5 The Arrowverse characters ruined (and 5 fixed)

The Arrowverse spawned hundreds of stories, some new multiverses, and many crises. With each part of the universe divided into 8 main series, plus all the continuities added from Crisis on Infinite Earths, focused on a different set of characters, many characters have been introduced, for better or for worse.

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Not all characters are created equal in any television show, much less in a show based on a comic. With plenty of reference material, adapting characters should be an easy task, but it is not always the case. Some Arrowverse characters are well written enough to outperform their originals, while others have sagged under the weight.

10 Ruined: Mr. Terrific

Mr Terrific Curtis Holt Echo Kellum

Curtis Holt is many things in his comic versions, superhero, tech whiz, and sometimes comic relief. While the Arrowverse version of Curtis is played mostly the same way, he often fails when it comes to being a superhero, working in tech, and telling jokes.

After his introduction in the fourth season of Arrow, Curtis was going to be a major player in the Arrowverse, but he was often written as a second-class version of every member of the team. He was a lesser fighter than all and a lesser technological genius than Felicity. Even his T-Spheres, which should be powerful technology, were underutilized. It didn’t help that he only made occasional appearances instead of being an actual main character.

9 Fixed: Wally West

Wally West Child Flash

If Wally West has been paid attention for the last decade of comic book history, it’s easy to see how Wally has been fixed up in the Arrowverse. Comparing the stories in this version to any Wally story since Renaissance, there is a clear difference.

Wally West was introduced as Joe West’s long-lost son and Iris West’s brother in season 2, and became a part of Team Flash for a time before joining the Legends for a time. Played by Keiynan Lonsdale, this version of the character even inspired the new comic character named Wallace West.

8 Ruined: Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl Legends

Hawkgirl is a deep and historical character who was seemingly forgotten as quickly as she appeared on screen in the Arrowverse. Introduced in The flash As a potential love interest of Cisco, Kendra Saunders was given more and more screen time to set up the Legends of tomorrow derived series.

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During her only season of the show, she was used as a love interest for Ray Palmer, the Atom, but that relationship, like the character, never progressed beyond the surface. His cancellation of the series so quickly after it was introduced was a clear indicator of his failure in the Arrowverse.

7 Fixed: Dark Archer

The Dark Archer John Barrowman Malcolm Merlyn

The Dark Archer has been around since 1971, but the depth of his character hadn’t been as explored in his comic mandate as in Arrow. Introduced in season 1, Malcolm Merlyn was the main antagonist, but eventually evolved into an antihero and ally of Team Arrow.

Merlyn, played by John Barrowman, gets a lot of screen time in both Arrow Y Legends it helped make the character more defined. He’s power-hungry, but he’s also very human, and he’s tied to people like Thea Queen.

6 Ruined: James Olson

James Olsen Jimmy Olsen Guardian Supergirl

Jimmy Olsen is a staple of Superman comics, so when it was announced that he would join Supergirl Like James Olsen, fans were skeptical for good reason. The show had already featured a whimsical best friend character in Winn Schott.

What really detracted from his character was the decision to make James Olsen the hero known as The Guardian. Guardian is a different character in the comics, so the show that fuses the two characters makes little sense. Changes to an established character may be welcome, but essentially making a new character with an inherited name just doesn’t work in this case.

5 Fixed: green arrow

Oliver Queen Green Arrow Arrowverse Arrow

Green Arrow has always been a fan favorite character in the DC Comics universe. His humanity mixed with his trademark comedy and gadgets was the reason he’s been a recurring part of many series, including Smallville Y Unlimited justice league. Introducing a darker version with Arrow, many thought that the angle would not work.

Unsurprisingly, this version of the character has become a staple, so much so that the version introduced in the New 52 He didn’t like the relaunch because it didn’t look like the Arrowverse version.

4 Ruined: Ra’s Al Gul

Ra's Al Gul Arrow

Villains are extremely unpredictable in the Arrowverse, and one villain who was eventually lost was Ra’s Al Gul. Thanks to the plethora of stories about League of Assassins that have been published since 1971, fans know what a good Ra story is.

In Arrowverse, Ra’s is presented as an antagonist of Oliver Queen, but after a few fights and 8 episodes, he became a character that you just referred to. The character had a great legacy, but was a mid-season villain for Arrow, who spat in the face of established tradition.

3 Fixed: frost

Frost Caitlin Snow Killer Frost Danielle Panabaker

Introduced first as an Earth-2 Doppelganger and later as Team Flash’s split personality Caitlin Snow, Killer Frost was a deranged villain with ice powers. The character went through many ups and downs to eventually become the hero that the series ends with.

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While Killer Frost has been viewed as the fan-favorite villain in her many incarnations, the depth of her character increased dramatically over the years. The flash due to Caitlin Snow’s main character status. The series created an adorable character that fans latched on to.

2 Ruined: Amanda Waller

Amanda_Waller Arrow

The name Amanda Waller has become extremely well known due to the success of multiple Suicide squad Projects. While that’s great for the character overall, it was a huge disservice to Arrowverse’s Amanda Waller.

Introduced as the leader of ARGUS, she achieves her ultimate ambition to have a suicide squad, but doesn’t feel like a great character. It is meant to be cool and collected, but it seems like a disappointment of a character, especially compared to other media versions.

one Corrected: Roy Harper

Arsenal Roy Harper Colton Haynes Arrow

A character who has been on the bad side of many writers for some reason, Roy Harper is a tragic hero who, apparently, cannot have a good day. The character has been addicted to heroin, lost his arm, lost his son, and eventually lost his life in Heroes in crisis.

The Arrowverse’s Roy Harper has some of the same problems, but not to the extent of his comic book counterpart. After becoming infected with Mirikuru, having a thirst for blood, and eventually losing his arm, he becomes happy, which is a huge step forward for the character.

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