9 characters who are a better match for Naruto than Hinata

As good as they are, there were other characters that could have been a better fit with Naruto. What ships should have sailed instead?

It’s hard to deny how good Hinata and Naruto are to each other, especially when the alternative was for Sakura and Naruto to end up together. It’s a testimony from Kishimoto that he didn’t try to force that in some way (even if he did it with her and Sasuke) and went with the most natural partner.

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As cool as they are together, there were other characters that could have been more suitable for Naruto. Some would have been able to corner his antics better, while others would feed off of them and create a more entertaining dynamic.

9 Being with Karui would create an interesting personality clash

As combative, short-tempered and outspoken, Karui would resemble the rumors about Naruto’s mother, the Red Hot Habanero.

She even felt that temper firsthand when Karui needed to vent her frustrations that Sasuke was allowed to roam free after everything he had done. The two together would make for an interesting clash of personalities, one that could have turned into something similar to Minato and Kushina, given how they both act in Boruto.

8 Ino could have pushed him to greater heights

Ino was always too interested in the pretty boy to see anything in Naruto. They were too focused on Sasuke and later on Sai (the man she ended up with in the end). While Naruto never needed an extra push to get stronger or continue his training as he was highly motivated, but Ino would have been one. one of the few characters who could have given it to him.

She was always assertive and unafraid to speak her mind, getting someone like Shikamaru to follow her without even a complaint. The two of them could have continually pushed each other to greater heights.

7 Karin’s fiery nature would help Naruto focus on all areas of his life

Naruto Karin

For many, Karin was an incredibly annoying character whose personality fluctuated so much that it was difficult to tell who she was. She would have a fierce temper towards Suigetsu or she would display an eternal lust towards Sasuke. Surprisingly, the only person who had managed to provoke the same sensation in her was Naruto.

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As with Karui, Karin would remember her mother, even with the same red hair. The hot-blooded personality is necessary for a character who is as overworked as Hokage, just like Minato.

6 Kurotsuchi and Naruto would be the most powerful couple

What a powerful couple the two of them would have been, considering they both became Kages of their respective villages in the new generation. The two have a different philosophy when it comes to running a village and how to handle the jinchuriki during war, but that can be a good thing.

She would be willing to make the toughest decisions that Naruto isn’t willing, and he could bring out more of her softer side. The most important thing that they can both agree on is that they would do anything for their people.

5 Matsuri is the smooth figure you need in your life

Matsuri was a small character who only appeared in canon during the war as part of Temari’s team and while training with Gaara during the inception of Shippuden. Her character becomes a bit more developed in part of the filler, showing that she is a huge fan of Naruto and Gaara.

Like Hinata, she is shy and soft-spoken, always using the right honorifics. If Naruto had been born in Sunagakure instead of Konoha, she probably would have been his Hinata.

4 Temari would tell Naruto what he needs to hear

temari blushing with arms crossed naruto

Temari and Shikamaru probably have the best relationship in the entire series, so it’s hard to see them with different characters, but Temari would have the same impact on Naruto as Ino.

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She’s not afraid to speak her mind, to the point that she’s more than a little bossy. On top of that, if there is a character who could handle Boruto as a child, it would be her, since she is a strict mother, who is not afraid to discipline them if they do something that she considers disrespectful.

3 Tenten could help Naruto mature and calm down

Tenten would be that balancing force towards any character who is a bit exuberant, like Rock Lee or what Naruto was like at the beginning of the series. It has a way of making people mature, even if it’s only in short intervals.

She is also a very observant and inquisitive person, someone who would work well not only as a wife but also as an advisor to someone of Naruto’s stature. Naruto might even help his feelings about never depending on others, helping both of them grow a bit as characters.

2 Fu and Naruto would be two peas in a pod

These two are like peas from the same pod, they possess very similar personalities to each other that would have made an adorable couple if Fu hadn’t been captured before Naruto had a chance to meet her. As rowdy as the two of them were in their youth, they would be a terror in the village, constantly playing pranks on people.

It’s likely that with how loud they both were, there would be more than a few fights, but for the most part, the two of them would undoubtedly love each other’s company.

one Sasuke and Naruto have a truly unbreakable bond

Given everything Naruto did for Sasuke, all the hardships he went through to make sure Sasuke was redeemed, it’s hard to see them only as best friends.

Jokes and memes aside, the two have a connection that is stronger than most in the series, and no one would understand the pain each of them went through.

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