10 things Boruto can already do that Naruto couldn’t (as a kid)

Few ninjas can match Naruto’s hard work, helping him accomplish things that no ninja his age should have been capable of. While he had a great aptitude for things, all of Naruto’s abilities range from putting his nose to the whetstone and getting things done. It’s a habit Boruto eventually adopts as well.

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Surprisingly, given that Boruto originally tried to take the easy path for everything, he managed to surpass his father in some way. Not only in the jutsu he has created, but also as a person.

10 Create variants of the Rasengan

It took Naruto a while to jump in before starting to dabble in changes to the Rasengan. The same did not happen with Boruto, who had already created a variant of his own around the same time that Naruto was learning the original jutsu. Boruto created the Vanishing Rasengan, as Sasuke named it. It is a Rasengan infused with his lightning element, allowing the attack to appear to have faded, giving him an additional element of surprise once he hits. It is also capable of making it take on a giant form.

9 Teacher and student Rasengan

Naruto never had a chance to do this as many of his mentors who were not named Kakashi ended up dead before the opportunity came. Boruto was given the opportunity by fighting a nebulous ninja named Yuga. To stop Konohamaru’s team, he summoned the strange Pikachu-like creature above. He turned out to be much stronger and more robust than he looked, taking the efforts of Konohamaru and Boruto combining their Rasengan to eliminate him.

8 Capable of using multiple versions

Even in the later parts of the series, Naruto mainly used wind release jutsu, as he was never a character that had a great wheelhouse of jutsu. He was just great improving the ones he had, taking them to their absolute peak.

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Boruto, on the other hand, has managed to diversify, using three different elemental launches. While lightning is his affinity, he is also capable of using a bit of water and wind release jutsu.

7 Invocation of powerful jutsu

Naruto gained the ability once he went to train in the arts the wise way, granting him a number of toad allies at his disposal. Boruto managed to gain the ability in half the time, gaining Garaga for a period of time during the Mitsuki Disappearance arc. Their relationship was much less friendly than Naruto’s, but they still worked well together when needed. The fact that the summons was a snake reinforced the bond he and Sasuke were having with each other.

6 Various formations of string lights

The light string formation was introduced very early in the series by Iruka as a means of restraining Naruto. At first, it worked, but was soon overpowered by the force of the nine-tailed chakra. Boruto added the ability to his arsenal and expanded it. With the help of his fellow genin, he was able to make it strong enough to hold Konohamaru and even capture a person as powerful as Kakashi for some time. He showed how inventive he was as a ninja, just like his father.

5 Combine Jutsu to create new

This is Naruto’s special, the future Hokage creating so many different techniques that were built from the Shadow Clone Jutsu. He had something for almost every scenario, and it’s something Boruto captured as well.

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Using his Wind Release: Gale Palm, Boruto managed to create Boruto Stream, a technique that used the palm as a way to propel himself or a clone forward at high speeds. It shows just how versatile jutsu can be and how smart Boruto is to start doing it at a younger age than Naruto.

4 Be able to use a soft fist

Boruto using a gentle fist

Given who his mother is, it’s not that surprising that Boruto understood the fighting style as quickly as he did. Hinata is one of the strongest Hyuga, both living and dead, she is simply never shown that often as she prefers to avoid combat if she can. Boruto doesn’t have the same inhibitions, and while he can’t get over his mother here, given that he lacks a Byakugan, he managed to understand it before his father even saw his mother as more than just a friend.

3 Getting amazing powers from Kama

Boruto Kama

At the end of the war, Naruto was granted divine powers, becoming a reborn sage of the six paths, putting him above all who were not named Sasuke. All of that came to the end of the series, while Boruto receives his in the early stages, having been imprinted with Kama by Momkshiki. Kama is like a flash drive of Otsutsuki’s DNA, allowing them to record onto a host and take over when the time comes. As shown in the flash-forward, Boruto’s powers will soon even dwarf his parents.

two Make genuine friends

While they both share a degree of similarities, from how energetic they are to Boruto’s tendency to run away alone, their upbringing is vastly different. Boruto has a family that is there for him, unlike Naruto, who had to live life as an outcast. As such, Boruto is more well-adjusted and capable of making friends, something Naruto didn’t really start to do until the end of the first half of the series, most still finding him quite annoying up to that point. Boruto, meanwhile, has many friends, even if Sarada finds him annoying at times.

1 Able to change your perspective

As good as Naruto’s growth as a character was, it was often him changing the opinions of others rather than the other way around. Meanwhile, Boruto has gone through a lot of development on the series so far, as a growing disdain for taking the easy path, as he tried to do it himself using technology rather than hard work to get ahead. He also comes to respect his father thanks to Sasuke and the battle with Momoshiki, as he no longer hates the title of Hokage.

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