10 times Naruto put Sasuke in his place

From an early age, it was clear that Naruto and Sasuke didn’t get along. Naruto started a one-sided rivalry with the other boy. Naruto had grown up showing no notable talent as a ninja; however, Sasuke was something of a prodigy. Naruto got jealous of how Sasuke seemed so good at everything.

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When the two boys graduated from school, they were placed on the same team. As teammates, it seemed like Sasuke would continue to outshine Naruto. However, Naruto’s determination helped him improve his skills over time. Naruto started catching up with Sasuke, in terms of skill. As soon as Sasuke began to see Naruto more as an equal, Naruto had a chance to put Sasuke in his place.

10 When Sasuke needed the help of Sakura and Naruto

Naruto Sasuke Uchiha

The Team 7 genin hadn’t been a ninja for long when they were sent to the Land of Waves. During this first mission, the team made it clear that they would need a little more training to survive the dangers of this place.

Kakashi began working with the group on chakra control. Sakura quickly mastered the new skill. As Naruto continued to fight, he turned to Sakura for help. Finally, Sasuke realized that he would need help too. When Sasuke asked Naruto what he had learned from Sakura, Naruto refused to answer.

9 When Naruto came up with a plan to save Kakashi


During Team 7’s fight with Zabuza, Kakashi was captured. The three newly graduated genin would have no chance of defeating the older and more experienced ninja. Naruto was quickly able to come up with a plan to help free Kakashi.

Even though Sasuke was the best ninja, Naruto was the one who came up with the plan. In that moment, Sasuke must have noticed the subtle improvements Naruto was starting to make. This plan would highlight Naruto’s enhanced ability and his increasing ability to outshine Sasuke.

8 When Naruto refuses to let Sasuke go

Sakura naruto

After Sasuke leaves the village, Naruto makes a fateful promise to Sakura. He promises that he will convince Sasuke to return to the village. Naruto’s new mission in life is to convince Sasuke to come home.

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Naruto has convinced himself that he is strong enough to bring Sasuke back. He refuses to abandon his friend. Naruto is able to understand Sasuke’s pain in a unique way, so he understands why Sasuke left. You will not allow your friend to leave your home.

7 When Sasuke fails to defeat Gaara

Sasuke’s fight with the assassin Gaara forces the young ninja to try his best. Sasuke throws everything he has at Gaara, but does not have the power to defeat the overpowered Gaara. Sasuke ends up passing out from the effort.

Gaara is ready to assassinate Sasuke when Naruto arrives on the scene. Naruto proves to be a much better match for Gaara. It also makes Gaara see the error of his ways. Sasuke’s ego must have been hurt when someone he considered inferior saved his life.

6 When they compared their best jutsu

The first confrontation between Naruto and Sasuke occurred on the roof of the hospital. Sasuke was slowly recovering when he randomly decided that he wanted to fight his teammate.

Naruto and Sasuke ended up attacking each other with their most powerful jutsu. Sasuke’s Chidori originally seemed to have caused more damage than Naruto’s Rasengan. Upon closer examination, Sasuke realized that the Rasengan was stronger. He was notably jealous of Naruto’s improvement and wondered how he had fallen so far behind.

5 When Naruto faced the challenge while Sasuke was hiding

Before they could officially become a ninja, they had to pass Kakashi’s bell test. Kakashi had challenged the three young genin to remove the bells or return to the academy. Naruto decided to meet the challenge head-on while Sasuke hid.

Sasuke was aware of the fact that he couldn’t control Kakashi, so he decided to bide his time. Meanwhile, Naruto chooses to meet the challenge head-on. Naruto proved to be a bit more up to the challenge as he was willing to risk everything to pass the test. Despite the overwhelming odds, Naruto was unwilling to back down.

4 When he returned Sasuke’s brow protector

Sasuke and Naruto fought hard the first time they faced each other in the Valley of the End. Naruto started strong, but Sasuke was ready to meet the challenge. The two boys had jumped in with Naruto coming to see Sasuke as a brother.

Sasuke knocked out Naruto, leaving behind the forehead guard that proved he was a Leaf Village shinobi. After Naruto faced Sasuke for the last time, Sasuke finally decided to return to Konoha. Once the battle was over, Naruto was able to return Sasuke’s forehead protector. Sasuke was surprised to see that Naruto had clung to him for all those years. It was proof that Naruto never gave up on his friend.

3 When Naruto finally catches up with Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke's original fight

After Sasuke left the village, he and Naruto had their iconic fight in the Valley of the End. Sasuke had already left the village with plans to join Orochimaru. Naruto was willing to do anything to bring his friend home and fulfill his promise to Sakura.

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Sasuke said some harsh words to Naruto, noting that Naruto had no idea what it was like to have a family. Sasuke was grieving for all that he had lost. Naruto revealed that he had started to think of Sasuke as family. Although Naruto ended up losing the fight to Sasuke, Naruto’s words caused Sasuke to reconsider his decisions.

two When Naruto was braver than Sasuke

Naruto Chunin Exams

During the Chunin Exams, Team 7 was searching for a certain scroll. The team also had to protect their own scroll. Sasuke was willing to give the scroll away when he had to confront Shiore.

Naruto stopped Sasuke from giving away the scroll. Naruto called Sasuke a baby. Naruto’s determination made him much braver than his teammate. By this time, Sasuke had lost the motivation to win. Naruto proved that no matter what, he would never give up.

1 When they fight for the last time

Naruto and Sasuke lose their arms

Sasuke had appeared to help fight Kaguya, and it seemed like he might have seen the error of his ways. Until Naruto started asking him some important questions. Naruto stepped closer to prevent his friend from making a horrible mistake.

The two seemed pretty even when they started fighting for the last time. Naruto understood the gravity of everything he was fighting for. Naruto ended the fight by sacrificing his dominant hand. Naruto proved his strength to Sasuke.

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