Former 90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Lima is not disappointing her fanbase. The Brazilian bombshell sizzled hot pink ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Larissa Lima may no longer have a contract with TLC, but the first 90 day fiancé star knows how to get noticed and build your brand. The 34-year-old shared a hot post on Instagram, very close to Valentine’s Day.

Larissa first appeared in 90 day fiancé season 6 with her now ex-husband, Colt Johnson. Since getting divorced, Larissa has accused her ex of conspiring with her nosy mother Debbie. She said they were trying to deport her. After their short-lived marriage ended in divorce, the Brazilian bombshell has been on and off with Eric Nichols. He appeared alongside the mother of two in 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? before TLC released Larissa from her contract after she appeared on an online lingerie show. Larissa and Eric are currently rumored to be dating. If so, the couple would have celebrated their second anniversary recently. Nevertheless; Its many ups and downs have been difficult to navigate, as the couple frequently break up and reconcile. Eric was recently recorded helping the plastic surgery fanatic recover from several new surgeries she had earlier in the year.

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While Larissa’s marital status and Valentine’s Day plans are still up in the air, the fiery Brazilian knows how to get the pulse racing before the romantic day. Larissa shared a fiery selfie Instagram on February 11, with the legend “What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? 💖 ”The image showed the former reality star in smoky makeup and a sassy pink suit. You geotagged the image with Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is the place the former Las Vegas resident previously moved to to be closer to Eric. Many fans think that there is a good chance that the former couple is still together. Larissa’s comment section was quickly flooded with fans praising her beauty and outfit, as well as a handful of hopefuls wishing they could spend a romantic vacation with her. See a screenshot of your post down:

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Larissa, who has amassed more than 750,000 followers on Instagram, frequently changes her profile settings from public to private. This move is likely to get people interested in following your account. Their strategy seems to be working, as Larissa’s fan base has steadily increased despite the termination of her contract with TLC. While the mother of two is still unable to have her children with her, she has been making money on OnlyFans and through paid Instagram endorsements. She previously paid her extensive plastic surgery bills after succeeding on the paid video platform Cameo.

Will Eric and Larissa make their relationship official (again) this Valentine’s Day? Fans will have to find out by staying tuned for what the Brazilian bombshell posts. Both Eric and Larissa share their personal lives and interact with fans frequently, via Instagram posts and Story Q & As. Though fans won’t see them in the new 90 day fiancé content, Larissa’s former Colt is planning a comeback with some of the upcoming Discover + shows airing soon.

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Source: Larissa Lima / Instagram

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