10 anime to stream on Netflix if you are a fan of My Hero Academia

My hero academia Based on the manga of the same name, it is one of the most popular anime titles currently streaming on Netflix. With four seasons so far, the anime’s narrative revolves around Izuku Midoriya, a boy with a passion for superheroes and who wishes to be one of them. Despite the fact that he himself has no superpowers as such, he still enrolls in a distinguished high school that provides the required training for superheroes.

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The franchise has even spawned two movies and continues to accumulate a cult following to date. Due to its popularity, it encapsulates several beloved anime tropes such as high school drama, a fascination with super-powered beings, and an underdog hero.

10 One hit man

Of course, an easy anime choice in the superhero genre would be One hit man. A strangely hilarious satire of the genre as a whole, One hit man chronicles the adventures of Saitama, a hero capable of defeating most of his adversaries with a single blow. Unable to find a worthy opponent, he tries to distance himself from the other flashy superheroes dominating Japan.

His android ally and protégé Genos often aids him on his missions, most of which accidentally reach Saitama. As the titular One-Punch Man, Saitama exemplifies the exhaustion he faces as an extremely powerful but unappreciated hero.

9 Haikyu

A Haikyu alembic

A trending sports drama HaikyuThe protagonist also shares the disadvantaged aspirations of My hero academialead. Haikyu primarily focuses on a volleyball team and the trials and tribulations of Shōyō Hinata, a boy determined to emerge as a volleyball champion despite his short stature.

With four seasons so far, Haikyu is often featured in top new-age anime picks from critics everywhere, and even professional volleyball players themselves have had an overwhelmingly positive response to the series. As a South Korean volleyball player Kim Yeon-kyuong states: The creators of the show appear to have “a high level of knowledge of volleyball.”

8 Food wars

Food wars

Food wars follows a similar routine to other high school anime, with the setting transferred to an elite culinary school. The protagonist wishes not only to surpass his classmates, but also his own father, who serves as a high-profile chef. Instead of heavy battles and fighting tournaments, the show makes use of several over-dramatic cooking championships.

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Definitely an anime intended for mature audiences, mainly due to its highly sexual connotations, Food Wars is an increasingly surreal take on its original material and is arguably one of the funniest anime of recent times. So of course the visuals on the dishes are a feast for the eyes.

7 Assassination classroom

With one of the most original places, Assassination classroom it is based on hyperviolence and deadpan humor to weave a very united show that makes it the perfect material for bingeing. An extraterrestrial being forms the center of the story, as he plans to destroy all of humanity, offering an ultimatum of one year.

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In this year, the creature is ready to teach a group of high school students all the ways they can assassinate him. Although it uses some familiar exaggerated cliches, Assassination classroom it still builds on depth in terms of its story and ends with a very satisfying series finale.

6 The Irregular at Magic High School

ragged in high school magic characters

As is evident from the title, this anime relies heavily on magic as a driving factor. Nevertheless, The Irregular at Magic High School is set in an era where magic is viewed as a real technological force rather than the stuff of folklore and imagination.

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The society of this era trains its wizards in the titular magic school which often classifies students as Blooms and Weeds. The first category includes wannabes with the highest marks, while those with poor academic performance are seen as the Weeds. When a brother-sister duo join this school in different capacities, intense interpersonal drama ensues.

5 Elite classroom

A ruthless school based on merit serves as the backdrop for the elite’s titular classroom in this anime that has traces of romance and comedy. Focusing on a student named Kiyotaka, the show also acts like a coming-of-age drama as he faces pressure from his peers to perform at his best in an already rigorous state-sponsored educational system.

Elite classroom It belongs to the pantheon of those animes that are based on real life drama rather than fantasy. Finally, Kiyatoka’s inferiority complex prompts him to improve the academic performance of his classmates so that his class can be a level above the other sections.

4 Naruto

NarutoThe influence in the anime world is so paramount that you don’t have to be an anime fan to recognize its iconic character. In its original execution (2002-2007), Naruto He dealt with the struggles of teenage ninja Naruto Uzumaki as he struggled to become the Hokage, a title bestowed upon the strongest ninja in his village.

While Naruto Y Naruto shippuden have had an engaged global fan base, Naruto also serves as a perfect first watch for those viewers who are just learning anime. With over 220 episodes, the first variant of the series produces a vast mythology and tends to become addictive as the episodes progress.

3 Little witch academy

4. Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

A Netflix original, Little witch academy is very similar to My hero academia not just in terms of its title, but also its overall story. The show takes place in a wizarding school where girls undergo a course to hone their magical skills and emerge as certified witches.

The central character, Akko, craves to join the school even though she has no powers of her own. When he finds a magical relic from the past, his destiny changes forever. Little witch academy It can be contrasted with other magical-themed anime, as the general public shows a redundant attitude towards magic. It’s only characters like Akko who wish to see magic as more than just an outdated art.

two Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100Shigeo is reminiscent of One punch manSaitama. Although unlike Saitama’s muscular strength, Shigeo relies on his brain. He is a high school student trying to lead a normal life despite his ever-growing psychic powers. So, a self-proclaimed psychic with no real powers ends up serving as Shigeo’s mentor, offering him more clarity in life.

The anime also tends to focus on human elements, as the protagonist is seen as an ordinary teenager who only wishes to talk to the girl he likes, rather than using his powers to save the world. His land-based approach, coupled with a moving story about coming of age, makes Mob Psycho 100 a joyful anime to watch in excess.

1 hunter X hunter

Like most of the anime series on this list, the main character of Hunter X Hunter you want to be the best in your field of interest. Gon Freecss is a boy whose passion lies in searching for treasures and exotic living creatures. When he discovers that his estranged father is one of those renowned Treasure Hunters, he sets out to become the best Hunter in the world.

On Netflix, the current and most popular version of Hunter X Hunter is available for streaming. This series that aired from 2011 to 2014 is actually a remake of the 1999 series of the same name. Fans of the original have often praised the remake, even praising the improved character development.

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