10 Lord of the Rings Gifts to Buy This Valentine’s Day

“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and bind them in the dark.” While Valentine’s Day is not about darkness or ruling, it is certainly about coming together and finding and celebrating that special bond that loved ones share in a special relationship. JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is a treasure trove of ideas for Valentine’s Day. There is something for everyone.

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Rings, while very important and quite inexpensive when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s birthday, are also quite often thought of gifts. So instead, this article is going to think outside the box, or rather, it sounds, and it will throw out some good (or even bad) things from LOTR that would be the perfect gift this Valentine.

10 The One Ring could do the trick to correcting emotions

Yes, thinking outside the box was the mantra, but LOTR Gift ideas cannot be complete without One Ring. It is a known fact that the One Ring symbolizes evil and destruction, but it is also a perfect portrait of addiction. Valentine’s Day is all about love and being addicted to the person who completes you; they deserve nothing less than the One Ring. Another key feature of the One Ring is the inscription.

Although it is a small cliché, you can always personalize the inscription on the ring that has been reserved as a gift. With the perfect words engraved to describe that special someone, the One Ring could do the trick to correct emotions.

9 let the explorer follow the path to your heart with a map of Middle Earth

Map of Middle Earth LOTR

Tolkien not only developed the map and his fictional world of Lord of the Rings but he also invented the Elvish, Sindarin, and Quenya languages. If Tolkien can do that in the 1950s, then a little effort for someone special in the 21st century is not a difficult task. Make a custom map of Middle-earth and let the games begin.

Make it a game, a scavenger hunt, or a ‘love hunt’ to immerse yourself in the flavor of Valentine’s Day and let the explorer follow the path to your heart. Get creative and be the lord of this map!

8 The Hobbit Cookbook has all the recipes for each of the seven Hobbit meals.

Hobbit LOTR Cookbook

What’s better than gifting your loved one, who is passionate about cooking delicious meals, a Hobbit cookbook? None LOTR fan would know that life stops after 4pm for cakes and tea. Gift this treasure book, or better yet, cook a meal from the cookbook and then wrap this guide as a gift for a happy stomach.

There cannot be more English than this. The cookbook has all the recipes for each of the seven Hobbit meals. Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, and ending with Dinner. This book is strictly for those who enjoy guilt-free meals (a high metabolism would do wonders, too). With loads of vegan and meat-based recipes, the Hobbit Cookbook is a love letter to that mouth-watering tongue.

7 take the help of a cold beer in a LOTR mug to wash your food


Once you’re done with delicious Hobbit cookbook-inspired food, take the help of a cold beer to drink. But why settle for any ordinary mug of beer this Valentine’s Day if your better half is Lord of the Rings fan? LOTR Beer mugs are famous and can add a much-needed touch to any bar.

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Although one will definitely have many options thanks to the variety of LOTR Beer mugs available in the market. From the Prancing Pony Hobbit mug to the Tree of Gondor wooden beer mug, a personalized beer mug with an elven name or the engraved One Ring mug. The list is long but a perfect match for your partner can make this Valentine’s Day special. After all, while they singOh, you can search everywhere, you can drink the whole country dry. But you will never find such a brown beer, but you will never find such a brown beer! Almien!

6 Arwen’s Evenstar pendant will help you seal the deal with the eternal and immortal symbol of love.

Evenstar pendant by LOTR Arwen

Arwen’s necklace, also known as Evenstar, is a fascinating work of art. Arwen means Noble Maiden. Evenstar means evening star and represents the purest form of love. Arwen was the youngest son of Elrond and Celebrian and the necklace signifies immortality in The Lord of the rings. Arwen renounces her immortality for Aragorn when he gifts her with the Evenstar.

That’s the kind of commitment one wants to show when on a long road, and therefore Arwen’s Evenstar may be the perfect V-Day gift. The original pendant has 7 sparkling crystals arranged to form a flower. It also has interlocking lines inspired by Art Nouveau. Seal the deal with the eternal and immortal symbol of love.

5 Grace and elegance are what distinguish a LOTR book set


If the someone special is a true Lord of the Rings fan, then the LOTR Book Set would be a perfect gift. If indulgence is the key, then original first edition, handwritten Lord of the Rings / Hobbit The game of the book is at stake. Priced today at $ 111,073.35, this Bilbo and Frodo Baggins journal, also known as The Red Book of Westmarch, is extremely well preserved. The set weighs 8 kg and is on sale from Hungary.

Although the price could put a big hit on your pocket, the internet has great deals. One such set of books is priced at $ 205 bound in blocked paper with designs by London-based artist Francis Mosley. Grace and elegance are what distinguish this gift.

4 Fill a LOTR keepsake box with souvenirs

LOTR keepsake box

the LOTR Keepsake box, or keepsake box, can be a deciding factor. The wooden box or the love case can be the reason to put a seal on the relationship. This Tolkien-inspired wooden treasure is customizable. Know what your special someone likes when it comes to LOTR and engrave it on this beautiful wooden box.

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Fill it with memories and find a special place to place it and show it off to those who do not have this symbol of love in their possession.

3 a LOTR sword would be every fan’s dream


Swords aren’t the kind of gift anyone would choose as a Valentine’s Day gift, but throw this idea out at a LOTR fan and the answer will be ‘Melinyel Amin Mela Lle’ (I Love You). The Lord of the rings has over 20 different types of artistically designed swords that will make the decision-making process even more tedious. But if one has to choose the most powerful of all, it has to be the Anduril (formerly known as Narsil).

Anduril, also known as the Flame of the West, was reforged from the fragments of Narsil and was a weapon of Aragorn. A custom-made Anduril with the name engraved on it would be every fan’s dream.

2 add all the whimsy to your everyday corporate attire with the Bilbo Baggins button cufflinks

Hobbit Bilbo Baggins Button Cufflinks

Bilbo Baggins halfling costumes are always a hit, especially at costume parties or during Halloween. But what if one doesn’t want to dress up as the famous Hobbit but still add a piece of LOTR to your daily use? Look no further, gift it to someone special or treat yourself to these Bilbo Baggins inspired button cufflinks.

The cufflinks are acorn button cufflinks and look like the ones Bilbo Baggins has sewn into his outfit in The hobbit: an unexpected journey. Add all the fancy stuff to your everyday corporate outfit and tweak it a bit.

one No gift can beat A Trip to Hobbiton in New Zealand

Hobbiton LOTR Set

Now this may be the most expensive Valentine’s gift LOTR fan may think, but if one can achieve it, it can be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. A trip to the Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand could get that heartbeat racing and it would end up being a gift that no one can beat.

Hobbiton is the real town where The Lord of the rings Y The Hobbit Trilogies were shot, and actually getting a slice of one of the biggest movies ever made is hard to pass. You can have day visits or stay, a Hobbiton getaway is the perfect gift if the LOTR fan in you wants to splurge.

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