Six Days in Fallujah is a game that many thought would never see the light of day, and its revival also revives a number of questions about the project.

Name Six days in Fallujah You will probably always be mired in controversies in the world of video games. From its original incarnation in the late 2000s to 2021. Six days in Fallujah reboot announcement, the game’s mission to depict the attacks of the Iraq War on wounds that are still fresh for many Americans. Modern Field is a tactical first-person shooter that hopes to bring something extraordinary. “moments of truth“From the Fallujah incident in the real world to light in a way that only video games can. However, this mission may collide with the original field of the game, which is just one of the reasons many are familiar with Six days in FallujahHistory was very surprised to see her return after such a long time.

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On the one hand, while some of its developers continue with the project from its original incarnation, the companies behind the game have completely changed. In 2009, Six days in Fallujah It was created to be published by Konami and developed by the now-defunct Atomic Games. That game was a tactical third-person shooter that was said to integrate elements of survival horror into its depiction of a soldier surviving the confusing conflict. The game also featured images of Iraqi war veterans that gave context to the battles depicted in each level. Mainstream news coverage and public rejection caused this version of Fallujah losing its publisher and never seeing the light of day, with the closure of Atomic Games in 2011.

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The game is being revived by Victura, a publisher founded with the express intention of bringing Six days in Fallujah and market-like historical-minded games. It’s a completely new version of the game, developed by Bungie veterans at Highwire Games, who last developed the PlayStation VR title. Golem. This new version changes Six days in FallujahThe first-person perspective alludes more to tactical combat than to any element of terror, which has surprised some viewers who were defending the original pitch. One thing the game has not lost in its modern translation is the real world images of veterans who participated in the conflict. The trailer is full of these soldiers telling their stories, similar to what was planned for the 2009 edition of the game.

Why is Six Days in Fallujah returning in 2021?

Unless Six days in Fallujah really points to the subversive message of a game like Spec Ops: The Line, its resurgence in 2021 can’t help but be a scratch. It cannot be denied that the interactivity inherent in video games could be a valuable tool to teach important historical moments, but Fallujah it is a game born from the same military that it hopes to represent. The original concept was formed while soldiers were consulting with Atomic Games about a US Army internal training program, and that initial relationship with veterans has apparently fueled the momentum to create the game, despite all the obstacles. .

For many, the big question behind Six days in Fallujahit is the return is “Because right now?” Outside Call of Duty, the American gaming market has mostly outperformed modern military shooters, illustrated nowhere better than Fortnitedominion over PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Beyond that, the historical repercussions of the war in Iraq are still very much alive in cultural consciousness, including the same fears that a game like Fallujah it could glorify a battle and war that many see as a shameful and horrible waste. It would be a great achievement if a video game could accurately document the experience of this modern conflict, but the price for failing in such an endeavor is so high that it may not be worth the risk.

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