Wolverine defeated Juggernaut by taking advantage of the similarity of a cosmic ghost rider

Juggernaut has just been defeated by Wolverine & the Cosmic Ghost Rider, who used their Cyttorak chains to turn their best weapon against the brute.

Warning! Spoilers for Wolverine: black, white and blood # 3 below.

Marvel Juggernaut He is one of the most unstoppable forces in comics thanks to his magical connection to Cyttorak. However, when Cain Marko tries to take on Wolverine and Cosmic Ghost Rider, the latter whose chains are made from Cyttorak’s bones, his greatest weapon becomes his greatest weakness, as he turns on him in a rather gruesome way.

Juggernaut obtained his powers through the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, which granted him a number of powers including devastating strength and durability, a magical force field that can neutralize even the most powerful attacks, as well as invulnerability to telepaths. , he always wears his helmet. In an alternate universe, Frank Castle, who becomes the Cosmic Ghost Rider after accepting Mephisto’s Spirit of Vengeance in a future where Thanos nearly annihilates all of Earth’s inhabitants, used Cyttorak’s bones to create nearly indestructible chains. . In a new comic, the two characters clashed, and Wolverine helped the Cosmic Ghost Rider put the brute to shame.

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In Wolverine: black, white and blood # 3 in Donny Cates and Chris Bachalo’s “Burn”, Wolverine meets Cosmic Ghost Rider in a bar, who says a future version of Logan told him about the epic fight he had there earlier that day. That’s when Juggernaut bursts over the side of the bar and attacks Wolverine. When Cosmic Ghost Rider realizes that the fight unfolds differently than the story he remembers, he offers him some help with his chains.

Wolverine Juggernaut Fight

After seeing how effective the chains are against Juggernaut, Wolverine borrows from the Cosmic Ghost Rider. He wraps them around Cain Marko and rips the helmet off his body. He then tightens the chains around Juggernaut, who tells him that he “can’t do this to him.” In the end, the villain is left hanging in midair, beaten to pulp as SHIELD agents surround the completely destroyed bar. Wolverine makes sure to ask that when Cosmic Ghost Rider tells future versions of the story that he says he defeated Juggernaut singlehandedly.

There’s a reason Cain Marko is known as the Unstoppable Juggernaut. With her powers granted by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, she transforms into a powerhouse that is virtually impossible to take down. However, with Cosmic Ghost Rider having his own weapon powered by Cyttorak with his chains forged from the bones of magical entities, both he and Wolverine showed the best way to finish him off. Juggernaut is to turn his own magic against him. In this fight, he was completely embarrassed.

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