10 ways DC movies keep getting Superman wrong

The movie that was meant to kick off the DCEU was Iron Man, But the movie made some major mistakes when it was first introduced to Clark Kent. Superman’s character is absolutely iconic, but Iron Man It showed viewers a darker and bolder Superman than they had ever seen before.

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Not only did the man seem immensely out of place, but this characterization seems to have stuck. Throughout the DCEU, Clark Kent has been continually misrepresented, misinterpreted, and simply misunderstood. While fans are hoping Superman will be saved soon, his DCEU story so far doesn’t inspire much optimism.

10 Superman is not Batman

Batman Superman Dawn of Justice

When Christopher Nolan made his bat Man trilogy, was inspired by darker and braver versions of the Batman character in the comics. While this makes sense for the framing of his specific films, this tone unfortunately continued to exist in the DCEU. Even though the first DCEU movie is Iron Man, the tone of the film is dark and gloomy like a Nolan Batman movie. Superman is dramatically different from Batman, and framing him as a gloomy character with a dark hue just doesn’t suit the character. He is not a cynical type, and the moments of darkness for him are few and far between.

9 Clark Kent is a happy and positive boy

Clark Kent smiles as he flies for the first time

In Iron Man And throughout the DCEU, Superman doesn’t seem happy ever. The only time he seems to have fun in Iron Man It is when he laughs and smiles briefly as he discovers his power of flight.

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Besides that moment, the DCEU’s Superman is a shady guy who doesn’t want to have fun with anyone. Think like Batman, instead of having the positive, light-hearted outlook that Clark Kent is supposed to have. The two are two sides of a coin, and that doesn’t work if Clark doesn’t bring the light and optimism to counter the darkness.

8 Superman should be a superhero, a celebrity and an icon


Almost instantly after Superman is introduced to the DCEU, the culture within the movies begins to bring the man down. Unlike the MCU, where audiences really relate to their heroes in a reasonable sense, the DCEU uses people as a conflict for superheroes. Society turns to Superman with surprising speed for a character who is meant to be a symbol of hope, no matter what. If he fails, in the comics he works to rebuild that image, but the DCEU has never successfully given him that image in the first place. They’ve made attempts and hopefully this will get better in the future, but as it stands now, the fact that Superman is an enemy of the people is not a welcome facet for fans.

7 Superman instantly became a killer

One of the saddest stories about Superman in the comics is that he once had to kill Zod, one of the only Kryptonians left, if not the only another Kryptonian left, as far as Clark knows. Clark killed Zod again in Superman II, and as soon as Clark was introduced to the DCEU in Iron Man, killed Zod once more.

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The movie features Superman and turns him into a killer in the same movie. While Superman has killed, he actively tries not to and has a strong moral compass. The fact that he killed Zod, although he felt compelled to do so, felt out of place. If this was ever going to happen, it certainly happened too soon.

6 Retaining Henry Cavill

The problem with forcing Clark Kent to act in a conserved and forced way is that Henry Cavill doesn’t have enough room to really act as the character. As viewers have seen in other Henry projects, such as Uncle’s man Y The Wizard, he is an extremely talented actor with impressive variety. However, the DCEU has not once given Henry Cavill space and freedom to explore the character as he truly sees fit. It’s clear that he understands the character he’s playing, but as long as the DCEU continues to mistrust and hold him back, he will never be allowed the space he truly deserves as Clark.

5 Lex Luthor and Superman haven’t clicked yet

Jesse Eisenberg Lex Luthor Featured

According to their audiences, the MCU and the DCEU are battling villain issues. The DCEU has a bad habit of briefly introducing villains and not giving them any meaningful foundation. Jared Leto’s Joker comes to mind immediately, as does Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. Lex is Superman’s main villain as well as one of the Justice League’s main villains, but he feels wayward and inconsistent in the DCEU. There is nothing concrete or grounded in the character, and his conflict with Superman seems artificial. Basically the two of them just fight because they have to, rather than having real problems.

4 Too much uncertainty about Superman’s future

While the MCU tries to lock down its actors for an extended period of time in a certain number of movies, so that they can plan the length of the actors in the franchise, the DCEU does no such thing. They hire one-time actors and have a hard time getting the actors back into the franchise.

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As Ben Affleck and Robert Pattinson swap the role of Batman, fans are nervous that Henry Cavill will not return to the DCEU. Although it was reported in 2018 that Henry Cavill would be leaving Warner Brothers, this has been disputed ever since, with Henry Cavill saying he wants to return. Without an official statement, either way, it’s impossible to plan for the character’s longevity and overall plot in the DCEU.

3 Superman is not a god

Henry Cavill as Superman

Superman is not a God, he is not a Christ figure, and he is not a sacrificial messiah. What superman is, he is an immigrant, an alien and a lonely soul. He is not a human being, but he lives among humans; It is Kryptonian, but Krypton is no more. Above all else, Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster to be a refugee. All Superman wants is to be a child of both worlds, both honoring their Kryptonian home while protecting their new home on Earth. In fact, Superman is known as the last son of Krypton. Portraying Superman as a divine being is a fundamental misunderstanding of who he really is.

two Clark Kent is more than his superpowers (and he has many more superpowers)

If a Superman fan only saw his appearances in the DCEU, they would have no idea how many superpowers the character actually has. Some of his most iconic abilities, including his genius-level intellect, have yet to be represented in the franchise. While viewers remain optimistic that more of Clark’s superpowers will be revealed soon, all they’ve really seen so far is strength, flight, heat vision, super senses, and inconsistent invulnerability. Clark Kent uses more than just brute force to be Superman in the comics, which shows that he is more than just these abilities, but he doesn’t get that opportunity in the movies.

1 Superman is a beacon of hope and the man of tomorrow

Henry Cavill Superman Justice League

Above all else, Superman is a beacon of hope. Commonly known not only as the Man of Steel but also as the Man of Tomorrow, Superman symbolizes hope for the future and for a better tomorrow that the people themselves can create. Superman character inspires hope among mankind in comics Y in real life. When fans saw Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice say, “Nothing stays right in this world”, they knew this wasn’t really Superman. The Superman they know knows that there is always something good in this world, and that is why he fights: restore good, protect people, do justice and keep the peace, always.

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