Junji Ito is a household name when it comes to haunting horror manga, but there are equally impressive series from other authors in between.

The long-running, serialized nature of manga is a great way to build an audience and has allowed certain talents of the mangaka to stand out and develop a following.

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Junji Ito is a renowned name when it comes to haunting horror manga, but there are other impressive series from other authors in between, even if Ito’s work can often monopolize the genre. There are some truly terrifying manga series for readers to enjoy, and it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

10 Pet Shop Of Horrors thrives on atmosphere and an anthology structure

Screaming Manga Pet Shop Of Horrors Costume

Anthology-style storytelling has become increasingly popular in the horror genre and in Matsuri Akino’s. Horrors Pet Store is a clear example of how you can explore in a manga. Horrors Pet Store feels like a little more sanitized version of The twilight zone and each chapter reveals a haunting tale of a new customer visiting Count D’s eponymous pet store. There’s a fun and addictive pacing that builds the manga, and while the horror may be more traditional, it makes up for it with a tense atmosphere.

9 The homunculus is absolutely psychological

Homunculus is a deeply unsettling psychological horror manga that explores the painful extremes some will go to to feel special or powerful. Hideo Yamamoto’s manga features Susumu, a character who can access intense psychic powers through the dangerous trepanation procedure. Susumu becomes more corrupt and damaged the deeper he goes and slowly loses his humanity, beginning to see the world. in a grotesque way. Homunculus It’s grim and non-stop, which is a refreshing change of pace from more traditional horror.

8 How the will of the gods turns deities into vengeful tricksters

Manga as the attack of the gods Daruma

As the gods want It’s technically a shonen manga that leans toward suspense and action, but it’s also full of unsettling threats. As the will of the gods plot It is the stuff of nightmares and involves high school students being forced into morbid competitions for the fun and approval of the gods.

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These tests, as well as the extremely brutal ways in which the gods administer punishment, are horrible. There is even a live action adaptation by Takashi Miike that captures the surreal energy of the manga.

7 Ichi The Killer is a dark look at a ruthless criminal criminal

Manga Ichi Attack of the Killer Cut Man

Hideo Yamamoto’s grip Ichi the killer The manga has gained a lot of popularity due to Takashi Miike’s surprisingly accurate live-action film adaptation. The manga provides even more depth to the main character, a competent assassin with a sore and delicate soul. Ichi’s journey is really hard to watch and Yamamoto’s artwork captures how violence is such an ugly and destructive thing. Ichi the killer It may not initially look like a horror manga, but it is full of haunting imagery, as well as terrifying serial killers and human monsters.

6 I’m a hero inject new life into the zombie genre

I'm a hero

The zombie genre It has been done to the death regardless of the medium. While that makes it difficult to achieve a shot that feels unique, I’m a hero it is proof that it is still possible. Kengo Hanazawa’s manga takes place amid a bloody zombie outbreak, but the story stands out for its unique perspective through its protagonist, Hideo, a struggling manga artist who sees himself as the “hero” of the game. manga that is real life. I’m a hero turns into a terrifying story, but also an impressive character study with a particularly beautiful artwork.

5 Ibitsu pushes a haunting urban legend to terrifying new places

Ibitsu Little Sister Demon Manga

Ibitsu develops around an urban legend where if a strange girl asks someone a question at midnight, she will systematically make her way into his life as a little sister, only to finally kill them.

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Unaware of the legend, Kazuki falls prey to this and has to handle this mysterious and terrifying woman who will not leave him alone. It’s a series that builds really well and gets more haunting as it goes on.

4 Higurashi – When They Cry is a twisted version of death and eternity

Manga Higurashi when they cry spree

Ryukishi 07’s Higurashi – When They Cry It has become hugely successful and branched out in many exciting ways, but the manga series remains fascinating read for the uninitiated. Higurashi revolves around a group of young characters with cute and over the top designs, all of which make sudden and brutal deaths hit even harder. Higurashi it is about detours and subversions. Create a very complex story that involves time cycles, serial killers, and heavy existential themes. It’s a strange mix of extreme influences and ideas that works in spite of itself.

3 Hideout is a terrifying game of cat and mouse between husband and wife

Assassin Sword Monster Cave Hiding Manga

There are some horror manga that have storylines that don’t necessarily seem scary, only for the horror to manifest itself in other ways, such as through the artwork. The plot of Masasumi Kakizaki Hiding place it doesn’t mess with and should instantly appeal to horror fans. A husband and wife run away to try and find closure over their son’s death, only to have it revealed that the husband’s master plan is to seize this opportunity to murder his wife. Hiding place it’s a beautiful slow burn that shows how wicked people can be.

2 There’s a hideous mix of Psychos on display at Freak Island

Pig Killer from Manga Freak Island

Monster island Hokazono Masaya feels very influenced by western slasher cinema and anyone who is a fan of cannibal horror movies like The Hills Have Eyes or Wrong turn they are likely to have a lot of fun with the Masaya series. A group of unsuspecting teenagers are left alone on a dangerous island where a lunatic with a chainsaw and the rest of his family aggressively pursue their new prey. Monster island it’s over the top and gets a bit silly at times, but it works more than it doesn’t and the killer characters are absolutely vile.

1 Suicide Circle explores a fascinating and terrifying murder mystery

Suicide circle

Curiously, Suicide circle Usamaru Furuya’s is actually based on the live action movie, Suicide clubby Sion Sono, rather than the other way around. However, the manga finds different ways to evoke horror That the movie. There is a deeply compelling mystery at the center of the story where a large group of girls strangely take their own lives at the same time. The manga attempts to provide answers behind these disturbing deaths, as well as prevent a comparable tragedy from happening again. There is a real sense of urgency here as the deadline for more deaths approaches.

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