The four founding members of the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, and Bruce Banner, and each has been portrayed with varying levels of success. While Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor got their own trilogies at the beginning of the MCU’s Infinity Saga, the Incredible Hulk received no such thing.

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Instead, Ang Lee Helmet is no longer considered part of the MCU and The incredible Hulk only vaguely mentioned. Over the years, Mark Ruffalo has done his best to keep the character consistent, but the MCU ultimately continues to confuse Bruce, and the Hulk.

10 He misses his iconic purple pants

When Bruce Banner becomes the Incredible Hulk in the comics, he has an iconic look and a color scheme of green and purple. It turns into a huge green monster with bright purple pants. For many years, fans have recognized that this absolutely iconic color duo is all about the Hulk, but the character didn’t get this look in the movies.

He usually just turns into a dark green Hulk with the ripped dark pants that Bruce Banner had at the time. While the filmmakers may have felt that gifting him his purple pants would be silly, fans really just want to see the character as they know and love him.

9 He’s a founding avenger without a main villain

When each of the Avengers is introduced, they have their own main villains that are meant to mirror them and be their contrasts. Tony Stark has Obadiah Stane, then Thanos later; Steve Rogers has Red Skull, then HYDRA; and Thor has Loki, quite consistently throughout his movies. He also has a personal conflict with Thanos, as does Tony Stark.

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Even Ant-Man has the yellow jacket. Bruce Banner has none of this. Fight Thunderbolt Ross and the Abomination in The incredible Hulk, but the rivalry between Thunderbolt and Hulk is not maintained in the least. He has no mirror, no foil, no main villain like his comrades.

8 He never knew his full story

Avengers Infinity War Bruce Banner

Unfortunately, many of the issues with the Hulk in the MCU stem from the fact that Bruce Banner’s rights were all over the place when the franchise began. Marvel and Universal have separate sets of rights for the Hulk, as Universal has the distribution rights to the character, making it difficult for Disney to make a movie; They can only make Hulk movies if they are distributed by a rival studio.

The creators of the MCU are frustrated with this, and none more so than Mark Ruffalo, who is vocally shaken that the MCU can’t get a solo Hulk movie. As a result of these complications, the Hulk has never explored his full origin story, nor has he gotten his own sequels in the MCU like other Avengers have.

7 Your friendships are replaced

Bruce Banner and Tony Stark together

There are characters and stories in the comics that because of the way Bruce Banner was added to the MCU, they just won’t end up in the movies at all. Because Bruce doesn’t really have friends, like Tony has Rhodey, Steve has Bucky, and Thor (again) has Loki, the movies had to pair him up with someone.

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Instead of someone like Betty Ross returning to the MCU, Bruce Banner becomes Tony Stark’s best friend. The two have a rapidly developing friendship to give Bruce roots within the Avengers, something he would not have otherwise.

6 Turns into a joke machine

Then The Avengers, Bruce Banner has never been explored in such depth again. Ultron age did some clumsy character development, but Bruce was kind of messed up when he got to Thor: Ragnarok. Unfortunately, when Bruce Banner appears in Infinity war Y Game over especially, he no longer has any real character arc or depth. He basically acts like a goofy character, cracking jokes all the time and supporting the other characters throughout the plot. This is a disservice to Bruce Banner and the Hulk, who are main characters in their own right.

5 His powers are inaccurate and inconsistent

a close up of bruce's banner with a fire in the distance

In the comics, the Hulk and Tony Stark in their Hulkbuster armor are pretty evenly matched. His battles would normally end in a draw, as it is nearly impossible for someone like Tony to fight the Hulk without being defeated and exhausted in the process. However, in Ultron age, Tony Stark not only defeats the Hulk, he could have destroyed him using the Hulkbuster armor.

More than that, in The Avengers, Bruce Banner displays inconsistent control over his abilities, which continues throughout the franchise. His level of control, as well as his levels of power and strength, fluctuate wildly depending on how each movie wants to use it, rather than keeping the character consistent at all times.

4 Your tone and themes are misunderstood

Bruce Banner

When Bruce Banner is (technically) introduced to the MCU in The incredible Hulk, his tone isn’t quite as silly as Bruce Banner at the end of Phase 3. While character growth and development are one thing, it seems like the MCU just completely loses track of Bruce’s tone and overall themes as a character.

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Your character in Thor: Ragnarok It fits the tone of the movie, but not so much the Hulk’s existing tone. Fans agree that if Bruce Banner were just well understood and consistent, he would make the movies that much more enjoyable in regards to the Hulk and Bruce.

3 The MCU Hulk is a savage or a professor

Hulk in MCU

There aren’t many moments that show the Hulk as anything other than a monster before he became Professor Hulk. It is a wild creature that can barely speak. Thor: Ragnarok It was the only movie that showed the Hulk as an articulate, thinking creature, but the point is, it should have already been articulated even prior to this movie.

In MCU canon, Bruce has gained control of the Hulk over and over again, only for the Hulk to continue to be a mindless beast. This also shows the many inconsistencies in the MCU and the fact that they just change the Hulk to suit whatever they want for the current movie they are making.

two His relationship with the black widow is fabricated

Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff Avengers Age of Ultron

Then The incredible Hulk, Betty Ross essentially disappears off the map in the MCU. While her father, Thunderbolt Ross, continues to appear in the MCU, she has not continued with her appearances in the franchise. As a result, Bruce Banner was essentially left without romantic partners, and fans began searching for someone to match him with.

After fans began to think that Tony Stark and Bruce Banner could be a good couple, Ultron age awkwardly forced a relationship between Bruce and Black Widow. However, this relationship is not something that pre-existed between them, even within the MCU, with many allusions made earlier in the franchise to Black Widow and Hawkeye as an element. Ultron age he made a lot of mistakes with a lot of characters, but it was arguably Bruce Banner received the most destructive missteps of all.

1 Inconsistent continuity within the MCU

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in Avengers Infinity War

Bruce Banner’s first film is technically introduced to MCU at es The incredible Hulk. However, the beginning of The incredible Hulk summarizes the previous movie, Helmet, and recognizes the movie, so it directly includes Helmet in the MCU canon. Nevertheless, MCU does not include Helmet, and just pay attention to The incredible Hulk. Despite this, important characters like Betty Ross and character development, like Bruce almost discovering a cure for the Hulk, completely disappear from the MCU. Bruce Banner’s inconsistent continuity in the MCU has ensured that the franchise cannot stop completely wrong about the Hulk.

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