5 Androids Vision He Could Beat (& 5 That Would Beat Him)

Vision has come a long way since his introduction to the Marvel Universe in 1968. In almost every iteration of the character, he started out as a pawn to his creator, Ultron. Of course, it has been hugely popularized by the MCU and actor Paul Bettany’s performance, even more so with his co-starring role on the Disney + series. WandaVision.

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In addition to having super intelligence and acting like a supercomputer, Vision is capable of flying, super force, density manipulation, energy blasts, and technopathy. Though his battle for humanity has at times put him at odds with his teammates, Vision ultimately fights on the side of good, even if he may not be able to relate to the humans on his team. There is more than one Marvel android, and certainly many in DC, so how would it fare against androids in any universe?

10 He could beat: Jocasta, created primarily to be a romantic partner


Jocasta was another of Ultron’s projects, of which he had many. In an attempt to find the perfect match, which seems strange for a robot, he created Jocasta. He eventually turned against his creator, joined the Avengers, and served as a staff member of the Avengers Academy.

Jocasta possesses the general powers of most androids. Its body is made of titanium, which increases its strength and durability. He is also capable of creating energy blasts and raising force fields, though this would do nothing to deter Vision.

9 Would be defeated by: Cyborg Superman, who faced a team of Green Lanterns

Like his namesake, Cyborg Superman is the perfect combination of Kryptonian technology and physiology. Even if it is destroyed, it can transfer its consciousness to nearby machines, prolonging its chances of survival.

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Although Vision is more than adept at eliminating opponents, Cyborg Superman is too complete an opponent. He has taken blows from Superman and the combined power of multiple Green Lanterns. Not only is its durability unrivaled, it has the raw power to dismantle Vision in seconds.

8 He could win: chemotherapy, a naive mass of chemicals on the rise

Chemotherapy was a vat of toxic chemicals coming to life. His limited intelligence meant that he didn’t understand his sensitivity, so he began to wreak havoc. It has been destroyed several times, but it is always reconstituted in some way. After reconstitution, he remains the victim of any villain who wants to use Chemo for their plans.

Chemotherapy is huge and it is also capable of altering its mass. Plus, in addition to increased strength and durability, Chemo can fire and create dangerous chemicals. Although powerful, Chemo would be more of a nuisance to Vision and would be sent to the ground once more.

7 He would be defeated by: Nimrod, who fought hand-to-hand against Juggernaut and can take on entire teams of X-Men

Nimrod is an advanced sentinel who traveled from the future. It has intense programming designed to kill mutants. He was able to take on Juggernaut in close combat, which is no small feat.

Although Vision is immeasurably strong, Nimrod has proven capable of taking on the entire roster of X-Men. As well as being ridiculously strong, he can also reconstitute his body, produce force fields, energy blasts, and if that wasn’t enough, he can also fly.

6 He could beat: Ultron, which is like an outdated version of Vision

Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron

Perhaps a controversial choice, Ultron has been the big bad on more than one occasion. He may have created Vision, but he’s certainly not a father figure, choosing instead to repeatedly attack his “son.” Although his powers and presence are terrifying to most, his creation is simply more versatile.

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Ultron’s winning trait is his cunning, and he’s shown multiple times how he can outsmart some of the smartest men and women in the Marvel universe. Ultron has fought nearly every Marvel group with varying success, but he always returns for the second round.

5 He would be defeated by: Amazo, who can assume the powers of vision and the powers of others simultaneously

Created by the mad scientist Ivo, Amazo was a tool to help Ivo achieve immortality. Although the resulting experiment failed, Amazo has been a thorn in the side of good ever since. Although the Justice League often keeps him as a trophy, Amazo is more than a work of art.

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He can copy and replicate the powers of any other individual, often wielding multiple at once. Because of this, he has been able to take on entire teams of superhumans. The Vision would hold its own for a few moments, but in the end, it would bow under attack from multiple powers.

4 He Could Beat: The Manhunters, A Threat That Was Already More or Less Erased

Little is known about the Manhunters as most of their history occurs after their prime. Before the Green Lanterns, the Guardians of the Universe produced the Manhunters as a way to combat the various threats from the universe. Of course, they eventually went berserk and had to be exiled, only to once again threaten the galaxy.

Although the Manhunters are a plague in the universe, the Green Lanterns are capable of eliminating hordes of them from the starry sky. Because of this, there is no reason to believe that Vision cannot do the same.

3 He would be defeated by: Brainiac, who defends himself against the entire Justice League


A name destined to darken any room in the universe, Brainiac is something of a collector. He does not collect stamps or action figures, but collects worlds. He is perhaps one of the greatest enemies the Justice League has ever faced and is compared to Galactus and Kang from the Marvel universe.

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His intellect is by far his most impressive power, but he also has an entire army and fleet of ships to help him conquer whatever he sees fit. His body is nearly invulnerable, as shown when he quickly dispatches Cyborg Superman. The vision certainly wouldn’t last long in this fight. Hopefully, he knows how to bring the entire cast of the Avengers with him.

2 He could beat: danger, essentially just a training program come true

Danger x men

Everyone is familiar with the X-Men’s Danger Room, where they train for whatever instance they encounter in the rest of the world. After the show itself got smart, the now reinvented Danger became a new member of the X-Men. That is after she chose to attack them.

He helped out in turbulent times and even acted as a faculty member at the school. Although she can change her body and is well versed in eliminating opponents, Danger would be no match for the intangible android.

one He would be defeated by: Red Tornado, the most powerful version of DC’s vision

Possibly the vision of his universe, Red Tornado has been on a very similar journey. A madman created him, only to join a team he was destined to destroy. He has served and led the Justice League numerous times, and has since proven to be an invaluable member of the team.

Red Tornado is capable of producing intense gusts of wind, so much so that it can summon entire storms. Although Vision could become intangible, the sheer power that Tornado possesses would be difficult to counter. After all, it is a spirit trapped in a metal shell. Once unleashed, Vision could do little to save himself.

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