that Pascal actually I wasn’t on set that much during season 1 of the series, and instead played much of the role through voice acting in post-production, while stunts and understudies fulfilled the physical role of The Mandalorian on set. Pascal was reportedly more on set during season 2, especially during the last two episodes when Din Djarin removed his helmet for maximum emotional effect, but even then much of the physical work doesn’t necessarily require Pascal to be there. . And frankly, a stunt actor was going to do most of the stunts anyway, and since The mandalorian It is a program with a lot of action, that is much of scenes for Pascal sitting on the sidelines.

There has been no confirmation of any kind that Pascal will have a more limited presence in The mandalorian in the future, but how The last of us becomes his television priority engagement, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that he’s only on set for a few key scenes from the Disney + series and does most of his work in a voice recording booth. That would allow him to take the time to fully immerse himself in the role of Joel during The last of us, and it wouldn’t even take much The mandalorian (since he and the crew have already been operating this way).

As reported in season 1, the main role of The Mandalorian has always been something of a collaboration between Pascal and his stunts, and the trend is likely to continue and may even influence stunts more strongly in the future. seasons. There is no expectation that Pascal will be leaving the show entirely, and he will no doubt continue to deliver outstanding voice work in season 3, but it’s also hard to blame Pascal for wanting to jump in for a role as Joel on The last of us – one in which it is not hidden by a helmet or differs from the specialists for most of the runtime of an episode.


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