Why the Texas Ranger Reboot Replaces Walker’s Mentor CD

The new Cordell Walker in The CW’s Walker reboot needs a mentor to keep him straight and tight, just like CD Parker did in the original series.

the Walker reboot continues to distance itself from original Walker, Texas Ranger with each episode, someone similar to CD Parker from the original series is now missing. While the new Cordell Walker is working on rebuilding his relationships, the only thing he seems to be losing is a good friend and colleague mentor. Little, if anything, has been shown about how this Walker became a Ranger or became a law enforcement officer, which drives him in the pursuit of justice. Unlike the original Walker, Texas Ranger Cordell, who often turned to his older ex-partner and owner of the local police trough, CD Parker, the reboot’s main character seems destined to remain adrift without someone he can trust or receive guidance.

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The relationship between the original Cordell Walker, Chuck Norris, and his first partner, friend, and mentor, CD Parker, was the highlight of the show. CD had taught Cordell the ropes when he was a young ranger; later, after CD became Walker’s Captain Ranger, he retired and opened CD’s Bar and Grill, remaining as a guiding force not only in Walker’s life but in Walker’s surrounding team as well. The CD establishment became a kind of gathering place in a police bar where the team met to celebrate the victories of their cases. The CD used to serve as a sounding board for Walker whenever he encountered an obstacle, helping to keep the ranger grounded and focused.

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At The CW’s Walker reboot, Jared Padalecki’s Walker seems content to be adrift, wallowing near the ghost of his late wife’s connections to the last person to see her, Geri Broussard, played by Super Girls Odette Anable, owner of Side Step Bar. Walker’s relationship with his former partner, now Captain, Larry James, seems strained at best, not exactly built on the trust and respect that existed between the original CD. and Walker. And Walker’s new partner appears to have been hired to help him stay focused. Already several times in the series, when Walker was needed to be found, he was placed on a stool in the Side Step.

The reboot doesn’t seem to want anyone around Padalecki’s Walker to anchor and give it guidance, because the suspense is in wondering how far it will go astray in its pain and need for answers. He hides in the past on the Side Step, talking to (or trying to talk to) Geri about Emily’s last night. And even that relationship seems awkward, as they are both still in mourning – she for his best friend and he for his wife, and they both seem to have some sort of guilt for his death. Being at Geri’s bar allows Walker to disconnect from reality, avoiding the fact that others need him to move on.

A mentor like the original Walker, Texas RangerThe CD would push Walker to face his past and move on, probably reminding him to think of his children first. However, The CW’s Walker he has avoided putting characters in their place to fulfill that role. The show missed an opportunity to make Bonham, Walker’s father, Mitch Pileggi’s, a former law enforcement officer, or even a former Ranger, someone Walker looked up to. However, the show doesn’t give Walker much inclination to trust his parents, who are dealing with their own relationship issues. The show perhaps could have made Walker’s partner a bit older and placed her more in that mentoring role.

One thing is certain WalkerCordell can’t keep holding on to Emily’s ghost and hiding with Geri on the Side Step. Sooner or later, his wallowing will cause him to start making mistakes. Walker you should consider following the solid example of the original Walker, Texas Ranger and give your Cordell someone to point the Ranger in the right direction, to help him focus on the things that matter most.

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