When Mickey Mouse’s popularity first took off, rival studios struggled to create a character that could compete. Of all the characters of the early 20th century, Bugs Bunny has been one of the most successful.

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The scoundrel rabbit has entertained audiences since his official debut in 1940 and has become one of the most legendary animated icons. Of course, it has only managed to last so long by adapting to the changing times. Since his first appearance, Bugs Bunny has changed in at least ten different ways.

10 Voice: all the voice actors have done their best, but none can compete with Mel Blanc

Mel Blanc and Bugs Bunny

Mel Blanc will always be known as “the man with a thousand voices”, but he did not get the voice of Bugs on the first try. In his opening cartoons, Bugs had his Brooklyn accent but his voice had a lower register.

He is particularly notable in “Elmer’s Pet Rabbit”, but his voice slowly increased with each short. Until he finally found the perfect tone, and since then, every other voice actor for Bugs has done their best to imitate him. Of course, none can compete with the original.

9 From Wild Animal to Suburbs: Not Just Your Average Rabbit Anymore

bugs bunny lounging on a daffy chair mowing the lawn

When Bugs Bunny started out, he was just a typical wild rabbit that lived in a hole in the ground deep in the woods. Sometimes he took on the role of a pet bunny or a test subject. In time, he would get jobs like any normal person and integrate into society.

It even got to the point where he moved to the suburbs and became a roommate with Daffy in The looney toon show. Although he is still shown living in the woods occasionally, he is no longer just your average rabbit.

8 Master of Disguise – Has assumed a variety of roles

Stamps Looney Toons Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is a rabbit of many hats, in addition to gloves, wigs, dresses, costumes and costumes. One of the best weapons in his arsenal is his uncanny ability to completely baffle his rivals with his costumes. This master of disguise has taken on a variety of roles, starting out simply as a duck and turtle before taking on more elaborate clues as a king, a ranger, and Leopold Stokowski.

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His ability to win the hearts of anyone who watches him in drag is unparalleled and may never be surpassed. It’s gotten to the point where modern cartoons poke fun at how often Bugs enjoys dressing up.

7 His rogues gallery – the only main antagonist from his early cartoons used to be Elmer Fudd

looney tunes elmer fudd yosemite sam marvin the martian

A hero is nothing without his enemies, and Bugs Bunny has one of the most notorious rogue galleries out there. The main antagonist of his early cartoons was Elmer Fudd and some unique characters. It wasn’t until the second half of the 1940s that Yosemite Sam and Marvin the Martian made their debut, followed by Witch Hazel, the Tasmanian Devil, Rocky and Mugsy and Gossamer.

Since then, these have been his favorite villains and it’s been years since a character was added to the roster. With the new Bugs Bunny shorts still in production, that may change in the future.

6 His reputation: It wasn’t until the mid-1950s that his popularity in the real world bled out in cartoons.

Before making his mark on entertainment, Bugs Bunny was no different than any other cartoon character at the time. In “What’s Cookin ‘Doc?”, None of the other celebrities looked at him at the Academy Awards.

It wasn’t until the mid-1950s that his popularity in the real world bled into cartoons and Bugs gradually transitioned to stardom. Further increasing Daffy’s jealousy of Bugs when he received praise and adoration as a celebrity. It got to the point where Bugs became self-referential and recognized his previous adventures as works of fiction.

5 His motivation: later cartoons would make his opponents the first to instigate Bugs

To say that Bugs Bunny is a stinker would be an understatement. While Elmer has haunted him in most of his encounters, he didn’t always start the fight. Most of the time, Elmer would go about his day until Bugs saw him and decided to screw it up. Later cartoons would have their opponents be the first to instigate Bugs and force the rabbit to retaliate and seek revenge.

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Whether it’s Yosemite Sam holding Bugs at gunpoint, Witch Hazel trying to cook him in her cauldron, or Daffy trying to put the blame on him, it’s all the same. Of course, everyone knows that this means war.

4 More props: Bugs started pulling props out of nowhere for comic purposes

You’d think a rabbit doesn’t stand a chance against hunters, outlaws, aliens, or witches, but Bugs Bunny has a vast arsenal of weapons at his disposal. Initially, he only used his quick thinking and surroundings to outsmart his enemies.

All that changed when he decided to renounce the laws of physics and started making accessories out of nowhere for comic purposes. One could argue that it helped perpetuate the trope of cartoon characters grabbing mallets and anvils out of nowhere as a joke. Unless someone can explain where he stores all the dynamite he uses.

3 Leaving the forest: writers began to place it in more inventive settings and scenarios

looney tunes bugs bunny reading map

The first Bugs Bunny was quite based on its storytelling compared to later outings. Bugs was just a rabbit trying to outwit hunters and predators in the forest, city, desert, or jungle in environments that rabbits belonged to. Then things took a strange turn when Bugs was placed in new places like mad scientist labs, sports stadiums, magic lands, other countries, and outer space!

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In doing so, Bugs Bunny proved to be a versatile character that allowed writers to place him in clever settings and scenarios. Provide the public with exceptionally unique stories.

2 He became unbeatable: he became the dominated victor in every match.

Everyone thinks that there is no conflict that Bugs Bunny cannot overcome. If there was no plausible way to beat his opponent, he would bend the fabric of reality to favor his outcome. What is often forgotten is that Bugs Bunny was fallible and had enemies that he could not defeat, such as Cecil Turtle, the Gremlins or Mama Bear.

For some reason, that happened less and less as he became the dominated victor in every match since. Although it is obvious that Bugs is going to win, it is fun to watch him play with his enemies.

one Straight Man to Daffy: They became a duo and are not the same without the other

looney tunes bugs and daffy

Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny have one of the most iconic rivalries in entertainment, but it took them a while to even get to know each other. The two starred in their respective shorts, both sporting manic and crazy personalities. It wasn’t until the 1951 short “Rabbit Fire” that the two paired up and struggled to convince Elmer Fudd that it was rabbit or duck season.

Bugs became the duo’s straight man, causing Daffy to sabotage himself. Since then, their dynamics remained practically unchanged and they just aren’t the same without each other.

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