Will ‘Barry’ get a season 4? HBO boss says it’s a “safe bet”

Bill Hader and the show’s writers wrote seasons 3 and 4 during the pandemic.


It is very likely that HBO Barry will continue for at least two more seasons. When the series first debuted in 2018, people weren’t quite sure what to expect. It was promoted as a comedy show created by Bill hader Y Silicon Valley alum Alec bergBut when we finally took a look at the series, it became clear that Hader and Berg were interested in blurring the line between comedy and drama. A show that is apparently about a hit man trying to build an acting career took a number of dark turns, and the series always treated violence with the seriousness it deserves: When Barry hurts or kills someone, it feels shocking.

After that brilliant, Emmy-winning first season, Barry It only got better in its second season, and darker as well, and Hader and company were about to start filming season 3 when COVID arrived. But instead of sitting around waiting to start production again, Hader, Berg, and the show’s writers not only finished all the scripts for season 3, they went ahead and wrote season 4 as well even though HBO has only just renewed. the show for a while. third season.


So it’s a sigh of relief that the HBO boss Casey bloys recently revealed that although a final decision has not been officially made, it appears that Barry Season 4 will happen. “Usually we don’t pick things up until they go on the air, but if I was betting on whether we would do more, I think it’s a very safe bet,” Bloys told Deadline.


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That is fantastic news. Barry is one of the best shows on all of television, and Hader and company have shown an enthusiasm for digging deeper into each respective episode, not just from a story point of view but from a cinematic point of view as well. Hader made his directorial debut in the show’s pilot and has now directed several installments, proving to be a natural talent behind the camera with episodes such as the amazing “ronny / lily” from season five.

Filming is already underway on season 3 of the show, and while a premiere date has not been set yet, let’s keep our fingers crossed for sometime later this year.

For much more about BarryCheck out my in-depth interview with Hader on the season 2 finale.

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