90 Day Boyfriend: Tania and Syngin are dating Juliana and Michael

Connecticut residents Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro drank wine with 90 Day Fiancé season 7 co-stars Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio.

Although Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester had a hard time in 90 day fiancé, the couple are surely still together right now. As she flaunts her love on social media, applies for Syngin’s green card, and becomes a mother to her plant babies, Tania is also dating some close friends. 90 day fiancé friends. Connecticut couple Syngin and Tania were recently spotted spending Super Bowl weekend with 90 day fiancé Season 7 co-stars Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio.

After sharing her love story with TLC viewers on 90 day fiancé, Syngin from South Africa and Tania from Colchester returned to 90 day boyfriend – happily ever after? season 5 to document their struggles. While his previous term saw Syngin come to the United States on a K-1 visa and Tania leave him to go to Costa Rica for 30 days, the couple still tied the knot in the final. They chose matching tattoos on rings. However, Tania, who had previously stated in 90 day fiancé that Syngin was not her soul mate, she saw her husband lash out due to nostalgia. When the couple moved to South Africa after a family emergency, Syngin claimed she didn’t want the “American dream,“Make the fans believe that divorce was in Tania’s future. Since the end of 90 day boyfriend – happily ever after? Syngin and Tania have not been more than a couple of goals for the fans. They are often seen taking helicopter rides or vacationing together. Recently, the TLC stars seem to have found new friends for double dates in Connecticut, with the couple in love from season 7, Michael and Juliana.

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Although Michael and Juliana were criticized for 90 day fiancé fans for everything from the age difference to the supposed “ulterior motives,”The couple have been happily married for over a year. Fans love to see Juliana’s tongue-in-cheek humor on IG and enjoy watching Michael promote his wine business. While busy, Michael and Juliana have found time to bond with Syngin and Tania, and after spending Super Bowl 2020 together, they reunited for a Super Bowl 2021 reunion. In a series of stories shared by Juliana, posted by 90dayfiancéfanatics2, both 90 day fiancé couples had a “Super bowl partyIn Greenwich, Connecticut, with a good amount of cocktails and wine. See the post down:

Additionally, Michael’s son Maxwell also shared a “nice candid photoHe drank from Tania and Michael clinking glasses. The TLC fan favorite tagged the image with “#Family friendsAnd he told a fan that Syngin and Tania were sleeping. 90 day fiancé fans had a different take on the couples’ quality time together, with comments like, “As long as Michael and Juliana pay for these two freeloading,” Y, “Surprised that they don’t have the personality of Juliana and Michael! And they are not that elegant. “

Regardless, in a franchise that often features clashes between co-stars, such as friends turned enemies (like former best friends Larissa Lima and Jess Caroline), see these 90 day fiancé Couples hanging out together is wonderful.

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Source: 90dayfiancéfanatics2 / Instagram

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