One piece, Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece and legendary manga stands out from its action-packed shonen companions as one of the longest-running singular stories ever created. The Straw Hats’ search for the titular treasure has remained constant since its inception in 1997, but much has changed in the years since the manga’s first chapter and episode.

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From the quality of the animation to the way people see it, One piece It has evolved over the years and will most likely continue to do so until its end. As the anime industry and community continue to grow and mature, so will Luffy’s great adventure, both in print and animated.

10 The manga evolved from one-shots

Romance Dawn resized

Like many manga before, One piece It didn’t start out as the long-running historical title that it is today, but as a bunch of one-shots that didn’t really impress anyone. Oda began creating Luffy’s adventures with Romance dawn a two-part short that was later reworked in One piece introductory chapter.

Romance dawn made it to Weekly Shonen Jump in 1996, but it didn’t attract much attention. In fact, Oda revealed that Weekly Shonen Jump initially rejected the initial One piece submissions and drafts before finally being accepted in 1997. While it is no longer canon, Romance dawn has been preserved through the collection of tales of Oda My love!

9 The manga lasted longer than expected by Oda

One piece 1000

As of this writing, One piece just passed his 1000th chapter and is approximately 24 years old. Although it is finally nearing its conclusion, One piece It’s far from over, so it’s hard to believe Oda thought his manga would only last about five years at best.

In interviews, Oda revealed that he thought One piece it would end in five years. The problem is, he underestimated the time it would take to tell the Straw Hat saga, hence the manga spans more than two decades. That, and Oda enjoyed writing the characters so much that he found ways around an ending to spend more time with Luffy and company.

8 Animation went from great to awesome

Animation of a piece

From the beginning, One piece was animated by Toei Animation. A study that sticks to a specific title (especially one of the most successful in history) isn’t really that surprising, but what’s really impressive is how much Toei improved over the years.

In his infancy, One piece he looked as good as his shonen contemporaries. For the sake of comparison, the era of the 90s One piece was a few steps from Bleach Y Naruto which aired a few years later. Compare Luffy’s first encounter with Buggy the Clown to literally any fight in One Piece: Stampede, and you can see how far Toei has come.

7 “Zolo” eventually came to call himself “Zoro”

Zoro Vs Zolo

For a long time, Zoro caused confusion because no one really knew how to say his name. The fan translations correctly referred to him as “Zoro”, while the official ones called him “Zolo”. It turns out that this was the result of a legal problem. Oda named the resident samurai of the Straw Hats after the classic vigilante Zorro, but in the 1990s, the original Zorro was caught up in a trademark dispute.

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To avoid a legal dispute, Toei and international distributors 4Kids Entertainment and VIZ Media used “Zolo” instead. The issues were finally resolved and clarified when Funimation acquired the anime rights to One piece in 2007, so Zoro’s real name was restored in the anime and manga translations.

6 One piece was located twice

4Kids one piece

Part of the reason why One piece It took a while to get attention in the West because of how cluttered its location was. In 2004, 4Kids Entertainment had a contractual obligation to broadcast One piece, even though they don’t want to. 4Kids’ audience were primarily young children, which explains the disruptive edits it implemented on its now-infamous One piece location (above).

In 2007, 4Kids withdrew the license and Funimation took over. Funimation shortened the series from the beginning and left the episodes uncut for the Toonami and Adult Swim broadcast. Recently, Crunchyroll added a remastered One piece to your library, featuring current Japanese voices and highly acclaimed Funimation dubbing.

5 American Studios stopped dubbing songs

We are one piece

Something that has become something of a dying tradition in localized anime is having an English dub of the opening songs. This was fairly common in the 90s, but slowly died out when the 2010 one rolled around. One piece it was no different, and he had a couple of his opening and ending songs covered by American bands. In fact, the English cover of “We Are!” (above) continues to be one of the most beloved among older fans.

However, Funimation stopped this at the time of the fourth opening and the thirteenth ending song. The best possible reason for this was Toei’s decision to hire big-name Japanese bands or license popular local hits for soundtracks. Licensing the songs for a cover was simply too expensive compared to just playing the Japanese song as is.

4 Three characters were recast after their actors got into legal trouble

One Piece voice recasts

An unavoidable reality of the anime industry is that voice actors, no matter how synonymous their roles are, can be recast at any time. One piece He was not immune to this, but not for the practical reasons one might expect.

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Emporio Ivankov was originally voiced by Norio Imamura, who was Oda’s reference for the character. But instead of Japan’s strict legal definition of indecent exposure, Imamura resigned after he was arrested for posting nudity online. As for the English dubbing, Vic Mignogna’s roles as Captain Nezumi and Sabo were recast following serious allegations of sexual misconduct and subsequent lawsuits.

3 Some voice actors have passed away during the anime’s run

Shaky voice actress

Due to how long it has been, a sad reality is that some of One Pieces’ voice actors died long before they even got anywhere near the middle of the road. Many of these actors (especially those in the Japanese dubbing) actually worked on One piece since its inception in 1999, and were replaced after his unfortunate death.

Some of the deceased Japanese voice actors include: Takeshi Aono (Mihawk), Kinryu Arimoto (Whitebeard), Chikao Ohtsuka (Gol D Roger), and Hiromi Tsuru (Shakky; above). The English dub, similarly, said goodbye to Ed Blaylock (Sengoku), Cole Brown (Blackbeard), Jay Russell (Crocus) and Brad Venable (Scratchmen Apoo).

two One Piece is more popular in America

American one piece

Thanks to the notoriously terrible quality of its 4Kids dubbing, One piece it took a while to settle in the United States. Initially, One piece the cartoonish style was unfavorably compared to the more “mature” Bleach Y Naruto. Worse still, the editing and censoring of 4Kids was so intense that it cut 142 episodes down to just 102, turning viewers off even more.

After Funimation licensed and localized the anime successfully, One piece slowly but surely won over the American public. It may have taken a decade or so, but now One piece enjoys one of the most dedicated American fan bases, so much so that an American live action adaptation is currently in the works on Netflix.

1 One Piece is now a way of life in Japan

One Piece Store

When One piece started as a manga in Japan, it was just a very popular and fun pirate themed adventure. Cut to roughly 20 years later, and anyone who compares modern One piece fandom in Japan to a religion is not exaggeration at all.

One piece Merchandise is sold literally everywhere, with Luffy and his friends popping up on everything including cell phone charms, souvenirs at historic sites, and even entire stores dedicated solely to Straw Hat merchandise. Almost everyone in Japan watches One piece, and it would be strange if they didn’t. One piece He may be nearing his grand finale, but that doesn’t mean that Japanese fans’ obsession with him is going to go away anytime soon.

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