10 adorable Asuna and Kirito cosplay that will melt your heart

It wasn’t love at first sight for Kirito and Asuna. They find themselves in less than pleasant circumstances, trapped in SAO’s MMORPG (Sword Art Online) with the threat of death hanging over their heads. Kirito keeps his distance when it comes to other players, but especially Asuna as they tend to rub each other in the wrong way. Asuna’s tsundere personality doesn’t help at all, but her cooking skills help offset her hot / cold behavior.

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Kirito is known as a solo player, but Asuna maneuvers into a party with him. When Kirito finds himself flirting with death, it is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving Asuna that gives him strength. Forced to confront the feelings that he has gradually accumulated for Asuna, Kirito lets her know his intentions by asking her to marry him. Together, they are the image of a powerful couple, making it easier for cosplay fans to focus on their sweetest moments and recreate them.

10 Those who kill together, stay together

cosplay star

The beginning of Kirito and Asuna’s relationship begins in battle. Kirito tries his best to just SAOBut when he joins Asuna, he discovers that cleaning dungeons and fighting monsters is easier than before. While his attacking stance may have him on edge, his ability to synchronize his movements is enough to let fans know that these two make the perfect match.

With Paya Cosplay like Asuna and Snowblind cosplay Like Kirito, the two of them are ready to go into battle. The support, coordinated attack, and armor they provide for each other throughout the series is just the beginning of their compatibility.

9 The real Kabe-don

Affection comes naturally in this couple. Although both are ashamed of their intimacy, both are happy in each other’s embrace. Cosplayer couple kasui_cos accurately expresses Asuna and Kirito’s romantic feelings in the famous kabe-don move.

Expressing your love through a kiss here or there is normal for the couple, and although their faces darken in the gesture, the surroundings in this cosplay accurately capture the world of SAO, giving this cosplay an air of authority behind the passion of the couple.

8 Lap pillow innocence

cosplay star

Kirito and Asuna take time away from the front to enjoy life, despite the threat of death hanging over their heads. They play in the desert and even go as far as helping another player catch a monster fish from a lake!

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Relaxing in dire circumstances is easier said than done, but with the affection they have for each other, the couple strives to enjoy each other’s company. Cosplayer yukirichan captures Asuna’s caring demeanor when it comes to her beloved Kirito, especially when he tries to wrap his fingers around her.

7 Let me whisper in your ear

cosplay star

When Kirito beats SAOOnly he returns to the real world while Asuna continues to live within the server of ALfheim Online, another MMORPG. Believing Asuna to be trapped, Kirito wastes no time gathering information and traversing the foreign landscape of the new video game.

Cosplayer sabinka921 like Asuna and rune while Kirito shows how heartbreaking their time apart was, and how bittersweet their reunion is, especially since there was no guarantee that Asuna would survive after the collapse of SAO. Knowing that this destined couple is together is enough to make the heart go doki-doki.

6 Take my hand, Asuna!


The give and take between this couple are the goals of the relationship. Although Kirito acted confidently toward Asuna, he always acted chivalrous toward her. As their time together increased, so did Kirito’s attention to Asuna. However, with Asuna’s tsundere personality, Kirito had to get around her hot / cold demeanor.

Cosplayer Izumi-lee he happily takes Kirito’s hand, ready to trust him no matter where he plans to take her. This inherent trust becomes the crux of their relationship, especially during battles where the threat of death draws ever closer to their hearts and minds.

5 I’m sure we will meet again

The collapse of SAO and Asuna and Kirito’s unknown future is heartbreaking. They believe in each other, and during the final moments of SAO server, Kirito and Asuna refuse to allow this to be their last meeting. After all, they’ve been through fear, heartbreak, despair, through thick and thin, this couple is unwilling to let the world of a video game determine their ultimate fate.

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Sakurahime cosplayer immortalizes the moment between hope and despair as the couple tries to hold on to their faith and love for each other after their impending separation.

4 If we go down, we go down together

Having your partner’s back, although not explicitly romantic, is a gesture linked to a deeper intimacy. It takes complete and total trust, and Kirito and Asuna have that and much more between them. Although they have SAO Thank you for giving them the opportunity to meet, is in less than unpleasant circumstances.

Cosplayer inuyanna It is the image of Asuna as she takes her place beside Kirito and prepares to defend him in battle. Kirito is heard saying later in the series that Asuna is faster than him when it comes to the sword. It is definitely a relationship where they kill together and stay together through all the obstacles and difficulties that come their way.

3 Walking on the rain

Sharing an umbrella in a downpour is sure to bring any couple closer together, and a kiss on the forehead with the patter of rain is a romantic gesture that fans around the world swoon over.

The innocence in that single notion creates an intoxicating contrast between the ruthless characters driven by battle and the innocence of their budding love. Renacosplayer like Asuna and Konomi Eru Kirito seems to be in his own world in the rain as they huddle under the umbrella to protect themselves from the storm.

2 The Kirigaya family

While within the SAO server, Asuna and Kirito come across a boy wandering through the forest when he faints. With no memory, the couple take care of Yui and help her regain her memories. However, Yui has started calling Asuna and Kirito mom and dad, and thus the two become her pseudo parents.

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Yui turns out to be a mental health program and part of the SAO world. Even though she is eliminated from the system, Kirito saves her heart so that one day they can meet again. Cosplayers sabinka921 like Asuna, This is my life like Yui-MHCP001, and rune as Kirito expresses the happy and heartwarming family the three of them have become.

one Always Forever…

In real life, Kirito and Asuna have not officially married, even though they were considered married inside. SAO. They each continue to wear the rings that indicate their commitment to each other, but their union was only officially recognized on one game server. Their hearts are intertwined in a way that defies the limits of any human legality.

Eli-cosplay She is the dazzling bride, and she looks like the way Asuna would look all in white. Even under the veil, Asuna’s beauty shines through as she prepares to begin the rest of her life with Kirito. It’s the healthy ending that fans of the SAO The series fervently believes that this destined couple is met.

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