10 DC characters who resented Batman (and why)

In the DC universe, it must be said, Batman is not one of the most beloved superheroes. His dark demeanor and often gloomy personality mean that even other superheroes have a hard time liking the Masked Crusader, including Judge Dredd and others who sometimes work with him directly.

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As Gotham’s vigilante knight, he draws villains and criminals from all angles, and many have made it their personal mission to try to take him down. It is the natural antagonism of the good boy against the bad boy. However, for some villains and superheroes, when it comes to the Bat, feelings become personal and resentment arises.

10 Dick Grayson hates Batman for turning him into a weapon in the tv series

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson / Robin in Teen Titans takes a distinctly darker approach to the character than the comics as a rule. There, Grayson remains an ally of Batman. But, in the Teen Titans series, he has a deep resentment for Batman for taking him in as a child and teaching him how to become a violent vigilante like him. He’s scared of becoming as dark and dysfunctional as Bruce Wayne. It’s valid meat, really, but along with Bruce’s upbringing, Dick has a habit of making his own bad decisions.

9 Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot hates all roads because of his family’s misfortune

Her parents, Tucker and Miranda Cobblepot, were part of Gotham’s wealthy elite at one point. His brothers die mysteriously, as does his father, leaving Oswald with his loving mother. But as his family’s wealth diminished, Wayne’s fortune increased in Gotham society. Oswald, already rejected by his own family for his uncomfortable appearance, developed a resentment towards the Wayne and Bruce, his heir. When his mother also dies, he is left with an expensive taste and a way to satisfy them: a life of crime.

8 Professor Hugo Strange developed a fixation for Batman

As a psychiatrist, Professor Hugo Strange claimed to have studied the Batman character from a distance. He was successful enough to discover his secret identity as Bruce Wayne. But, what might have started out as a professional interest soon turned into massive resentment and an obsession with trying to defeat Batman, even to somehow take his place. Since his first appearance in the 1930s, he has been very offended by Batman’s interference in his plans.

7 Roman Sionis resented Wayne and Bruce’s rescue

Roman zion

Roman Sionis was a troubled rich kid growing up in Gotham. He came to resent and hate his parents and his social circle, which included Thomas and Martha Wayne. After burning the family home and killing his parents, he inherited a company that led to bankruptcy. Humiliated by the failure of his business, he accepted a ransom from Wayne Enterprises, one that demanded his resignation. He became the criminal mastermind of Black Mask shortly after.

6 Simon Hurt is really Thomas Wayne, the Bruce-hating ancestor

Simon Hurt, or Doctor Hurt, has a complicated history. He is an ancestor of Bruce, born in the 18th century. He comes into contact with the Hyper-Adapter, a being sent by Darkseid to hunt down and kill Batman.

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He teams up with Thomas Wayne, who lives through the centuries and carries his animosity towards Bruce Wayne, eventually becoming Dr. Simon Hurt, head of Willowood Asylum and head of the Black Glove criminal organization in secret. Various plots ensue to discredit the Wayne family and thwart Bruce / Batman.

5 Oliver North resents Batman’s politics and attitude

green arrow pointing gun

Oliver North, Green Arrow, is rich and loves gadgets, just like Bruce Wayne. They are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, not to mention personality, but despite their squabbles, they are often allies working together. However, in their joint Justice League adventures, the friction between the two becomes clear. At Edited miniseries, it is revealed that Batman doesn’t consider Green Lantern to be superhero enough to come up with one of his infamous contingency plans for him, so perhaps Green Lantern’s resentment is justified.

4 Bruce inherited Tommy Elliot’s resentment towards Thomas Wayne

“Ah, but we both know that our play is not over, Bruce. And eventually, I will emerge as the hero of our bitter comedy.” Tommy Elliot was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. However, Tommy came from an abusive family and tried to kill his parents by cutting the brake lines on their car when he was 10 years old. Thomas Wayne saved his mother, leading Tommy to hate him. That resentment was transferred to Bruce after he became convinced that Bruce had conspired with his mother to humiliate him. Tommy became Hush, Batman’s recurring antagonist.

3 Guy Gardner thought he should have directed JL

In 1987, the Justice League was reformed. With Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash busy on their own series at the time, he left Batman, Guy Gardner’s Green Lantern, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, and a few other lesser-known superheroes on the team.

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Guy Gardner assumed he would be cast as the leader, but it went to Batman. That was the beginning of the bitterness and resentment that would occasionally flare up between the two, including a fist fight that Batman easily and shamefully won.

2 Arkham Knight holds a grudge against the bat

Astrid Arkham was born during a riot at the famous prison, and while prisoners like Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn came to help her mother Ingrid, a stray Batarang ends up killing her. Astrid grows up and befriends the Arkham inmates and develops a deep grudge against Batman, whom she blames for her mother’s death. He also comes to sympathize with the inmates of Arkham, increasing his ill will against Batman. She becomes the villainous Arkham Knight and founds a criminal cult called Knights of the Sun dedicated to ridding Gotham of Batman.

one Commissioner Ellen Yindel reluctantly accepts Batman … in the end

Commissioner Ellen Yindel

Detective Ellen Yin from the television series The Batman was based on the character Ellen Yindel, a GCPD police officer who becomes commissioner after Jim Gordon retires in the comics Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again. , and The Dark Knight Returns Parts 1 and 2 animated movies. What both characters share is a deep suspicion of Batman’s motives and a resentment over his role as vigilante. They both eventually realize that Gotham City needs Batman, even if they still oppose his methods.

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