Xbox Asks Elon Musk To Create A Real-Life Warthog

Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg wants Tesla CEO Elon Musk to make a real-life Halo Warthog using his new Cybertruck as a base.

An executive for Xbox, Aaron Greenberg, is campaigning publicly for Elon Musk to do a real aura Wild pig. Musk, of course, recently became the richest man in the world and is the CEO of many companies such as electric vehicle maker Tesla. The company is currently working on the rollout of a new truck known as the “Cybertruck” that has a retro-future look and theoretically has bulletproof glass. This marks the latest chapter in Elon Musk’s apparent affinity for the gaming community. Now you might be ready to take projects from the virtual world to the real world.

Musk was a fan of Cyberpunk 2077 before its release, even going so far as to make a brief in-game cameo. Musk has also been working to expand how games can reach people for the past few years, allowing gamers to play games like The Wizard, Cyberpunkand more, all from the dashboard of your personal Tesla cars.

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Aaron Greenberg, an Xbox marketing executive, suggested Elon Musk via Twitter (via GameSpot) that the two should team up for a real life Warthog. The truck is one of the most iconic vehicles in the games and has been built in real life multiple times, though never properly for sale. With Elon Musk’s wacky ideas, like selling flamethrowers and the concept of the Cybertruck itself, a true Warthog could become a reality. Imagine a crossover between a Jeep and a Cybertruck (probably minus the turret) like a limited edition Tesla Cybertruck.

The measure would be a good promotion for Infinite Halo, which is scheduled to arrive in late 2021. It may be a short notice to build a complete car, but the Cybertruck itself is scheduled to launch at the same time with another model launching in late 2022. It is possible if Microsoft agrees to help work with Tesla on the project, they could easily set it up for 2022.

Over the years, fans have made their own Warthogs from downsized vehicles. Also made a higher budget set of Warthogs for Neill Blomkamp’s canceled aura film that would have been produced by Peter Jackson. The working replicas were produced by Weta Workshop, who are known for their work in films such as The Lord of the rings, King kongY Mad Max: Fury Road. Whether or not a Elon musk-Done Warthog really comes to fruition remains to be seen. The CEO likes to do creative and risky things that relate to his personal interests, so it is very possible that he will approach Xbox to start developing the idea of ​​the car.

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Source: Aaron Greenberg (via GameSpot)

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