the Yu-Gi-Oh! The anime series is iconic in many ways, so much so that it has its own shortened parody series on YouTube. Yu-Gi-Oh !: The Shortened Series is a parody that cuts out episodes and duels with re-recorded dialogue that is hilarious and makes fun of both the show and pop culture.

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Most of the humor comes from the characters themselves, who essentially act like caricatures of their actual versions of the show itself. All the characters are hilarious, but some are much funnier than others.

10 Most of the villains

Pegasus, Noah, and Dartz are fun to watch. Dartz’s henchmen, especially Rafael, are great too. However, none of them are as good as the rest of the main cast.

Of all of them, Pegasus is probably the most fun, while Dartz is the least entertaining. The abbreviated series it does a good job of making the villains completely inept, harmless.

9 Bakura

YuGiOh Yami Bakura

Bakura still hasn’t had her time to shine on YGOTAS, as his season 5 arc has yet to be summarized. However, he is quite mocked by the show for being a supporting character in every other season of the show thus far.

He’s also basically in a relationship with Marik at this point, who is adorably evil. If we couldn’t have an evil duo on the actual show, then The abbreviated series Is the best option.

8 Marik

YuGiOh Yami Marik

In addition to his aforementioned relationship with Bakura, which alone makes him a fun character to watch, Marik worries about being as evil as possible all the time on the show, whether his plans make a lot of sense or not. His army of rare hunters, known as Steves in The abbreviated series, they are as inept as him.

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While it would have been nice to see Marik get more screen time as he’s only present for one arc, his screen time is less than the rest of the cast, earning him this spot on the list.

7 Mokuba

Seto Kaiba Mokuba Yu-Gi-Oh

Mokuba spends all his time in The abbreviated series doing two things, getting kidnapped (which, to be fair, also happens in the anime) and fighting for the love of Kaiba, who has a new catchphrase in The abbreviated series, “Shut up Mokuba.”

Mokuba gives everything to Kaiba only to be constantly pushed aside for money or dragons, specifically those of the Blue-Eyes variety. Poor, poor Mokuba.

6 Joey

Joey Wheeler Pointy Chin Yu-Gi-Oh

Joey’s ineptitude is played out considerably in The abbreviated seriessince you have no idea basically all the time. He is also known for his “Brooklyn Rage” on the show, as is carried by his wildly thick accent.

While Joey is a lot of fun to watch, the rest of the main cast is a bit funnier than his character, earning him a middle place on the list.

5 Kaiba

The abbreviated series Kaiba’s version is quite similar to his actual incarnation. He is completely obsessed with being number one in a children’s card game and loves dragons as much as he loves money.

The show brings out those aspects of his character, but also gives him a pretty strong disdain for Mokuba in the process, which isn’t exactly undeserved. Mokuba brings absolutely nothing to KaibaCorp. Kaiba is also responsible for one of the most famous quotes in the series, “To hell with the rules, I have money!” It sure does.

4 may

Mai with Ra's winged dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh!

In the actual anime, all of Mai’s victories are relegated to off-screen duels with little fanfare, she literally loses everything on screen, and is constantly used for fan service quite blatantly. Of course, The abbreviated series teases Mai with these two aspects of her character.

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The fourth season notoriously changed Mai’s voice actress in the anime and consequently she suffers the same with a major personality change in The abbreviated series that’s fun to watch fall.

3 Yugi

YuGiOh Yugi Muto

Yugi’s character is fantastic in The abbreviated series, since he is basically a boy and Atem is his father. The two are constantly arguing and they really don’t seem to have such a strong relationship.

Atem is also relentlessly sarcastic and makes fun of basically everyone he duels. To top it off, he has a kind of secret friendship with Kaiba that, let’s face it, they also have in real anime.

2 Tristan

YuGiOh Tristan Taylor

Joey could be dumb The abbreviated series, but Tristan is on another level. He’s a complete jerk, literally, every time he appears on screen, and he’s great.

He never has a clue what is going on, and he enhances any scene in which he appears with his disorientation. Tristan is fantastic and is only slightly beaten by the number 1 character on the list.

one Tea

Tea and Dark Magician Girl due to Crump Yu-Gi-Oh!

Tea is a gem in The abbreviated series. He makes “friendship” speeches that last for hours, makes sure to be as irrelevant as possible at all times, and his voice is so funny.

The show constantly pokes fun at Tea’s actual dialogue whenever it can, and it’s a home run every time. Tea is easily the most entertaining character in the whole world. Abbreviated series.

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