10 Disney properties that deserve proper video game adaptations

Whether it’s a sports movie, a big-budget sci-fi epic, or a simple cheesy animal movie, there are so many movies that it could easily become a video game. There are so many Disney properties that would make great video games for many reasons, but mainly because of how movies work so hard at building vast worlds, and it would be an absolute dream to explore them freely.

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Between dense animated worlds, live-action adventure movies, and sometimes both, in the hands of the right developer, these Disney IPs would be some of the most exciting video games of the generation.

10 Break up ralph

Given the Break up ralph it is already based on video games, it only makes sense to turn the movie into a video game. It would be great to roam freely on the extension cord, going from one set to another via the power cords.

The game could be made up of tons of smaller minigames, like the kart racing game where players can control Vanellope, and the first person shooter game where players control Sergeant Calhoun and of course, Break up ralph itself. And although there are many things that do not make sense in the movie, they could all be explained in a video game.

9 Mulan

Being one of the best action movies of 2020, there are few other Disney movies that would make a video game more exciting. There is a distinct lack of female leads in video games, and when there is a female lead, she is often not shown the respect she deserves.

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Nevertheless, Mulan It could change all of that as the character is a fierce warrior and would add some important representation that is often lacking in the gaming industry. Not only that, but since Mulan is an Imperial soldier, the movie would make a great third-person shooter. And players could control the amazing fight scenes themselves, which is one of the things fans of animated movies wish it hadn’t changed.

8 Atlantis: the lost empire

In the moment of Atlantis: the lost empire Development, Disney was completely in the business of animated musicals, as that was what was popular at the time. But the people who work in Atlantis He led the production of the film with the motto “less songs, more explosions”, which is one of the interesting facts of the film.

And that’s exactly why it would make a great video game. It would be something similar to Nobody’s heaven, as it is a space adventure in which the protagonist meets tons of different life forms and visits fantastic places.

7 John carter

John carter It’s one of the movie’s failures that should have been a hit, but despite this, the movie had an elevated concept about a man ending up on a barren planet run by 12 foot creatures.

The movie already sounds like a video game, as the best games releasing right now follow a similar structure, be it Zero Dawn Horizon or Demon Souls 3. Given that the movie was a flop, it’s the least likely of the Disney movies to ever get a video game, but it certainly would have been better if it were.

6 Tron

Kevin Flynn (Tron)

Tron already has a strong relationship with the world of video games, as the original 80s movie was inspired by arcade game Stink, and the movie itself has inspired a host of smaller online flash games. But there has never been a complete video game based on the movie.

As Tron It’s one of the forgotten 80s sci-fi movies that was great, it showed how great a video game could be almost 40 years ago. And the 2010 sequel might have been disappointing, but at least it showed some amazing visuals and the whole concept of Tron fundamentally it works better as a video game than as a movie.

5 Cool runnings

There are sports games that are released annually with very little change. This leaves room for an exciting new genre game, and Cool runnings it could be just that.

The movie may be decades old at this point, but the movie and its message are timeless. And the idea of ​​gamers controlling a sled downhill at 150 kilometers per hour is a sense of speed unmatched in any video game.

4 Zootopia

Given the Zootopia It has such a detailed environment with a living economy that breathes, there are so many possibilities of where a video game connection could go. There are so many hidden details in the real city of Zootopia that discovering them in an open world game would be so exciting.

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A family Grand Theft Auto-The type of game is surely all that parents want, as instead of running over pedestrians in a sports car, players are keeping lazy people from speeding through town. There are also so many fascinating locations in the movie that they only ask to be developed and explored in a proper video game.

3 National Treasure

National Treasure

Have has already been announced that there is a Indiana Jones video game in development, and it might feel like treasure hunting fatigue if a National Treasure video game was also developed, but there’s nothing wrong with more Unexplored-like adventure games.

Stealing the Declaration of Independence in a video game and other wild adventures from the movie are things players can only dream of. Also, the prospect of Nicolas Cage voicing the character in the game is too good not to pass up, and it might be the closest thing to fans getting to getting a third. National Treasure movie.

two Herbie

Original Herbie autonomous car

There are not many corridors besides the common one Need for speed games, and Herbie could fill that gap in the market. But Herbie is not just a race car. In previous films, the VW Beetle can be seen with a mind of its own doing jousting, playing chicken and even climbing to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Players may have already been able to freely roam San Francisco in the relatively recent Watch dogs 2But riding like Herbie with the mystical powers of the car would be second to none.

1 The mighty ducks

elden henson the mighty ducks

Another sports game that could break the mold The mighty ducks It would be a really fun game and could see players controlling some of the most exciting moments from the movie trilogy.

Whether it’s getting together and learning how to play as a team, playing Finland in the Championship, or taking on college rivals, there’s a lot of energy and competitiveness in those scenes. On top of that, playing as the Bash Brothers would be the most fun an ice hockey game could be.

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