10 DC Heroes faster than Quicksilver

Quicksilver is arguably one of the fastest characters in Marvel canon. He can run at speeds of around Mach 3, which has helped him in battle countless times. Although he started out as an antagonist, he served in the Avengers, helped the X-Men, and even served in the Inhuman faction.

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In addition to running at superhuman speeds, Quicksilver can also think at high speeds. It can process information and react at a much higher rate than even the best metahumans. It has been launched from buildings at such a speed that it has reached airplanes, and it is much more difficult for telepaths to affect it due to the speeds it reaches.

10 Barry Allen

Death Metal Flash Barry Allen

Barry Allen is by far the best known sprinter and is often referred to as the “fastest man alive.” He’s basically built the book in superspeed, though surprisingly he’s not the fastest man in the DC Universe.

Nonetheless, Allen made superspeed in the comics what it is today. Quicksilver has been programmed as its Marvel counterpart, but there is no comparison between the two, to be blunt. He has an unthinkable connection to the speed force, which is why he is almost always capable of surpassing any other sprinter.

9 Reverse flash

Reverse Flash DC Comics

Eobard Thawne is possibly the Flash’s best known enemy. Not only is he the inspiration for his namesake, but the two often mirror each other. His skills are pretty standard for a DC speedster, but his lack of morality often tips the brink of battle.

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Although Quicksilver is not afraid of playing dirty, Thawne originated by playing dirty. His cunning and manipulative nature would allow him to think three steps ahead, and he’s not afraid to break some ankles if necessary.

8 Superman

Superman is often programmed as “faster than a speeding bullet” and his years as a hero have proven this claim ten times. He has kept up with Flash and even beat him up on a few occasions. Although Superman may be a bit overpowered by this fight, Quicksilver should consider it an honor and a challenge.

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Superman only gains his abilities while under the light of a red sun, so maybe Quicksilver would have a shot if there was an eclipse. Either way, power or not, Clark Kent won’t give up.

7 Hermes

As a messenger of the Olympian gods, one has to be the fastest there is, and Hermes is just that. His winged sandals allow him to traverse the land, fight gods and demons, and even face the Flash himself in the Injustice Serie.

Quicksilver may be fast, but he’s no match for the literal god of speed. Hermes has countless lives worth the experience of, and if the two ever come into contact, Quicksilver is more than likely to be found on your butt.

6 Amazo

Created by Professor Ivo to gain immortality, Amazo became a giant in his own right. His ability to mimic the powers of his opponents has pitted him against the combined efforts of the entire Justice League.

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He has also evolved to retain particular abilities despite not being close to the original character. One of those powers is Flash’s speed, which Amazo wields with relative ease. If Quicksilver couldn’t beat Flash, there is no way this Android will perform any worse.

5 Black runner

As Avatar of Death, Black Racer can kill with a single touch. Your skis, which can travel at the speed of light, are even capable of transporting you through the airless vacuum of space. Their numerous run-ins with The Flash have often put them at odds, although they are hardly comparable. He’s an off-road master, not limited by the ground underfoot.

Quicksilver has surpassed many opponents in his tenure as Avenger, although it is important to note that he was never an acolyte of death. Even if Black Racer didn’t finish everything with one tap, there’s no way Quicksilver can move his legs faster than the Racer’s skis.

4 General Zod

General Zod, Ursa and her son, Lor-Zod

General Zod is another Kryptonian with an incredible degree of experience. He has long been an enemy of Superman, operating as a radical ghost from a long dead planet. While exposed to a red sun, he gains the same power set as Superman while still possessing his years of combat and strategy.

He can fly and run as fast as Superman, so it goes without saying that he would easily flip Quicksilver a few times. Not to mention he’s crazy, so he would undoubtedly play dirty. Having a Kryptonian slam you against the side of a building isn’t exactly how you win a race, but maybe Pietro would have some cheeky moves.

3 Wonder Woman

Not many people would consider Wonder Woman one of DC’s speedy characters. However, it has shown impressive bursts of speed when needed. Wonder Woman can dodge and deflect bullets, which on average travel at around 1,8000 mph. Not only that, but having trained with characters like Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman is ready for anything.

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Her years of conditioning as a warrior have increased her reaction speed to enormous heights. Although she may not be DC’s fastest hero by far, her versatility and maneuverability make her a worthy contender for Quicksilver. He can surpass her in sheer power, but surely she could surpass him if need be.

2 Jay garrick

Although Jay Garrick is a bit older than most sprinters, he still has what it takes to run in circles around most heroes and villains. He laid the groundwork for most other speedsters, building a knowledge of the Speed ​​Force that was undeniably useful for Barry’s tenure.

Quicksilver is perhaps in his prime, and while he has been able to achieve impressive speeds, Jay Garrick has surpassed him in experience. He has a higher degree of knowledge to draw from and a better understanding of his powers. In addition, its safe helmet is aerodynamic.

one Wally west

Barry Allen is perhaps the most famous Flash, but he’s certainly not the fastest. Wally West is the undisputed king of the Speed ​​Force. Having once been trapped in the Speed ​​Force, Wally has built an almost spiritual connection with her.

It can travel at far greater speeds than its predecessors, all of which could already beat Quicksilver. Wally West traveled 7,000 miles in just over six seconds, a feat that would take Quicksilver much longer.

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