Why Mass Effect is a remaster, but Final Fantasy is a remake

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a remastering of the beloved trilogy rather than a Final Fantasy VII-style remake. Here’s how to tell the difference.

Four years after the disappointment of Andromeda, Massive effect it is returning to its roots. Legendary Edition will bring improved versions of the original trilogy to PCs and next-generation consoles, with backward compatibility that will allow them to work on next-generation machines as well.

Massive effect it’s part of a wave of classic games getting re-releases on new platforms. Remasters and remakes, like last year Final Fantasy VII Remake, are a regular part of the video game release schedule today. However, although some may use the terms interchangeably, that is not the case. Remasters and remakes are very different things, and here’s how to tell the difference.

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What is a remaster?


A video game remaster takes an existing game (sometimes an older title like Massive effect, other times a relatively new one like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered for PlayStation 5) and gives it a new coat of paint. While the remastered games may receive some quality-of-life improvements, such as the elevator sequences from the original Massive effect being shortened by Legendary Edition, they exist primarily to make games polished enough to meet modern standards.

Every now and then, remastering a game for new hardware leads to changes that elicit backlash from fans, such as Peter Parker’s new face in the Spiderman remastering. Modern settings in Warcraft 3The remastering led to apocalyptic user review scores. However, those are outliers. Remasters are usually a welcome way to play older games on new hardware, whether they are next-gen updates or originally from much older systems.

In the age of digital games, remasters have become the only way some games can be played. When Scott Pilgrim vs. The world: the game It was pulled from digital stores, only people who had already purchased the game had access to it. However, its recent remaster gave a new audience a chance to see if it lived up to the nostalgia.

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What is a remake?

Demon Souls remake feature

Where the remasters are faithful recreations of old games, the remakes take a more artistic license. In addition to modernizing the graphics, remakes can incorporate different elements of the story and the game, making them functionally new games. The remakes of Resident Evil 2 Y 3 are good examples of this. Taking cues from Resident Evil 4, Capcom abandoned the tank controls of the original games in favor of smoother gameplay and an over-the-shoulder third-person perspective. Resident Evil 2 it also made the game’s intro playable and changed where Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy meet for the first time.

Other remakes, such as the one for PlayStation 4 Shadow of the colossus and the recent PS5 version of Demon souls use modern hardware to create definitive versions of classics. They don’t radically change what made those games special, but they’ve improved enough that they aren’t just remasters.

Why is Legendary Edition a remaster?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is taking the remastering route. It will feature graphical enhancements, including enough lens flare to make JJ Abrams blush. It will also remove some of the excessive camera shots aimed at the male gaze from old games and offer other quality-of-life improvements. It will also be missing certain features, such as Mass effect 3 multiplayer and DLC of the original.

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With that said, the games will play as they did when they were originally released with some minor adjustments. The shooting mechanics will also be smoothed out so that the first game plays out similarly to its sequels. That said, it won’t be a radically different experience than the older games, which are currently available as part of the EA Play subscription service.

Perhaps most importantly, the narrative of the trilogy will not change. The moral alignment and relationships of your Commander Shepherd will also be built in the same way as the original games. As archaic as some of Massive effectThe storytelling could be at this point, fans of the original can be sure that it will remain as they remembered it. However, that also means that the trilogy’s controversial ending won’t be altered any more than it was in 2012, when Bioware added an epilogue in response to fan reaction.

Why is Final Fantasy VII a remake?

2020 Final Fantasy VII Remake Earn your title by making numerous changes to the classic. He adds many things that would have been unfeasible in 1997, such as voice acting, but his changes go further. On the one hand, the game focuses only on a small part of the original’s story, set in the city of Midgar; the rest will be counted by episodes.

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Nevertheless, Final Fantasy VII Remake It’s still about as long as you’d expect in a modern RPG, lasting 40 hours. That expanded focus on what happened in the first eight hours of the original allowed certain characters to shine. Finely drawn NPCs like Jessie became memorable characters in the remake. That is something that will not be granted to minor characters in the Massive effect trilogy in the Legendary Edition.

Final Fantasy VII RemakeThe gameplay is also radically different from the original. Instead of the classic JRPG turn-based battles, FFVII remake employs a real-time combat system with strategic elements. The original’s active time battle meter is now used for special moves.

While Mass Effect Legendary Edition It will remind fans old and new why the original trilogy is still loved, it will not offer a glimpse into the future of the franchise. That will have to wait for the next sequel, which can only be speculated on for now. It won’t be a completely new experience like Final Fantasy VII Remake, but hopefully it will be the final version of the Massive effect trilogy.

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