10 members of the Justice League who should rejoin the team

There are few teams bigger than the Justice League. Comprised of some of DC’s most powerful and skilled heroes, the Justice League tackles great threats, protecting Earth, the universe, and the multiverse from the worst evil of all. The team has had many heroes, the two that people expect as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, along with lesser-known members.

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In the DC Universe, a good way for a hero to know if he has made it or not is if he has been with the Justice League. La Liga has a very deep bench and there are some team members that should be recovered.

10 Hawkman

DC Hawkman

Hawkman has been around for a long time and its continuity is known to be quite twisted. However, he is also known to be one of the toughest heroes and served with the Justice League with distinction. It’s been a long time since he’s been on the team, with the Hawk branch of the DC Universe represented by Hawkgirl with him spending more time with the Justice Society.

Hawkman brings a lot of experience to the table as a member of the League. He has been fighting for a long time, reincarnating through time and space, trying to make up for the sins of his past. He may get a bit violent, but there are few heroes who are as fierce as he is.

9 Mere

Mera fighting orm into mere queen of atlantis

For years Aquaman was the butt of jokes about only being good at talking to fish. While this was a serious misrepresentation of what a great hero he is, one person who would never have been teased about them is his lover, Mera. Mera took over the team when Aquaman was away and her skill, fierceness in battle, and formidable powers made her more than worthy of the place.

Mera is more than proven worthy of a long-term membership in the Justice League. Her Atlantean heritage gives her many of the same physical advantages that Aquaman has and her hydrokinetic powers, combined with her fighting prowess, make her a more useful member of the team than her fellow Atlanteans.

8 Shazam

future state of shazam

Shazam is not really known for his time in the Justice League, but he has been a member of that team and of the Justice Society. With his arch nemesis Black Adam joining the group soon, now seems like the perfect time for him to rejoin, not only to keep an eye on Black Adam, but also because someone as powerful as him is a blessing to the League.

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Shazam’s magic-based powers have allowed him to give Superman a shot at his money and give him and the team plenty of options in their battle against evil. He is also the kind of sane hero who is a great fit in the Justice League.

7 Gold Reinforcement

DC Comics Booster Gold

Booster Gold can be quite annoying, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a great hero. Sure, he’s known for wasting time, a lot, but he’s also saved the space-time continuum on more than one occasion. His time as a JLI member has prepared him to face all kinds of threats and it is tougher than it sounds.

Booster can be a lot to put up with, but it adds a fun dynamic to the team and there’s no denying how valuable it is in combat. Every team needs a troublemaker, and few heroes fill that role as well as Booster Gold. Also, it’s a lot of fun to watch him interact with Batman.

6 Big barda

big barda new gods

The New Gods are about to become a hot item again, so it makes sense for one of them to join the team. While several have been members of the team over the years, the best to return would be the toughest female Fury, Big Barda. As a former servant of Darkseid, she had to survive all kinds of hardships and is one of the most formidable warriors in the DC Universe.

Barda is more than ready to help confront some of the biggest threats out there and her means and dedication to the battle against evil make her an asset to any group that has her. Big Barda is the type of muscle every team needs: an accomplished bruiser with a lot of skill.

5 At night

Technically, Nightwing has never been a member of the Justice League. However, Dick Grayson served on the team during his time as Batman and that makes him a former member. It’s actually quite strange that Nightwing has rarely been a member of the Justice League; he likes all heroes and is one of the smartest and most skilled heroes out there.

Some would argue that a team with Batman doesn’t need Nightwing, but that’s a bit stupid as they both fulfill different roles on the team – Batman is much better at strategy, while Nightwing would be more of a practical type of person. Also, a meeting of the Dynamic Duo would show other members of the League that powers are not the most important thing, but skill and teamwork.

4 Fox

DC Vixen cover

Vixen is one of the great anonymous members of the Justice League. Using the Tantu totem, you can harness red and gain the powers of many different animals, including your teammates. She is also a very skilled and intelligent heroine, who has proven herself in all manner of pitched battles, serving the team on more than one occasion.

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She is also an advocate for justice in her personal life, and uses the money she makes as a supermodel to open schools and help people across the African continent. She is not only a great hero, but also a good source of public relations and her time in the League could lead her to do more good for the world.

3 Red Tornado

Every team needs a cool android and Red Tornado holds that spot in the Justice League. Created to destroy the team, he would instead join the team and play the role of synthetic powerhouse. He would also eventually become the host of the Air Elemental, making his tornado powers even greater and becoming an even more formidable member of the group.

Red Tornado hasn’t been a member of the League in a long time and that’s a shame. He’s a pretty good character, a synthetic man who was able to overcome his programming and become a man, even landing a wife and adopted daughter. It is one of the great successes of the League and deserves another chance to shine with them.

2 Kyle rayner

For a time, Kyle Rayner was the last Green Lantern, keeping his fire alive while working to protect the cosmos on his own and as a member of the League. Since the return of the Corps, he has worked primarily in outer space, but it’s about time he came back and rejoined the team that showed the universe just how great he can be.

Although John Stewart is the current resident Green Lantern of the Justice League, nothing says there cannot be two Lanterns on the team, and Rayner and Stewart work very well together. Rayner’s skills and experience make him an excellent member of the Justice League and he should return to the team as soon as possible.

one The atom


One of the things the Justice League lacks is a scientist. Sure, Batman can do a lot of scientific things, just like Flash, but none of them are really scientific. However, the League has had team members who were scientists, the best of them being the Atom. While Atom prefers science to being a superhero, he has always been willing to help his friends in the Justice League.

His ability to shrink makes him a skilled insider and he’s a much better fighter than most people imagine a college professor to be. The Atom brings scientific knowledge to the team and helps them discover how to defeat their enemies in new ways.

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