The show Gilmore Girls ended its original run nearly fourteen years ago, yet the series is as relevant as it was in 2007. Even after a revival that received a decidedly more varied reception than anyone expected, the stories of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore continue to enchant. to the viewers. In fact, the show seems to have found a second life on Netflix, along with a whole new audience.

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Of the 153 episodes, there are a few that are so iconic to the show, that almost certainly every fan has seen them more than once. Whether they feature a vital plot twist, or perhaps a memorable scene, these ten episodes represent the most iconic Gilmore Girls moments.

10 Pilot – 1×01

Lorelai and Rory in Gilmore Girl's Pilot

The first episode of any series is sure to be instantly memorable. After all, it’s the reason you start watching the show in the first place and Gilmore GirlThe pilot is no exception. It presents all the plots that would become vital to the show’s existence and effectively establishes what is at stake for each character.

The quirky city of Stars Hollow makes its debut, along with most of the main characters. Above all, the show welcomes its particular brand of insanity, a mix of fast-paced pop culture references and heartfelt emotion that made it one of the most refreshing and original shows of the 2000s.

9 You jump, I jump, Jack 5×07

One of the most important episodes in the relationship between Rory and Logan, “You Jump, I Jump, Jack” features Rory going to one of the events of the Life and Death Squad. Attending as a reporter, she is destined to be just an observer. However, Logan convinces her to participate in the final activity, a dangerous but fascinating maneuver that leaves Rory in awe.

Elsewhere, Emily and Richard find out about Lorelai and Luke’s relationship. They each invite you to hang out with them, Richard at the golden field and Emily at dinner on Friday night. Luke is overwhelmed, finally understanding what he’s getting into.

8 The Festival of Living Art – 4×07

Lorelai in

One of the most technically impressive episodes of the show, “The Festival of Living Art” focuses on one of the most outlandish and unique events in Stars Hollow. The titular festival involves citizens of the city recreating famous works of art in breathtakingly realistic ways.

Lorelai portrays beauty in Renoir’s “Dance at Bougival,” a role she ruined the last time the festival was held. Sookie goes into labor during Lorelai’s performance, but old Gilmore manages to maintain her composure long enough for the festival to be a triumph.

7 We Have Magic to Do – 6×05

Rory is tasked with organizing a last minute DAR fundraiser and chooses a WWII theme. Paris goes broke and is forced to take a job as a waiter at the party, and Mitchum and Shira Huntzberger show up without warning. Meanwhile, Miss Patty celebrates the 28th anniversary of her ballet school with a dance recital.

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The episode is very well remembered for the clashes between Richard and Mitchum, and Emily and Shira. The first takes place in the bathroom and Richard is visibly upset, raises his voice and turns red with anger. The second, however, occurs at the table, where Emily delivers a scathing takedown of Shira in which the Gilmore matriarch lets her know that Rory and Logan will continue to see each other despite her objections.

6 Those Are Strings, Pinocchio – 3×22

Rory Gilmore in

The third season finale, “Those Are Strings, Pinocchio” features Rory’s graduation from Chilton, where she acts as the top student. She delivers an emotional and powerful speech in which she praises her grandparents and mother, thanking them for the wonderful life they have had.

Rory finally ends his relationship with Jess, after he leaves for New York without telling her. Lorelai deals with the aftermath of the fire that completely destroys the Independence Inn, and the two Gilmore Girls prepare for their long-awaited backpacking trip through Europe.

5 Wedding Bell Blues – 5×13

Richard and Emilys First Dance - Gilmore Girls

After months apart, Richard and Emily finally reconcile and decide to renew their vows. Lorelai acts as the maid of honor, while Rory plays the role of best man. Things quickly turn dramatic when Christopher shows up, encouraged by Emily, and gets drunk. Logan also attends the wedding on a date, which makes Rory jealous.

The episode marks a turning point for various relationships. Rory and Logan begin their adventure untethered, Lorelai and Luke suffer a serious blow to their engagement when Christopher tries to get in the way between them, and Lorelai seemingly ends her relationship with her mother.

4 They shoot Gilmores, right? – 3×07

Rory and Lorelai Gilmore in a dance at Gilmore Girls

Stars Hollow’s annual 24-hour dance marathon brings trouble for Gilmore girls. Lorelai is determined to win the competition, especially after Kirk has beaten her for the past five years. Rory and Jess spend all their time arguing with each other, much to the chagrin of an increasingly desperate Dean.

“They shoot Gilmores, right?” It is best remembered as the episode where Rory and Dean break up, and Rory and Jess officially begin their relationship. A subplot of the episode also features an alarmed Sookie trying to make sense of Jackson’s desire to have “four out of four,” that is, four children in four years.

3 Teach Me Tonight 2×19

Rory and Jess in

When Luke worries about Jess failing in his high school year, he asks Rory to tutor the headstrong teenager, thinking that she will positively influence him. Lorelai is against it, but Rory still agrees. Their tutoring session ends badly when Jess convinces Rory to go for ice cream, only to end up crashing his car to avoid hitting a deer.

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Lorelai then overreacts and yells at Luke, blaming him not only for the car accident but also for Jess’s presence in Stars Hollow. The episode ends when the two Gilmores learn that Jess has left town, encouraged by a disappointed Luke. “Teach Me Tonight” also features the premiere of Kirk’s unforgettable short film Lynchian, aptly titled “A Kirk Movie.”

two Raincoats and recipes – 4×22

Lorelai and Luke in Gilmore Girls: Raincoats and Recipes - 4x22

The season four finale features Lorelai preparing for the Dragonfly Inn opening, auditioning, and inviting friends and family. She also begins to suspect that Luke’s intentions towards her might be serious, and things get even more confusing when Jason shows up unannounced.

Emily and Richard, at the height of their marriage crisis, attend the audition and their daughter tricks them into spending time together. Lorelai soon discovers, however, that her problems are far worse than she imagined. Rory and Dean take their relationship to the next level and sleep together, even though he is still married. Lorelai discovers them and confronts Rory, which leads to the first big fight between them.

1 Friday Night Is Ok To Fight – 6×13

Lorelai, Rory, Emily and Richard in Gilmore Girls: Friday Night's Alright For Fighting - 6x13

The entire “Rory leaves Yale” saga finally ends after Rory receives a much-needed wake-up call from Jess. He reconciles with his mother and returns to school, damaging his relationship with his grandparents in the process. When Lorelai lets the older Gilmores know that Christopher will start paying for Yale, resentment begins to build.

Things come to a heated end when the four Gilmores expose their feelings over a cathartic and intense Friday night dinner. By putting their problems on the table, they can finally overcome their problems and heal their relationship in the process. The scene ranks as one of the series’ most memorable moments, and is an acting tour-de-force for everyone involved, the perfect reminder of how, at its best, Gilmore Girls it was the perfect mix of comedy and drama.

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