Yesterday’s movie parody imagines a white man as the only one who remembers Tupac

A parody of Yesterday humorously imagines what it would be like if a white man were the only one who knew Tupac Shakur, the influential rap icon.

A TikTok parody of Yesterday imagine a scenario where a white man is the only one who remembers Tupac. Yesterday starring Himesh Patel as a musician in distress who, after a massive global blackout, suddenly discovers that he is the only person who remembers the music of the Beatles. He rises to stardom by taking credit for the Fab Four songs, but finds himself struggling to balance his newfound fame with the pursuit of his love interest, Ellie (Lily James). Released in 2019, the film received mixed reviews upon its release and was only a minor box office success. Still, many found its core concept particularly interesting, and savvy TikTokkers have been offering their own spin on the idea.

TikTok duo pax and pearce slanted Yesterdaypremise showing what it would be like if a white man were the only person who remembered the famous songs of Tupac Shakur. The video humorously shows how unfortunate the man is to learn of the influential but often graphic songs of the gangster rap icon despite being “the whitest guy in the world.” It shows him trying to sing Tupac’s hit single “California Love” and struggling to ask his friend to sing his rap songs. Check out pax and pearce’s TikTok parody Here.

Himesh Patel and Lily James in the film Yesterday 2019

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The popular social media platform has long been a fertile ground for hilarious shots from movies and TV shows, many of which feature impressive special effects. The parodies that have achieved the most exposure generally involve the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including a recent twist on the show-within-a-show concept from WandaVision. College student Julian Bass even gained the attention of former Disney boss Bob Iger when he paid tribute to his most beloved heroes. Although Yesterday long forgotten since its launch, pax and pearce’s TikTok demonstrates how the internet’s creative playground can revive any piece of pop culture.

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Source: pax and pearce / TikTok

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