X-Men: Marvel’s Mutants were betrayed by one of their own, again

In the latest issue of Hellions, the X-Men team falls victim to the kind of betrayal that has become very common in recent times.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Hellions # 9 by VC’s Zeb Wells, Stephen Segovia, David Curiel and Ariana Maher, on sale now.

Maintaining a mutant paradise like Krakoa is not easy. The X-Men have had to put aside their differences with many former enemies in order to live in harmony with their fellow mutants. However, it appears that some of these mutants have not abandoned their evil ways, leading to a series of betrayals among the mutants living alongside the X-Men on Krakoa.

This latest case of treason occurs in Hellions # 9. Mister Sinister is having tea with Mastermind, talking about how limited Krakoa’s rules are and potentially forming his own selfish alliance. At a glance, it appears that none of these mutants particularly cares for the greater good of the mutant race.

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Shortly after this discussion, Mastermind reveals that he has poisoned Sinister’s tea. The Silent Council member is incapacitated and captive. The Hellions are sent to find Sinister, received in New York by the Mastermind himself. Jason Wyngarde leads the Hellions into a limousine, before revealing this scenario as an illusion.

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Mastermind uses his powers to turn the limousine into a boat and then an airplane. From here, the Hellions are thrown out of the plane, before falling to the ground, unconscious. It is then revealed that Mastermind has betrayed both the Hellions and Sinister by turning them over to the X-Men’s old enemy, Arcade.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a mutant has attacked Krakoa. Sinister himself has been typically selfish in his activities. In Hellions # 5, Sinister brought his Hellions to Arakko under false pretenses to collect DNA from Arakko’s mutants. Sinister then killed his own team to hide his deception from the Silent Council.

Other members of the Silent Council have also been deceptive, notably Sebastian Shaw. In Marauders # 6, by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli, Shaw killed Kate Pryde to get her out of the Silent Council. Fortunately, Kate was resurrected and Shaw was severely punished.

Another Silent Council member and former villain, Mystique, also has her own agenda. Raven has only been a part of Krakoa under the assumption that his wife, Destiny, would be resurrected. In Jonathan Hickman and Matteo Buffagni X Men # 6, Precognitive Destiny predicted her own death and told Mystique to burn the X-Men island if she did not resurrect. Other mutant traitors include Omega Red, who was sent as a mole for the vampire nation in Benjamin Percy and Viktor Bogdanovic. Glutton # 1, and the King of Shadows who was revealed to be spying on the younger mutants in Vita Ayala and Rod Reis. New mutants # 14.

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Mystique Destiny burn

Based on all these betrayals, it is clear that not all mutants are on the same page. It was certainly a noble idea for the X-Men to welcome their old enemies to Krakoa in the interest of uniting for a greater cause. However, these various agendas raise serious doubts about the sustainability of the mutant nation. If mutants are unable or unwilling to put aside their own selfish desires, it seems unlikely that they can or will work in unison for the good of their species.

Even more troubling is the fact that many of these troublesome and selfish mutants are on the Silent Council, putting the Krakoan government at risk. The Quiet Council is supposed to represent all mutant humanity. Discord within the Silent Council highlights a larger divide within Krakoa, making mutant harmony less likely as time passes. With so many hidden agendas, it seems that these specific mutants are unwilling to work together for a better future.

Even the most progressive mutants, like Xavier and Magneto, are not the most talkative. For example, both leaders know that Moira X is still alive and in Krakoa, hiding her existence from the other mutants. By hiding the truth about Moira’s life, specifically that mutants are doomed to lose, Xavier and Magneto aren’t exactly sowing the seeds of trust within Krakoa. It’s this secret that has prevented precognitive mutants like Destiny from being resurrected, leading to problems with mutants like Mystique. With so many secrets and lies, it’s hard to see Krakoa remain a mutant haven for long.

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