Wolverine vs Juggernaut: Logan’s Last Fight OFFICIALLY Made Marvel History

Wolverine and Juggernaut just had a no-holds-barred fight, with one character pinpointing his specific place in the history of the Marvel Universe.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Wolverine’s “Burn” story: Black, White & Blood # 3 by VC’s Donny Cates, Chris Bachalo and Clayton Cowles, out now

Wolverine is one of Marvel’s toughest fighters, but even he needs help at times. This includes Juggernaut, a villain strong enough to fight the X-men to a halt on a semi-regular basis. However, Logan’s last fight with Juggernaut only required the endorsement of one person, who revealed the real meaning of the fight.

In Wolverine: black, white and blood # 3, Wolverine and Cosmic Ghost Rider quickly worked together to take down the Juggernaut on their own, cementing a specific moment in time from Cosmic Ghost Rider’s perspective.

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The Cosmic Ghost Rider is one of the most powerful versions of Frank Castle in any of Marvel’s many possible future timelines. Originally introduced by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw as the last survivor of a reality in which Thanos wiped out all life, the Cosmic Ghost Rider has been today, traveling through creation and watching the universe change throughout. of the years. His last stop is a small bar on Earth, where he meets Wolverine. Logan recognizes Castle’s scent and is surprised to find out how different he has become. Castle reveals that while “Forrest Gump-ing” is on his way through reality, he decided to see one even that Logan told stories about for years after the fact, where Wolverine apparently defeated Juggernaut on his own in a bar fight. .

After Juggernaut bursts into the bar, Frank is shocked to see how quickly the tide turns against Wolverine. Castle decides to intervene, reasoning that his arrival distracted Logan and intruded on past events. Fortunately, Cosmic Ghost Rider has the perfect weapon to take down the Juggernaut, the Chains of Cyttorak, which are made from the corpse of his timeline version of the god who gave Juggernaut his powers. This makes the chains a particularly powerful weapon against the massive mystical fighter. Wolverine takes the chains himself and wraps them around the Juggernaut, with the Cosmic Ghost Rider using his Power Cosmic to drain Juggernaut of his abilities, limiting his strength and reducing his healing. With the help of Cosmic Ghost Rider, Wolverine is able to defeat the Juggernaut relatively quickly.

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Leaving the Juggernaut for the authorities, Frank and Logan share a drink afterwards, with Wolverine agreeing to tell the current Frank Castle this story, setting aside Cosmic Ghost Rider’s involvement and setting the possible time cycle to close.

However, the fact that this fight stood out enough for Wolverine to tell the Punisher in the first place consolidates how important it really was. With the help of the Cosmic Ghost Rider, Wolverine was able to stop the Juggernaut in record time, without further assistance. Considering that it often takes entire teams of mutant heroes working in concert to achieve the same effect, it’s especially impressive to see how only the two of them can stop one of Marvel’s toughest fighters who is famously “unstoppable.”

Considering how powerful the Cosmic Ghost Rider is, the fact that Juggernaut was able to take on him is pretty good on Cain Marko’s part too. But Logan’s quick thinking often gives him an advantage over his seemingly more dangerous foes. This is ultimately what makes the battle one more victory for Wolverine than Cosmic Ghost Rider – it’s Logan’s brutal side that finally ends the fight and sends Cain Marko on his way.

It’s a historic moment for Wolverine, according to Cosmic Ghost Rider, and a sweet one between the two brutal heroes, albeit one that suggests the possible apocalyptic events of “Thanos Wins” could still be the final fate of the current version of Marvel. Universe.

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